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    If y'all have been following me long enough, you probably know I'm not one to make frivolous blog posts - with that out of the way, I'm in a bit of a pickle.

    Before you to getting too concerned and/or aroused, I'd like you to know that there's nothing seriously wrong.

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    Pinkie Art Pack

    To those of y'all who might be interested, I wrote a story for a Pinkie Pie themed art pack

    Artwork included by such talented artists as @Aer0Zer0Ri2k, @DDemon7000, @Elicitie, @Forsaken3d, @Hentype, @Sanyo_2100, @Snudd2, @DibujitoArt, @GodoffuryN, @imaaahorny, @Libido_mlp, @LegendOfLinkArt, @PurpsYoshi, @SpindlesX, @Weloost

    Go to Aer0's twitter if you want the details (@Aer0Zer0Ri2k)

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    Acceptance Details

    So here's the skinny on the story. I'm gonna publish a chapter a week, so the following may involve spoilers. I tried to include the major kinks/fetishes for each chapter, but I may've missed some. I can't understate how depraved this collection is. I regret nothing.

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    Happy 2023

    First and foremost, happy Insert Applicable Holiday Here!

    With that out of the way ~ how are you glorious folks doing?
    Not gonna lie, it's been a relatively rough start to the new year.
    Had various bullshit hitting the fan, the persistent grind of life, and the omnipresent challenge of whatever obstacles fate decides to hurl at me - that said, I've been staying busy with writing.

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    Art Pack Promotion!

    So I wrote an exclusive story for a Rainbow Dash art pack!
    Before anyone bursts a blood vessel, yes, I'll post the story to FIM Fiction eventually.

    For those of you who want to see some absolutely increcible Rainbow Dash art, animations, and my story, go peep @Aer0Zer0Ri2k on twitter for a link!

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Just a Quick Shout-Out or Two · 9:36pm May 21st, 2022

I know most of y'all will probably just skim over this, but I wanted to give a shout-out to two really cool people.

The first is for a good friend of mine, EbonyGlow. The dude has been a fan of MLP for a hot minute, but he's getting his writing legs under himself and just published his very first story; if you're looking for someone who will be an up-and-comer, you can find his stuff HERE. If you like mind control and porn with a plot, go give him a shot!

Shout-out number two goes out to a talented dude who does some fantastic readings on youtube. The platform may have given him a hard time, taking down his channel temporarily, but he's back on his feet and swinging for the fences. If you're into some auditory stimulation, you can find his channel HERE.

Anyways, that's enough of the shilling.
The finaleā„¢ of the Anon Fucks Equestria story is coming up next week, I've got plenty of fun, lewd stories in the pipe, and I'm just beating off a bout of COVID. As always, thanks for the reads, likes, and constant support.

Y'all have a safe and wonderful weekend!


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Hey Leech, marry me?

Sometime to read for later :yay:

Ahaha! I swear to you all living and inanimate! Your comment made me spray the monitor with saliva!

Damn you and your fucking American humor!šŸ¤£ I haven't laughed like that in a long time!

Hey Leech, you're pretty fuckin' cool! Keep it up homeslice

Lol, I just saw it in the box and added it to my folder.

I'm just beating off a bout of COVID.

:facehoof: I don't know if it says more about me or Leech that my first response to this was "Oh, look it that, Leech figured out how to r34 a virus."

Hope you're feeling much better

Thanks, I am

Honestly, I thought it was just a mild cold. It'll take more than some pesky virus to knock out the Monument of Sinā„¢

Is the second dude's work on mlpaudiobooks.net?

Unsure. It's on youtube tho!

well good to hear you're doing better

Sadly second guy keeps getting taken down via YouTube, here's the newest link.


Has anyone ever told you how awesome you are Leech?

A dubious assertion!

I'm just a regular guy with a penchant for pastel pony posteriors

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