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This story is a sequel to Growing Pains

After a magical mishap involving a filly, magical empowerment, and an aging spell, Twilight finds herself stuck with a rather large problem.

When Princess Celestia shows up to help her out however, it becomes apparent that Twilight isn't the only one affected by her new looks. Which in turn brings back feelings she had long thought forgotten.

Reading the prequel to this story is not required though it does help.


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Comment posted by Backlash91 deleted Nov 17th, 2014

Oh ho ho, this gonna be good.

TwiLestia isn't my favorite shipping, but with this story I'll give it a try, I like where this story is going, and if Twilight doesn't change back anytime soon, it would be a pretty funny developement seeing Celestia dating somepony that is actually bigger than her!!:trollestia:
Keep up the good job!
Also RariShy!! :yay::raritystarry:

I'm not sure I've seen a story where Twilight is aged up to Celestia's height and Celestia goes 'DAYUM' yet, dood. I shall watch this with open eyes, dood.

Oh, yes! A continuation of Growing Pains sounds absolutely delicious right now.

I agree. Interessting start.

Romances are a dime a dozen, but the aging up angle has me impressed enough to give this a shot. I'm wondering how Celestia is going to handle this. Luna too, for that matter. I'm hoping there's an unexpected trick or two more later on.

Oversized Twilight invites so many jokes. Especially from her friends.

Wonder what will happen next?
Plus I enjoyed the scene of twilight struggling with her "amplified" poweres

Awesome start! this is gonna be hilarious!
I hope they don't solve the "problem" any time soon, if ever - although i guess that's the point of the whole story, so i don't have to be that worried i think.

Growing Pains is getting a sequel, and it's a Twilestia? Sign me up.

“How mutf of a differenf could it make?”

Whoa! Who barfed on the text?!

This has certainly proven to be an interesting visit.

Interesting doesn't even begin to cover it.

Also, It was totally Sweetie Belle's fault.

Well, I don't know why I didn't follow you with the first story. Very good, and well written. I can, but don't want to, wait for the next chapter.

Need more of this. Loving it so far.

I'm reminded of this scene from Bleach:

Anyways, this:

When Rarity stepped into the room, she found that very same tail inexpertly sticking out of Twilight's closet. It was an impressive feat, all things considered. Rarity had seen the inside of the closet, and she wouldn’t have thought it anywhere near big enough to fit a fully grown alicorn, especially one as big as Twilight was.

This is the point that I favorited this.

Seeing Twilight trying to, ah, "master" her magic was also hilarious. Possibly the best-done "I'm too powerful, I keep breaking shit" scene I've ever read or watched. I also enjoyed how prolific Twilight is at spell creation (and how many of them need to be locked away from other ponies).

I can't think of anything done badly here. Twilight's crush on Celestia, although brought into the spotlight a little quickly, isn't being overblown into something more than it is; Celestia's attraction is handled tastefully (and rather hilariously) and isn't presented as a case of love at not-quite-first sight; and Sweetie Belle's a little brat.

I once gave you some constructive criticism on Growing Pains (thank you for your polite response to that, btw); all of my concerns from that time have been annulled, and I can only complement you on an amazing start (amazing continuation?) of a promising story.

EDIT: Somehow, I didn't actually add this to my favorites when I said I did. Maybe I clicked the button twice? Regardless, Sizable Differences is now properly favorited.

All of this blame on Twilight is bothering me. The spell was temporary and Sweetie wasn't supposed to know any complicated spells. Sweetie learning and attempting to cast a potentially dangerous and difficult spell is entirely Sweetie's fault.

Wasn't expecting the Rarishy, but it's not the focus so meh. I'm okay with Twilestia though so I'm looking forward to aged up Twilicorn shenanigans.

5284272 It's kind of iffy. Yes, Sweetie Belle's fault, but Twilight kinda put a BFG into her hooves. The fact that Twilight didn't suspect she had any idea how to fire it does not excuse the fact she put a lot of power in the hooves of a foal. More to the point, Twilight flat out took responsibility because she knew Sweetie Belle would have no way to fix something this big. And frankly that's as it should be. Sweetie was in Twilight's care, and Twilight attempted dangerous and untested magic on her. In the end, whether she intended this result or not is immaterial, without Twilight's spell, neither the Boutique nor Twilight herself would have aged so quickly.

