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Ep·​i·​proct | \ ˈepəˌpräkt \

definition of Epiproct

1: a plate on the thorax of certain insects that is usually a dorsal part of the 11th segment

2: a believable name for a Changeling that has the letters "Pip" in it.

:scootangel:Now with a Youtube reading and not just one but two written reviews!:pinkiegasp:

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every other Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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Aw, poor Pip...I like this theory though!

will you ever do a fic of pipp admitting to her family that she's a changeling

Probably. This is an entry in season two of the "Snippet Series," and the Season One Finale was a big crossover payoff for previous entries.

This fic will get followed up in the Season Two closer.

Solid story this. Very nicely done!

Of course, none of this is actual fact and just fandom nonsense. Good story at least.

Good old “Alt. Universe” tag is a free pass for fandom nonsense.


KungPalomino : The gal with kaleidescope eeeeeeyes!! 😝😝

The girl with colitis goes by! :rainbowlaugh:

This could also be about someone with a psychological need for validation gathering the courage to admit to their friends and family how they feel, and finding a steadier source of support in their loved ones rather than relying on social media.

Holy shit, you carried through in less than a day. I seem to remember Cozy's Glowpinions taking you two years.

I'd ask about the specifics of absorbing love through Twitch Chat, but I'll assume the Kingdom Hearts method- she can do whatever she wants with it because it has the word 'Twitch' in it. Now there's only the question of why anyone would stan a wendigo.


-Pipp of Theseus, 2022

"I wok dis empt stret on da bolevrad of broken dremz." I sang sexily

-My Immortal, 2006

Cinematic parallels.

It's a good day when ponies are acknowledged as in-universe stupid. It's a better day when another species has to deal with it.

So I guess animation errors are canon now. I love it.


Ayy, new profile pic. Snazzy.

carried through in less than a day

:rainbowdetermined2: https://youtube.com/shorts/idnqt3WcP5M

specifics of absorbing love through Twitch chat

Ah the wonders of modern technology. Truth be told, this story has more holes in it than a Changeling leg. Was Pipp the only Changeling to hibernate at the end of Gen 4? Or just the only one to survive? Much like Pipp fielding questions from her nosy followers, I got no answers. Such is the folly of a forty-eight hour fic.

Also, ponies aren’t necessarily stupid. Just innocent. Though those qualities tend to manifest in the same behaviors don’t they? It’s easy to stan a windigo when you’ve never actually met one.

I would so like a sequel for this one. Such a great story hook. The revelation will not be easy.

Interesting interpretation of Pipp's eye color changing, though the boring answer is that she wears differently colored contacts. She seems like the kind of pony to do that.

Man, this is an interesting read about a detail I never thought too much about! Grand way of putting it to words and it is very friggin' enjoyable! Super well done! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading of this sweet lil' fic of yours!

Audio Linkyloo!: https://youtu.be/bmN2EhkBTCs

ZweetieB3lle : Pipp Petals, Warrior Pricness! :duck::duck::duck::duck:

The existence of that emoji raises some interesting historical questions.

Fascinating how Gen 5 breathes new life into old tropes. “X is a changeling” gets some fun new options now that we have new potential definitions for X. Thanks for demonstrating the point with a great bit if anxious drama.

The "Sassy White Unicorn" emote is based off some obscure vintage action figure that Princess Sunny owns. Popular with fillies. Not so much colts.


I think every Fimfiction author writes an "X is a Changeling" story at some point. This one is mine. Honestly kind of surprised it took me this long. :rainbowwild:

I’ve been waiting sooo long for someone giving Pipp some character, some backstory other than being an Addison Rae - made pony. This is perfect. Loved every second of it

This is an incredible fic! Animation errors are the best things to use as fic material :pinkiehappy:

I say that like I've personally written an animation error fic. Which I have not. But either way, still true :facehoof:

I like to explain how little use I have for OCs by pointing out that I finagled the Alicorn of Death out of a background pony (Erroria, who is referred to as "Moonlight Pearl" in-fic for No More Heroes reasons and is pointedly not a princess for Terry Pratchett reasons).

Nice! Also yes, Erroria! Love her :D

I never noticed her inconsistent eye color in her official artwork, but you pulled everything together so well here. I really want to see this Pipp's story continue.

