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Pharynx loves his brother to bits. He protects him from bullies, and is probably the sole reason why Thorax is still alive.

But he knows he won’t be able to protect him forever, so it’s about time he learned a few way defend himself.

Story takes place during Protective Broodmate.

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Funny and sweet, I love it!

So Thorax is TFS Gohan here.

Lol this was a pretty funny and short story of the two brothers and seeing pharynx really trying to help thorax to prepare to dodge to anything that will throw at him quite literally but still this was a very sweet story

Pharynx knows what he is doing, don’t worry.

Pfft. Yeah, right. :trollestia::ajsmug:

Ri2 #5 · Dec 2nd, 2020 · · ·


Marble Fade, factory new?

Thorax, Interspecies Dodgeball Champion of Equestria. Involuntarily.

Heh, I had a loosely similar idea once, but couldn't come up with enough of a story to go with it to make it worthwhile, so on that merit alone, this fic manages to succeed far better than my idea ever would've. :pinkiehappy:

Mostly it was throwing things. Thorax couldn’t miss every single one of these, right?
I hope I didn’t jinx that, he prayed. He sincerely hoped that he would be proven wrong.

Fate: "Well..."

Thorax: “...you didn’t seriously pack all those sticks to torment me, did you?”

Pharynx: "Of course not!"
Thorax: "For a moment I was worried..."
Pharynx: "I packed those sticks to help you. By throwing them at you."

Seriously, does this guy even drink water? Or was his diet sandpaper?

I had to think of this one:

“Thorax get back here!”

Run Thorax, or prepare for noogies!
Actually, better do both...

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

Found a typo:

hissing at angling that got it his way.

You probably meant anyling, right?

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