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She thought she was fully happy, but while she certainly feels happier, there’s still a sliver of doubt that she might be might be pursuing the wrong route.

Thankfully, help comes to you sometimes.

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I fear this story will probably get dislikes from that crowd, but for what it is, it's a sweet little story that I enjoyed, even if it was a bit simple and lacking in detail.

Edit: Called it, stay mad bozos

Awww, as a trans gal myself I feel this on another level, this was beautifulll Awhh

Xiutik #3 · Mar 16th, 2022 · · 8 ·

Lovely, short but heartwarming story, and about one of my favorite headcanons. Trans Zipp, my beloved.

Considering I said something about that in the story, I figure this. I just wanted to write something cute.

Why are people disliking all of the comments? The story is good.

Because there will be people who just vehemently dislike anything about a trans story.

overdue #7 · Mar 16th, 2022 · · 3 ·

“Don’t pictures with me always get a ton of dislikes?” Zipp asked.

This is meta, in a sad way

That was the intention.

Aww, this was really cute, and a pretty good message too. There's more than one way to be a person, and Pipp for all her flaws is a really good sister.

“What is a mare?

Miserable little pile of- I'm so sorry.

It's fluff, and i like it. kudos fam. I'm giving it a like if only to defend from the inevitable downvotes.

I will say this was a pretty nice story and listen don't worry about the dislikes you're getting you're doing a good job keep up the good work

Aw, this is cute! Love it :D
Also made me feel more secure in my own gender identity, so thanks <3
(Now it's my turn to get disliked ;3)

Might as well embrace the inevitable.

I accept and welcome my demise. Come forth, haters.:derpytongue2:

It is unfortunate. A part of that I feel is that a vast majority of the trans people that get the most attention put on them are the worst examples in the community. Not helping is the fact that it is heavily crammed into everything to an obsessive degree. So much so that a lot of people are quickly losing their patience with it. Only adding fuel to the fire is that some groups are pushing it to the point that it is almost looking more like a cult than a movement, especially when it comes to kids. It's getting to the point that if a girl/boy showcases tomboy/tomgirl traits, they are immediately labeled trans which isn't fair to cis or trans people and further hurts the community's image.

Good story :twilightsmile:
Im thinking im trans as well, and this was nice to read and reaffirm these feelings
any down votes i get im considering upvotes :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Jessi deleted Mar 17th, 2022

Hopefully we look back in disdain at people like you, the transphobes, the homophobes etc., because what you are, is a relic of a time that should've been left in the past, with your hatred and idiocy.

Comment posted by Jessi deleted Mar 17th, 2022
Comment posted by Moonlight_Mist deleted Mar 17th, 2022
Comment posted by Jessi deleted Mar 17th, 2022
Comment posted by Moonlight_Mist deleted Mar 17th, 2022

I haven't watched G5 at all so I don't know these characters. That said, this seems like yet another low-bar "I'll talk about gender issues!" story that's become popular on this site over the past year or so.

Is it a bad story? No, it's clean. It's been edited. The character voices are distinct. The production quality is good enough. But like most of these stories it kind of reads like a Chick tract or one of those Very Special Television Episodes that may as well just be somebody looking at the camera saying something like "Say no to drugs!" and then expecting that to somehow be a deep and compelling message.

This isn't a story so much as it's a lecture. Nothing's happening here. We, the reader, are being informed about a social message and it's just not very interesting. Substitute out whatever gender issues message is going on here for "just say no to drugs" or "be nice to fat people" or whatever other social message you want to randomly pick out of a hat, and this story wouldn't be any different. And depending on the message, I suspect that lot of the people who are upvoting it now would immediately turn around and say that it's fairly cringe if it happened not to be a message they already cared about.

This is wholesome and sweet. