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"The angel on my shoulder tells me he's proud of me; that it takes a real man to live for everyone else. It won't ever get easier, but it will always be worth it." - We Came As Romans (RIP Kyle)


A lengthy business trip causes Spike to forget the most important date he's ever had with Rarity. Now, a day late, he has to get to Ponyville as fast as he can to make things right.

But, will she accept his apology?

Winner of the Make Spike Suffer Barcast Competition!

Inspired by my good friend Seventh Heaven

Editors: Seventh Heaven, ChappedPenguinLips and The Nightingale

Art by: Shiny-Cooler

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 99 )

Probably the best sad story I've read on the site in a good while. You did a great job of building up story through great utilization of flashbacks and letters to lure me in, and then you just hit me with the feels all at once. I'm proud of you, man, you've come so far as a writer since I've met you. I love ya.

I love you too, bro. Thanks for reading it.


I honestly did not see that one coming.

after having a lengthy stay of writing, it's good to see that you haven't really lost much in that absence. I did notice a few comma errors here and there, but only those who know and search would see them and they don't really take away from the story. I did kind of guess the ending around halfway through the story, but that didn't make the journey any less enjoyable to read.

Wow, didn't see that ending coming... Suppose I should have given all the flashbacks and all but wow, still hit me in the feels...

Was not expecting that.

Just... Damn, good job.

she's... WHAT?! Oh, poor Spike.:fluttercry:

Thanks for reading, friend! I appreciate it.

Thanks man! I appreciate the feedback.


Literally the most insightful comment of all time, Roger Ebert be damned.

What can I say? I'm a huge Sparity fan and this story really touched my heart

This was the first Sad story I've ever really tried, so it means a lot that you like it.

Good work there, Famous.

I gotta work on my contest entry...

I won't lie, that ending caught me by surprise. Well done.

No probs. Really wasn't seeing that ending. That gif says all I have to say; Was reading a heartwarming tale till I got shot through the heart.

damm it you make me want to cry :raritycry:

SAY WHAAAA!??!! You sneaky little bastard for doing that last second!:raritycry:

I'm sorry, but I'm not, lol. A writer's gotta do what a writer's gotta do.

glad you feel that way.

Phenominal work my friend! You are amazing at writing sad stories, thats decided, but could you do a few more? Though i would like Spike to be the main character once more it isnt required. And also: I had a hunch that Rarity was gone from the way you mentioned that Twilight locked herself up in the past. Though it wasnt a direct move it still gave me a hunch and an idea that maybe she was depressed. Maybe somebody had died. That is what gave me the hint that i worked off of. Im going to be straight and honest here; Thats what good writing should be. The ability to describe things in such a way that isnt blunt and instead in a way that is creative and fluid to add shock to the reader in the end. I could see you doing another story like this. If you would like some ideas then let me know. I have an idea right now funny enough. Now keep it up mate! You've done a bloody good job.

More hype for reading this one. Seems like the polar opposite of your last entry! And that's intriguing as balls.

Yeah, I needed something somewhat smart, 'specially since Spike stories seem somewhat sucky sometimes.

Shut your mouth with your alliteration.

Speaking of alliteration, here's the song that actually inspired this story

A fucking tear jerker my dude

Almost as bad as when Jack sank into the water because that selfish bitch took the whole door

not going to lie ,I thought Spike was planning on asking Rarity to marry him on the date he was late for and she was going to reject him cause he was late or if Rarity felt extra bitchy she was going to reject him at the alter for being late to their wedding:unsuresweetie:


:twilightoops: What about the foals!

:duck: Twilight please!

:moustache: dude I cried (In a manly way)

"Weeeeee'll stayyyyy, forEVER THIS WAY!"

Well, damn it.:raritycry:💜:moustache: Why did this have to end so...... so........... SAD?!?!?!?! Thumbs up and favorited.

Wait, people were surprised by the ending? With the tag and the title and everything?

I should've seen it coming, but I still let out a little gasp at the end. That's a real hardhitter, and really changed the whole mood of the story in just one scene. I always love your Spike, as very few seem to really nail writing his character. I loved the addition of flashbacks mixed in with the story. At first, I worried if they were unneeded, but right at the ending, it helps solidify how much they've been through and thus makes it all the more upsetting. Great work!

You know, I had actually been wondering what sense it made to operate only the boutique in Canterlot if they lived in Ponyville. Subtle foreshadowing, I love it.

Forgot to comment earlier.

MUH HEART! I did not see that ending coming.

Saw it coming and still was moved. It was in a good way. Oddly happy. Stupidly hopeful? No. Just know Spike will do better and be better. Neat.

A wonderful piece. I absolutely loved the direction.

Oh... That was... that...:applecry:

You....gosh darn I think this was the fastest I've ever suddenly got tears in my eyes, makes me think of the story in a whole new light after finishing. Excellent job dude

I had a double take at the end......that got me in tears more than it should have, you sir/madam are a great writer, keep up the good work.

How could you do this to me. . . . .that went from 0 to 60 so fast. . .:raritycry:

God dammit, i want my feels back

This is probably one of the only stories on this site that has caused me to cry.:raritydespair:

Great work, by the way. :twilightsmile:

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