My OC Cassandra has eyes that change color.

Thanks for your much-needed input on this fanfiction.

Alternatively, her eyes change color because the creator children aren't following this instructional video:

This is an incredibly interesting explanation for her eyes changing color. Like I seriously think this might be a plausible headcanon now.

Good to know that they still can't be bothered to show the bare minimum of due diligence to continuity.

It's ALL fiction, and NONE of this is fact.

But fiction is what people come here for.

If you want stories with facts and no fandom nonsense then I suggest leaving Fimfiction.

Great pocket story, and looking forward to the next one in the series. Queueing up "This is how a Unicorn Thinks" right now :)

Especially the facts that prevent magical talking ponies from existing. :derpytongue2:

**********WARNING LOTS OF SPOILERS BELOW! **********


“X is actually a Changeling” is basically a classic. I’m surprise it took this long for someone to write a G5 story with this theme. I know of one where Argyle is a Changeling but in that story t’s just a Changeling pretending to be Sunny’s deceased father and not Argyle having been one all along.

No need to buy something expensive and name brand, but I mean, if you do.... Canterlogic is a big sponsor of the channel. Just so you all know."

Pipp is really bat at the advertising part of being a streamer. Then again, she’s Royalty, so why would she even need sponsors in the first place? :derpyderp2:

Considering Canterlogic’s other products, I would be worried that using this brush would make your fur fall off.

No magic. No food. She was too starving to even drool, but still she dug and dug. Survival instincts screamed wordlessly in her head that if she didn't burrow, if didn't hibernate now - right now! - her body would shut down and die.

That went really dark really quick.

"Is somepony here? This is my basement! My new clubhouse!

Was Zipp planning to invite others to her club or was this supposed to be a one pony thing?

Feisty foal was barely visible now. Her emotions were a tidal wave of fury at the transparent lie. Her taste was scalding, oily, and churning. The starving ex-Changeling gulped it all down.
"You're not... are... wait... what was I..." The feisty foal blinked with with befuddlement. Wasn't she angry about something just now? She wasn't anymore. It was like all her skepticism had been scooped out with a spoon.

Okay I guess Changeling can just do that now.

KungPalomino: The gal with kaleidescope eeeeeeyes!! 😝😝
PwnPone : The 👩 with kaleidescope 👀
Farrier_Fairy : That girl with colliderscope eeys!

Thank god, her fanbase has the attention span of goldf…

The giiiiiiiiiirl with the kaleidescooooooope eeeeeeeeyes!

What we’re we talking about again? Oh, I think it was about that icky bug, right?

"Good luck out there, little guy."

“Run and hide little guy. Ain’t your fault you’re a rat.”

It wasn't healthy, and it didn't have the same nutrients as love. But life as a short, stunted Pony was still life. Pipp gorged like a pig in her first few weeks, insisting she belonged in this castle then guzzling the disagreement of whoever objected. She'd been disgusting. Yet before long, her siphoning of Zipp and Queen Haven actually did persuade them she was one of their own.

That is an incredible powerful ability. Just imagine someone like Chryaslis being able to do that. Easiest invasion ever. Guess starving and almost dying makes you more powerful. :trollestia:

Also, wouldn’t she have to feast on basically everypony in Zephyr Heights for this to work? Because a young Princess suddenly popping up with no explanation whatsoever would be all over the news.

I... I helped save the world didn't I?"
Not really, no. Sunny, Izzy, that cute colt whom Sunny drove crazy, they had been then real heroes. For crying out loud, even Zipp had contributed more to saving magic than Pipp had.

Yeah, you were just there because they needed a fifth mane character for their show. :pinkiehappy:

Pipp was not a villain. Just a coward and a liar. But that could change.

Defiantly not a villain. She was just starving a wanted to survive. She didn’t even plan to become part of the Pegasi Royals.

I could see a potential follow-up where Pipp comes clean showing us the reactions from her family and fan base.

Overall, I liked the story. Good characterization of Pipp. Although I’m not a fan of how she suddenly could do the things she did without any explanation. Feels like it only happened because otherwise the plot wouldn’t work.

A fly on the wall.

What a twist on this phrase!

Sorry for the double-post.

