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Looking after the royal family is no easy task, but then again, it's never a dull one, either. My name is Zoom Zephyrwing—

And, um, hello! My name is Thunder.

—and these are our recorded experiences as two of Her Majesty's most noble guard ponies.

A community fic for all of our G5 writers!

Would you like to write about cute pegasi in helmets? Full details in this blog!

Explore a typical (or not-so-typical) day in the life of being a guard pegasus tasked with looking after the Zephyr Heights royal family, from the perspective of our noble protagonists. Every chapter will be by a different author, with its own standalone plot.

Cover art by RRDartist

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Ohh they should be very interesting to see the princess sisters and even the Royal Guards and it's pretty funny seeing these two Bakerring with each other in a friendly way so zipp trying to embarrass pipp during her live stream again this is a pretty funny start of a story I wonder what else could happen next guess we'll find out next time

Zipp is a great sister, but even the best siblings can sometimes be annoying. I can't wait to see more. Though I hope Zoom and Thunder get more attention from whoever writes next. As adorable as Zipp and Pipp shenanigans are, this is supposed to be about the guard duo, and they felt kind of incidental to the whole chapter.

Yeah, I definitely had them play more of a subsidiary perspective role than anything upfront. Guard work often consists of a lot of standing around and absorbing the events around you, and that was my aim for this chapter, to show it's not always as boring as you'd think. They're always around and engaged, even when they're not an active part of the plot.

There's definitely a lot to explore directly with their characters and how their relationship with the royal family looks, and when I do inevitably write again, it'll probably be something more focused on them.

In the meantime I'm hoping to see a lot of creative direction in Zoom and Thunder's personalities and backstories from others.

Awwwwwwww, so adorableeee!

I would totally write a chapter for this, but...um...

When I first saw the movie I thought Zoom was a boy and I've kept that headcanon 'cause the idea of Zoom and Thunder being a lil' gay couple just stuck-


I foresee Zoom and Thunder being constantly written (by fans) as a ball of UST instead of just partners and colleagues.

In Zipp's flight school, they acted like they didn't know each other.

TYT is essentially G5 Pony Life, with characters being simplified for the sake of five-minute plots. This is even more obvious for side characters like Zoom and Thunder. In my opinion it's not a show one can easily point at and say, 'but the show said/did X.' It certainly doesn't take canonical priority to movie portrayals, imo.

Maybe if TYT eventually adopts some amount of character development over time, but right now everything is standalone SOL.

Maybe, but I can definitely say that, thus far, I've enjoyed Tell Your Tale a heck of a lot more than Pony Life, so that's still gotta count for something. :raritystarry:

That said, yeah, I suspect TYT isn't going for perfect canon per se...but it's clear they aren't totally ignoring it either, so it'll be interesting how much of it carries over into future G5 productions. Of course, I don't expect it to put much focus on Zoom and Thunder regardless, but at the same time, I was surprised they appeared in it at all, so...

And besides, I suspect TYT is still going to give people inspiration for ideas for this--I know it has for me a little--so I'd at least keep the door open for it a little. Personally, I'd apply MLP comic logic to it--it can be canon if it'll help fill in a convenient blank or if a fic plot, but yeah, otherwise it's not mandatory canon (at least for now).

I am absolutely here for this. G5 fluff for all!


Zephyr Heights Taco Bells must have gotten a lot of business to fill those parade balloons.

Maybe they have a business contract with the castle.

It is a pretty valid question. He might evade punishment

As the Captain began to go through his slides, talking about procedures for dealing with non-pegasus creatures, one young green pegasus guard felt a distracting vibration by his flank. The vibration came from his smartphone, which had a blinking green light at the top. The pegasus looked left and right, only seeing his fellow guards looking ahead, before checking his phone to see what the buzzing was about.

I'm assuming this is before the movie came around

The captain smirked, clearly impressed by the answer. “I like your thinking, Zoom Zephyrwing, but no”. The captain then referred to the Ponypoint slide. “Based on a focused study of this parchment and other documents related to this incident, it’s been concluded that this unicorn was incapacitated because the tip of the unicorn’s horn was covered in slime, obstructing all magical and unknown properties.” The captain clicked on the laptop, and the image suddenly zoomed in to focus on the head of the unicorn, after which a red circle slowly faded focusing on the unicorn’s horn, where there was a small amount of slim covering its tip.

Well that's kind of true because if I remember the snooze and there's slime kind of disabled unicorn and even Alicorn Magic which I did not connect to that I didn't even realize that

Well this was a very interesting information about The Shield I still don't think that helps whoever gave them that information was wrong and that sounds like my school when I get bored with lectures or something I always look at either my game boy or something like that so I can relate to thunder and stick it out which it looks like he's going to be in so much in trouble I wonder what's going to happen next

“We are aware of their predatory and violent tendencies, with their razor teeth, ability to read minds, and plenty of other dangerous abilities that they can do with the pointy horns on their heads."

Y'know...one does have to wonder how many of these rumors about other pony tribes had gotten started in the first place. I mean sure, some, obviously, probably just came up from the want of one tribe to name-call the other, and it ultimately stuck, but some of them seem almost like they were based off of some core fact (or something interpreted as fact I suppose I should say) and thus treated fully seriously, much like here with the tennis balls. As its ultimately all bunk though, it leaves you wondering how the others all got started and why.