Interesting premise. I shall follow and see where it goes.

5284272 5284411 As her temporary guardian, Twilight is not at fault for Sweetie's ignoring her warnings about the dangers of casting without thinking (which is why she wasn't punished, while Sweetie Belle was), but she is responsible for it. This means it is also her responsibility to resolve the problems that happened as consequence of those actions (fix what happened to her, use part of her fund to pay off the damages to Rarity's livelihood and home, allow Rarity and Sweetie Belle to live with her until their home is rebuilt). Ergo, her current status is quite reasonable, though Rarity is hardly one to talk about irresponsible use of magic, given she gave three ponies concussions and almost killed herself and them while ignoring Twilight's instructions about her wingspell in the first season alone.

That said, Rarity is not a saint, and Karrakaz's portrayal at the moment gives her a realistically human (equine?) reaction to having everything she knows and loves about her home destroyed. Think about all those fics with Twilight angsting about the loss of the Golden Oaks. She's upset right now. She's allowed to be unreasonably upset with Twilight.

Ooh, more Karrakaz Twilestia :pinkiehappy: Can't wait to see where this one goes. Although I do want more Under Her Wings as well :unsuresweetie: So just write on whichever you're in the mood for and I'll be happy either way :twilightsmile:

The bit where Rarity says she likes staying in the library amuses me, just because her enjoyment comes at the cost of taking up all of Twilight's time :rainbowlaugh:

I feel bad for Sweetie. First she internally beats herself up, and then Celestia internally confirms that she's not particularly smart :fluttershysad: But I do like Celestia being analytical like that. And being able to quickly identify a pony's magic style, or learning style, or various other traits. Sounds like Twilight is due for a lesson in teaching though, if she wasn't even aware that there are different magic styles. It is certainly true that being knowledgeable about the subject matter does not necessarily make you a good teacher.

I love the description of Twilight's looking-at-Celestia face :rainbowlaugh: Rarity's demonstration was probably not much different than this:
...and neither was Celestia's reaction when Twilight first opened the door :raritywink:

I hope we get to see some Flarity interactions directly, rather than all being after-the-fact side story stuff. Sounds like their trip could make a prequel one-shot of its own :twilightsmile:

Typos to fix:

Rarity shared a room with Twilight, and had finally taken to using the bed after Twilight had convinced her that she herself no longer fit in anyway.

fit in it anyway

or something more personal

Double space.

A few seconds passed during with Rarity



Thanks for pointing out the mistakes, I can never seem to get them all. I'm glad you're enjoying the story so far though, and I promise that I'm hard at work on the next chapter of UHW :twilightsmile:

5285181 True true, but one could argue that one was technically Twilight's responsibility as well. Which is not to say magic should not be used, but purplesmart has a LOT of magic and unfortunately lacks Celestia's experience as to when it should NOT be used. And let's face it, Tia has screwed up magically a few times herself that we know of, so her experience is hard won from time.

5285204 If everything somebody else does with your powerful tools is considered your responsibility, inventors would not be able to do anything with their lives through all the lawsuits they would get. :derpyderp2: I can't sue the power company because I use their electricity (which I asked them for) to supercharge my generator and then I end up causing an outage on the entire block. In that case, Rarity used a spell that was prior-tested by other unicorns that she and the rest of Twilight's friends asked her to supply them with. It was all on her head from start to finish, save where she got the magic to use it from.

5285324 I suppose, though try telling that to Nobel. He kinda felt slightly responsible for the weaponized uses of his invention, after all. We may not hold inventors responsible, but that doesn't stop them from feeling responsible.

5285352 Oh, of course! It's not like Twilight isn't allowed to feel guilty about these things, which she basically always does. If you told Twilight Sparkle the existence of apples was a problem and it was all her fault, she would spend the next week at least trying to find out how she was responsible and how to make it better. That's sorta how she is. :twilightblush:

I really like it hope to read more soon

Commence read.

Sequel off to a good start.

Wonderful writing! It's a very pleasant read, and I would definitely read something else of your work. While I myself do not have much care for shipfics, I will gladly encourage you to continue happily and healthily! :rainbowdetermined2:

Oh boy. Kind of curious where this is going to go.

“Really now? Darling, with the way you lose yourself in a book, I could replace every book in the entire library with fudge replicas and you wouldn't even notice.”