Well, by analogy, but she has a PHYSIOLOGICAL, rather than just PSYCHOLOGICAL need for the affections of others. This might have increased since magic has returned.

Also, the story title isn't quite as direct a reference as I thought.

This only occurred to me a full day after uploading, but "Imposter Syndrome" would have been a far better fic title. :facehoof: At least I know what to name the sequel.


Feels like it only happened because otherwise the plot wouldn’t work.

Yeah, I said in an earlier comment that this story has more holes in it than a Changeling leg. Perhaps if you really stretched your suspension of disbelief, you can imagine Queen Haven revealing her new daughter and the rest of Zephyr Heights just shrugging and accepting she'd kept the kid private until Pipp was of proper age. These are the same citizens who are distracted by Pipp singing pop lyrics, and Epiproct was barely older than a toddler when she assumed her pony disguise.

Regarding other plot contrivances, I have no basis for Changelings being able to eat emotions other than love. Its just a trait my fics give them so they each have individuality.

Scaring ponies was a hobby Pharynx had never expected to indulge in again. Love may have been the healthier choice for consumption, but Fear was the old drone’s favorite taste. His least favorite taste however, was Sadness. And that was predictably replacing Sandbar’s initial shock.

Sandbar wonders about Ocellus's old life under Chrysalis.
Casketbase77 · 4.5k words  ·  225  3 · 4k views

I loved this and.. I want more. Genuinely. Where does our little bug princess go from here?

The chapter title is a Beatles reference.

Lucy in the Sky, with Diamonds!


Spoiling my sequel plans a bit, but here’s where our little bug princess goes: to Sunny.

Sunny Starscout has access to her father’s notes, which detail an extinct parasite race called Changelings. She’d feel overjoyed to interview the last living member of the species. At least until her sensibilities kick in and she remembers this isn’t just any Changeling: it’s Pipp. Her friend.

Need to build around that premise, but I think it’s a good enough start.

Imma read the floof outta it!!!

Once its ya know...posted... and stuff...

You're a good writer!!

*flies away*

I think the overall message is the same anyway. Also, physiological and psychological needs are not so clearly separated. For example, human babies will waste away and possibly die without physical affection, even if all other needs are met

It's a very nice story.

A very interesting take. Glad to know that the brony way of spinning gold out of animation errors is alive and well in G5.

This is just heartbreaking to read! Yet, it is just so amazingly well written. I hope there is a sequel story to this.

Ooof, I was going to do a reading of this today, but, it looks like this is going to need to be a video. With needing to find a way to communicate the emojis. I think I will delay this until later.

Even now after half a year or more we still really have no clue if this whole no magic thing affected the other races of the planet. I mean changeling is as good as any other excuse for why they were inconsistent with the eyecolor shrug

an admittedly strange take on a character, but a very creative one based on animation errors/inconsistency. this pseudo-origin story is so interesting and engaging, and i made me wish for more changeling!pipp content. i love it!

Got it in one!

Two words: color contacts. :rainbowwild: I love to play around with different eye colors in my photo shoots. I have to wear prescription contacts anyway so why not spice it up with some colors amirite?

I'm not a changeling, LOL, but love to see my fans use their creativity to come up with these theories! :heart: Keep the fics coming, you are an amazingly skilled author!

I'm not a changeling. I swear.
I swear. Honest. For reals.

Ş̶͇̓͛̍o̶̘͑ ̷͕̪̒͂͝d̶̤̋o̷͉̫͊n̵̲̻͚̈́̊'̴͉͔͖̐̾ť̶͚͛͜ ̴̪̞̀͌͠ḅ̵̡͐̂ṷ̴̲̈g̵̢̠͗͗ ̷̙͌̕m̸̗̈ĕ̷͇́͘ ̸̗̙̪̂ȃ̶̞̜̍n̷̹͋y̵̡̟̥͑̔̔m̵͇̘͛ȏ̷͍̺̗̄͝ṟ̴̨̑e̷͕̮̰͗̏ 🐞

Hello! Have a review. Smoothly written and a clever explanation of Pipp's name, but it was a bit too jump-around-y for me in the end. I suspect you were slightly unfortunate in this being the story of yours I read after Stop Number Twelve, since few fics would live up to that. I do appreciate the old-fandom idea of world-building around an animation error, though!

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