“Based on a focused study of this parchment and other documents related to this incident, it’s been concluded that this unicorn was incapacitated because the tip of the unicorn’s horn was covered in slime, obstructing all magical and unknown properties.”

And they're actually quite correct, but so was Zoom--the magical properties of said "slime" had a hand in it too, surely. :raritywink:

The captain could see several raised eyebrows and tilted heads, some guards winced, worried if they should say something about this shield. To the guards, these unicorn restraining shields look to be small, green, round, and fuzzy, nothing in the realm of high tech, nor the realm of the military.

Your taxpayer bits at work, ponies! :trollestia: Wonder how the heck they concluded the tennis balls would be a good substitute for magic slime. That said though, I actually would love it if G5 at some point put to the test whether or not the tennis-ball-on-the-horn actually works. I'm sure Izzy would be down for being the test subject.

It admittedly does make sense that the guards underwent a training session such as this at some point so to have this protocol established, but it still sort of strikes me odd seeing it, because the pegasi hadn't struck me as being as zealous about prepping for attacks from other pony tribes like the earth ponies were--they didn't seem to think they could be attacked at any moment, at least. Meh, trivial detail, though. :twilightsmile:

Pipp should be careful about asking the Royal Guard to step in. As Crown Princess, Zipp might order them to hold Pipp down while she gets tickled.

"Hold Pipp down for me, Thunder."

"No, don't listen to her, Thunder! That's an order!"

"Nah, she thinks it's funny, don't you Pipp? Do it, Thunder."

"I do not! And Thunder, don't you dare!

*Confused Thunder noises.*


I think rather than generate perpetual energy, the energy from that thing is more likely to result in a weird dragon thing with a mariachi band appearing and yelling "I'm back!"

Is that a reference to Q from Star Trek?

Obviously the ball knew exactly what it was doing when it crashed out the window and into the streets of Zephyr Heights. How else would it cause so much damage before finally leaving? We have a troll ball on our hands hooves.

“Bye crazy tennis ball!” Izzy called after it, waving. “Go find a nice lady ball and have some lovely baby balls with!”

This might be the most Izzy line on this site thus far.

Pffff-that last line-

This was a hilarious chapter! I love how you took the "shield" idea from the movie and reworked it to make a very interesting scenario for Haven to walk in on!

You’re talking to Scyphi right? They were the one who wrote it.

Okay, that was way too good. I could definitely see Izzy's first forays into magic going hilariously awry!

That was a pretty interesting and funny chapter so apparently Queen Haven wanted to ask what in the world was happening zoom and thunder explain the whole situation while pipp and izzy trying to contain the crazy tennis ball and wow that was pretty funny and something tells me more crazy things going to happen soon I guess we'll find out next time by the way the story kind of reminds me of that scene from Men In Black

Knew somebody was going to liken it to that. :rainbowlaugh:

The ball's escape was inevitable; Pipp would never be able to hold it down for long with her smol form.

Yay, it's up! Thanks for putting my chapter in your story, NavelColt!

This was diabetes inducingly cute. I will be sending you the bill.

Not something I was expecting, but still very cute. Great to see that Zoom (as a Stallion which did actually catch me a little off guard) has a loyal friend in Thunder. :twilightsmile:

“Not even then! They don’t get to dictate how you live your life, Zoomer. Because they don’t know you, Zoom, you know you. And you’re awesome. I know you Zoom, and you wanna know what I see when I look at you?”

Wow that kind of hit me because there's sometimes I don't know how to feel because people always judge me what I like to do or something I mean we all have opinion but it's should not dictate about your decision

Okay that was very unexpected but okay so it looks like the party is going on but Zoom is a little nervous about appearing there but Thunder want to reassure him that there's nothing going to happen that he should be true to who he is but sometimes it can be very hard but luckily the royal family and even sunny and the others are very understandable ponies maybe they're still ponies and creatures are still not keen about this but it should not detect Who You Are and so far Things Are pretty well for him this is pretty interesting one I wonder what else could have been guess we'll find out next time

Edit: did I say something wrong again


Only idiots will downvote this post. :trixieshiftright:

Ah, I see the auto-comment-downvoters when anything trans-related pops up are at it again. :ajbemused:

This was a great entry, 11268885. I'll be totally honest, when I first saw Zoom in the previews I already thought she was male, so seeing a trans version of her makes a good amount of sense. It's a nice addition to the anthology. :twilightsmile:

Oh, I have a very good idea of who it is, and it's not very auto. The immaturity is just as real as the homophobia and I suspect it won't be limited to one chapter featuring trans concepts. It certainly didn't stop all my work from getting carpet bombed with red thumbs at once. :derpytongue2:

I told Melody already but I'll say here too that their writing is improving. Reading this before posting was a pleasure.

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I also thought Zoom was male at first, which gave me the inspiration for this

Pretty Nice. My sis is so much elder than me so she doesn't teases me like that. Anyways I have a little elder cousin sister and whenever she is like doing important stuff, I always tease and torture her like that:scootangel:

:rainbowlaugh:I now want future chapters, completely unrelated ones, to have a chance of that ball just randomly bouncing into their stories before bouncing off as quickly and mysteriously as it came.

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