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When Rarity was tricked to fall in love with a stone it was something she would rather forget. However not all is as it seems for Tom is not a common stone. No, He is an old one. A being from before the universe began. He watched the rise of pony kind and so many others............. But how can it be that he would love a mortal?

This story is a sequel to the immortal tom
It is recommended you read that before this one.

edited by Shanenator

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Well here you go everyone here is the sequel to The immortal tom as requested.............grumble grumble

Oh cool this happened. Will favorite this one, hopefully further installments will be here too.

See, as a seperate story, this will be much better. As it was, the original was better off as a one-shot anyways, because, in all feasability, it could have been canon. When I read this part when it was part of the original, I was a bit thrown off. The feel shifted, which was a little uncomfortable. As its own, it is just as good, and will be interesting to follow.

Besides, now you have double the potential for likes and faves! Like me!

well....this is interesting. Can't help nut wonder whats ganna happen.

This is great.
The eldritch being taking a form so that mortal can comprehend it to pursue his love with one of said mortals :pinkiehappy:

Holy ponies on a candlestick! THIS. IS. GLORIOUS! :pinkiegasp:

This is a excellent story and a novel idea. I am looking forward to seeing this continued. Do not disappoint me.

1791443 You will not be. I guarantee it :rainbowdetermined2:

Here is the next chapter please comment what you think as it helps motivate me to write more.:pinkiehappy:........or don't:pinkiesad2:

I still really like this concept. It could be written better but it is still entertaining. Tom is quite amusing, I can't wait to see what sort of shenanigans will ensue. Please, do continue. :moustache:

I love it! I love how tom is infinitely wise and powerful on one hand and yet ignorant of the world on the other.

I also wonder what the Princesses will do now...:rainbowhuh:

And will tom and Spike continue to cockblock each other? lol :rainbowlaugh:

The only quibble I have is I think Rarity might have recognized his name from the get-go. Other than that, it's a fun read!

Error Error Just so you know tom is an earth pony............. Im sorry :raritycry:

1784935>>1785024>>1787354>>1788299>>1789537>>1791443>>1798063>>1798835 Hello everyone sorry that the next chapter is taking so long. I am suffering a massive case of writers block. I am almost done with chp 3 and it will be coming out either today or tomorrow or the next day. I am sorry for the wait:pinkiesad2: Please be patient as my block is beginning to slip. after that I will likely publish them every two to three days. Thank you for your time.:twilightsmile:

Hello everypony here is the latest chapter. Please tell me what you think. I am almost over my block. Please comment as they sustain me:pinkiecrazy: . Things are going to get good in the next two chapters:pinkiehappy:

Tom learning to be social with ponies is funny but i think he should know a bit more about their society, he created them after all and was around and observed them since forever.
And i think because he is eternal he literally cannot die, kinda like Jack Harkness, even if his current shell stops working his mind would still be around and free to form a new shell for him to inhabit. At least that's my opinion on this.

1837238 well let me put it this way. He knows that you go through a door but not how. He knows words and how conversations flow but not how to convey his meaning. Knowledge isn't enough. You need understanding to use it. As to him dying In some way you are right ,but I will touch on that later. :pinkiehappy:

This is glorious! Now all Tom needs to do is meet Pinkie Pie and successfully explain and replicate her antics, shocking Twilight into a mad frenzy and making Pinkie go into a suspicious search in which she, Spike, and Twilight attempt to uncover the truth behind Tom! Pinkie should speak in a russian accent since she is Pinkie and no rule or sense applies to her. :pinkiecrazy:

Do continue, your story is so full of awesomeness it is hard to contain the energy liberated by it. :rainbowkiss:

1837630 ok YOU are officially a hacker of some kind HOW the heck did you get exactly what I was going to do next chapter............minus the russian accent.............and add a bunch of stuff...............and pie.............................btw jk:rainbowlaugh:

This is a classic concept, sort of reminds me of Tarzan or something like that. But it's with Tom. I do quite enjoy this, please do go on. :moustache:

1841240 ...........................:pinkiecrazy:.........................your reaction will be priceless:twilightsheepish:

1841257 I look forward to it. Do not disappoint. Or else...:pinkiecrazy:

1841266............. or else...cupcakes?:pinkiecrazy:. lol no hope you enjoy the rest of the fic:twilightsmile:

OMG! Yes! Tom's absolute knowledge, yet no idea of how society works amuses me so much! :raritywink: You have no idea.

And Spike VS Tom? Oh my Spike, you have no idea what you are getting into. I feel for you, man.

And Sweetie Belle at the end! Ah ha! I've caught you! lol :rainbowlaugh:

Hello everypony. OK things are starting to heat up. :pinkiehappy:
Please comment bellow as it lets me know if I am terrible or not.
Your comments fuel my creativity. or lack thereof:pinkiecrazy:
also...............I would like to say sorry:pinkiesad2:

P.S. I wrote this really late at night.