Now that would be really funny, do go mention that to Discord, Rarity. :trollestia:

can't wait for the next chapter

love this hope there is more soon :heart::heart::twilightsmile:

The ship intensifies!! :pinkiegasp:
So, The pony that I liked the most in this chapter was by far Sweetie Belle, her inquisitive young mind seeing easily what the adults are trying to hide, also, she still have some sort of guilt towards Twilight's situation and is sweet seeing her trying to fix her mistake.
On a side note, Princess Celestia's reaction towards Rarity's questions seemed apropiate enough, she being an immortal Alicorn who has loved and lost like anypony else.
I really liked this chapter, but I find myself a little intrigued about Twilight, I've always pictured Twilight's relationship with the princess being a mother-daughter bond, and is my guess that Twilight still picture it like that, so given this rather confusing turn of events, I'm wondering if Twilight's perception about their relationship is more than a simple teacher-student/mother-daughter bond and if she at some point of her life harbored feelings for the Princess, We all know that Celestia Has indeed feelings for the adorkable purple Alicorn, my question is if they really are reciprocated in a way that is more than admiration.
Please answer my plight, I'm excited to see where is this going!!
Keep up the good Job.

Shaping up to be an interesting story.

Wow, this is goooooooood:pinkiesmile: I normaly don't like Twilestia that much, but your story is very interesting.

Rarity has some steel in her spine, talking to Celestia that way. Either that or she's a moron. :applejackunsure:

5288774 Rarity has faced down a number of beings who could destroy her with a thought. Granted that was with her friends by her side, but she's doing what she's doing on Twilight's behalf. Besides, Celestia isn't even trying to kill her. Mere anger doesn't a pile of ash make.

5288814 True enough. It's funny how she can go from shamelessly taking advantage of Twilight's hospitality in one moment, to actively working in her interests the next.

5288827 Rarity is like that. Being generous does not mean you are selfless. It just means you are pre-disposed to helping others in whatever way you can.

5288883 I know, and it does suit her character, doesn't it? Still, even Twilight's forbearance likely has limits, in the end, even with what happened.

Not to mention Spike with his divided loyalties, deliberately keeping Twilight from the books she could use to research a solution. Somebody whack that dragon on the head and remind him who he works for! :facehoof:

Hmm.. not a bad chapter. Rarity is a little more familiar with Celestia than I'd normally peg her at, but it's not terrible.

I have to wonder though.. what's the basis of the whole lifespan argument? Did I miss a line? Wouldn't Twilight be as long lived as any Alicorn now? De-aging herself would give her more than ten times the normal lifespan to spend with Celestia, at the very least.

Neat touch with the weighted ball color reference.

I never want to go through that again.”

Sorry to rant here but I've always found the idea of Celestia refusing to marry someone because they're mortal to be a disservice to her character. It would be like a benevolent person refusing to commit time to their beloved child because the child is going to die in a few months when they spend their life working with people who are unwell and going to die before them.
So you're telling me that Celestia has had 9 lovers and that she has repeatedly convinced herself she will never marry again because she apparently obsesses over their deaths instead of their lives? Does she honestly think that hurting their relationship now will somehow let her feel better when/if her fathful student dies? Did her last love somehow traumatize her and now she needs therapy?

5289100 Well, yes, that's essentially what's going on. Celestia swore off love because it's too painful to lose them. The theme for this Twilestia contest is healing, so here we have a very heartwounded Celestia with scars so thick they won't permit further damage. This does not mean she makes no connections in life, she still has friends, she just no longer wishes to be hurt by losing a lover to old age.

5289100 Actually this is fairly reasonable. She probably even means it. She also might have meant it the last 8 times too, even if it might take a little longer each time to heal, eventually she is ready to love again when the pain fades enough. Lots of things can jog your memory, grief of losing a loved one reminding you of others you've lost makes perfect sense, so each lost lover is harder than the last, because you mourn them, and those that came before because it's hard not to think of them as well. Never is a very long time when you're immortal after all. It is overdone obviously, but at the same time Rarity's gotcha question and her reaction are so perfect.

Hm, i had thought Twilight being as immortal as the other alicorns a given (don't know about Cadence, maybe that's why Celestia thought she would live her usual length of time?), did Celestia just not consider it? nevertheless she has now proved to only grow stronger with age, giving very good credibility to her being immortal.

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