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The Paladins of Midnight need you!

Who are we?

The Paladins of Midnight are a workgroup consisting of several contest-winning writers and highly experienced proofreaders and editors, supported by a skilled digital artist. Cooperating since 2015 and more tightly interwoven since 2018, our work group combines over two decades of writing, editing and design experience.

What do we do?

Horse words. Lots of horse words. Coming from different genres, we all eventually ended up writing pony fiction. Still staying true to our preferred genres, most of our output consists of epics, hard-hitting adventures, and heart-breaking tragedies, all mixed with the occasional comedy or romance story. Most of these stories take place in our two original universes, the Prismverse and the Shadowverse. Being in development since 2015, these verses feature a large number of complex characters, original settings, and unique takes on the magical world of Equestria.

Who do we need?

After some of our editors and proofreaders had come and gone due to life obligations, we decided to restaff our team again. Currently most of us are multi-tasking between proofreading and editing, an attractive trait that would be welcomed but isn’t mandatory. You just want to proofread, to purge our stories of all grammatical errors for the final product? That’s fine. Want to do more and help improve the overall quality of work including narrative flow and word choice as an editor? You’re welcome to do that as well, and we’ll appreciate your feedback!

Whether you want to be a proofreader, editor or both, we need passionate individuals who want to share their talents to help produce fantastic content for the MLP community.

Your profile:

We need honest and insightful feedback on our works. Kind words and praise are fine where warranted, but we’re not here to just to pat ourselves on the back. We need facts and insights on any and all problem areas. Constructive criticism is a must.

Just as important is the ability to be active and ready to help. We’re not asking for you to be on-call 24/7: we’re all human and have busy lives. We can compromise and try to work with your schedule. However, we do need communication and some presence at least weekly. If you plan on disappearing for weeks at a time frequently without an forewarning or discussion, this may not be the team for you.

Whether you are an editor or proofreader, we need those with a reasonable amount of experience and understanding of the english language.

If you’re more focused on proofreading, you need to be on top of grammar, punctuation and spelling. As the last line of defense before a story/chapter is published, these skills are critical.

Editors need to be knowledgeable in the above but especially familiar with creative writing, writing tropes, plot design, narrative structures and devices as well. Your expertises in these areas are crucial to help produce the best possible content.

What to do now?

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the team, or have any more questions regarding our work, you can get into contact with Chaospaladin or me via FimFiction, Skype, and Discord right away. The main chat of the workgroup is located on a Discord server, but we’re used to multi-platforming.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and to all the others we wish joyful holidays and a Happy New Year!

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