• Published 18th Nov 2020
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Big Trouble in Little Pony Town - Some Leech

Anon happens upon a new pony in town - a particularly large, strong, and unintelligible pony...

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Daisy Chain

“Roseluck,” Anon announced, strolling up to the florist’s stand, “you doing well this morning?”

“Morning, Anon! What brings you out…” the crimson maned mare trailed off, looking up and spotting the hulking titan plodding along behind the man. “H...Hello.”

“Rose, Nord. Nord, Rose,” he introduced, stepping aside and waving between the two.

“Tis Òrd, ye baw juggler!” Nord loudly complained, staring daggers at her chaperone.

“But, yeah, she needs a job,” Anon deflected, hitching a thumb over at the giantess. “Anyway you could help her out?”

“W...well, I mean…” Rose sputtered, clearly uneasy about the prospect. Turning her attention to the behemoth, she craned her neck upwards. “Do you have any experience with flowers?”

“Ah used tae hae a back green! Tis easy as bridie!” Nord proudly proclaimed, nodding down at the comparatively miniscule pony.

The florist confusedly cocked her head. “What - uh -”

“Oh yeah she has!” Anon asserted, strongly patting his guest’s withers. “She’s got one heck of a green thumb - er - hoof! Trust me, if there’s one pony who could keep an eye on things at your stand, it’s her.”

While it was painfully evident that she wasn’t completely sold on the idea, Rose caved. “I do have to go make a few deliveries. If you can mind the stall while I’m gone, that would be really helpful.”

Waving a hoof, shooing the proprietor away, Nord trotted behind the flower stand. “Gang oan, ah will mynd th' shop. Nah fashies.”

Shooting Anon an uneasy look and seeing the man smile and wave, Rose gathered up several arrangements and bouquets. Trotting away, sneaking a few anxious glances over her shoulder, she saw herself off. Pleased with the fortuitous turn of events, Anon dusted his hands. There was no way Nord would be able to fuck this up.

“Alright, I’m gonna go get some coffee. Do you want anything?” he asked, peering over at the veritable amazoness.

Smiling, Nord shook her head and eyed the vibrant array of flowers. “Ah think ah will a'richt.”

“In that case, I’ll be back in a bit,” he remarked. While he felt certain that she wouldn’t get up to any mischief, he was hesitant to leave her unattended - especially after the disastrous debacle at the barber shop. Headed off to Sugarcube Corner, to pick up some breakfast and pay the rest of his debt, he left her to her work.

Walking along, intent to treat himself to a donut, a nagging thought occurred. Given how much his guest had eaten the evening prior, he was left to assume she had the metabolism of an actual horse - as such, despite running perilously low on funds, he thought he’d pick her up a snack. Even though he thought she said she was fine, it would be a nice congratulatory gesture for landing the job.

It took less than fifteen minutes for him to pick up some java, fully repay Mrs. Cake, and pick up a half-dozen donuts, yet in that short amount of time everything had somehow gone tits up. Even before he rounded the corner to reach the market, a soft sobbing drifted to his ears. His pace instantly quickened, wondering what was going on, until he came into view of a tumultuous and disheartening scene.

The flower stall was virtually bare, with only a handful of woody stems and bits of torn foliage littering the counter and earth below. Looming over Rose, who was openly weeping on the ground, Nord affectionately patted the mare’s back. The question of what could have happened was magnified exponentially, as he spied a large, colorful, and very flowery bowl of what appeared to be salad.

“What...what did you do?!” he croaked, jogging over to the pair.

“A' ah did wis mak' a salad fur us! She keeked lik' she wantit something tae sloch - tae skinny-malinky!” Nord insisted.

Then it hit him - the salad, the missing flowers, the large fork resting in the bowl. “You ate all her arrangements?!?”

“Nae a' o' thaim! Ah hate posies,” she shot back, pointing to three untouched corsages.

“I’m ruined!” Rose sobbed, burying her face in her hooves. “What am I supposed to do now?!”

Anon rushed over and knelt beside the crestfallen pony, attempting to give her some comfort. “I...I’m not sure how much all this cost, but I’ll take care of it. She just doesn’t -”

“It’s HER fault!” the grief stricken mare attested, shoving him away and leveling a hoof at the source of her torment. “That...that oaf ate several hundred bits worth of arrangements!” she continued, pushing herself up. Stepping to the nonplussed colossus and jamming a hoof in her chest, she scowled up at her transgressor. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

Nord sat mute, chewing down another mouthful of her unconventional and very pricey salad, before swallowing. “Ye shouldn't hae made thaim sae gusty!”

Squinting upwards, Rose’s looked absolutely livid. “They weren’t made for eating, they were made for looking pretty!”

At the remark, the giantess rocked back and guffawed. “‘Keek bonny’. Ah tell ye, ye'v git a sense o' humor!” she snickered.

Lifting a foreleg, unable to contain her mirth, she smacked the florist on the back. Had she been any other mare, the action would have possibly served to upset matters more - unfortunately, she wasn’t any other mare. The lighthearted blow quite literally sent Rose tumbling forward - crashing to and through the wooden face of her stand. Apparently Nord thought the result was hilarious, because she toppled over and began roaring in laughter.

It took Anon a second to comprehend what had happened, but he quickly ran over to check on Rose. He hadn’t seen a pony take a hit like that in - well - ever. Carefully removing her limp form from the smashed remnants of her stall, he prayed she wasn’t dead. Dazed and probably seeing stars, she wearily peered up at him. While he was glad she hadn’t been outright murdered from the impact, she’d definitely seen better days.

“Hey,” he whispered, wiping splinters and detritus from her mane, “you ok?”

“My...my begonias…” she mumbled, before passing out in his arms.

“‘Begonias!’” Nord hawed, slapping her knee.

Part of him was thankful that Rose was unconscious, since she would have likely torn into the both of them had she been awake - still, the circumstances were less than ideal. “We gotta get her to a doctor,” he flatly stated. Cradling her to his chest, he stood.

The giantess wiped a tear from her eye, before steadily getting to her hooves. “She'll be braw - juist teuk a wee coup.”

Her dismissive and nonsensical response notwithstanding, Anon headed in the direction of the Ponyville General Clinic. Even if Rose wasn’t grievously injured, he couldn’t just leave her in the shattered remains of her stand. Taking off at a brisk pace, wholly abandoning his breakfast and coffee, the sound of heavy hooffalls caught his ear. Glancing over, seeing Nord keeping pace with him, he grimaced.

“Hungert?” she asked, skipping along on three legs and offering him the bowl of greens.

With two of the three potential jobs utterly ruined, there was only one left to try - after he made sure Rose wasn’t suffering from a concussion or chest flail, of course. Trundling the senseless mare in his arms, spotting the clinic down the road, it was all he could do to hope the remainder of their morning went a little more smoothly.