Uhhh they are finally noticing that something more than behavior is off about Tom and the princesses are there too.
Also this talking about different kinds of magic is kinda confusing me but i think i can manage.

1845568 hmmm ok Ill explain it better next chapter

Interesting. Pinkie as a failed alicorn? :pinkiegasp: That could be legit. Please explain in the next chapter.

And Tom's presence is causing conflicting emotions within me now. On one hand I want to see Tom succeed in his endeavors, but on the other, I think things would be better if he returned to his natural state. His presence among the living causes disturbances in the universe. But if he goes back to his natural state, he will never be completely happy. Wah! :raritydespair:

Someone please initiate the slow clap. This was genious! The magical explanation was sound and I find it far better than the canon one.

And a Pinkie Alicorn? THAT is MASTERFUL :pinkiecrazy: Can't wait for it to be thoroughly explained in the next chapter, and I can not wait to see Pinkie's reaction!

Real sorry I couldn't help out, but I was tricked into climbing the Tepozteco mountain... Twasn't pretty...

I really like the idea of Tom being some super-powerful being. It's amusing. I also see that you are meddling quite a bit in backstory and unexplored territory concerning Equestria. I will pander to such ideas, but tread carefully. It's easy to become ridiculous when working with such concepts.

Also, Pinkie Pie. Oh god Pinkie Pie. You did a great job with her. :pinkiehappy:

I'm so sorry......... please comment as It helps me get through this. :pinkiesad2: It was hard:pinkiesick:. Please do tell me what you think:rainbowderp:

You are a horrible person

I thought this chapter was good. Do you have a pre-reader though? Because there were some errors, but they don't take much away from the story. It's still an awesome story.

I'm just wondering what's going to happen with Tom. He can't stay there without the Princesses knowing. And so that's how Cadance was born? She has all four magics?

Comment posted by Mr Stargazer deleted Dec 26th, 2012

1855967 ok Cadence. She was created by Celestia. Tom does not realize she exists. She is bound to love whitch is not a sky magic but it is enough to turn her into an Alicorn. Celestia has a bit of Tom's nature in her. Will think on explaining better later.

Ok. I'll be waiting for it! :raritywink:

no more comments makes me sad:pinkiesad2:

a dislike.................................

and I don't know why......

Daaaayum Tom is powerful. I like it. I've said it once and I'll say it again: this is an extremely intriguing concept.

And thank you for not killing Sweetie Belle. I would have to personally murder you if you did so.

However, I must confess that I don't really understand the scene with the wolves. It seems kinda...random. Perhaps it will be explained later but for now I'm rather confused. I do, however, like the backstory you are giving to the sisters and the nature of magic. It's a unique take and I'm curious to see where it goes.

On a final note, Tom x Rarity is one of my new favorite ships. Go forth, friend. Make this glorious. :moustache:

1870560 ok It will be two to three more days before the next chapter comes out and yes there was a purpose for the timberwolves. Im glade you like the story I will work hard on the next chapter.

1871276 Go at your own pace. Don't worry about me, I have plenty to do. :moustache:

Ok everypony....... I have reread my entire story. The errors:pinkiesick:. When I first started writing this I was trying to make the flow between the original and sequel work. BUT with the reread I see it has not:raritycry:. A rewrite is needed.:rainbowdetermined2:. So I will be working on that for a time:rainbowkiss:. I am not sure how long it will take but It will be less than two weeks:pinkiegasp:. When the rewrite is done the story flow will be improved but be the same progression. I will be adding allot of text and description:twilightsheepish:. Also I will assume you have not read the original which should help with flow. Instead I will work his past into the story so that it can be a stand alone. I will only upload the changes all on the same day along with a new chapter. Thanks for reading please reread after the changes. I hope this does not lose me readers.:pinkiesad2:. See you soon :pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

P.S. All of you have been awesome mustache for you :moustache:
P.P.S I am doing this because the ending is intracate and the sparce quality of the writing will take away from that. see ya then :twilightsmile:
P.P.P.S Please comment telling me If this is a bad idea.

1874884 Nope, sounds like a great idea. I look forward to seeing your final work. If you desire another editor I'd be more than happy to help. This is a fun story and I'd like to see it as a professional product.

Comment posted by Mr Stargazer deleted Dec 30th, 2012

1875128 I just got an editor but if I need your help I will msg you. Thanks for the offer.

Ok rewrites done post bellow what you think chp 6 will be out 1/7/2013

so fucking cool!!

this story just clicks with my mind set just wow
i have to say out of all i have read this is my fave after jerico

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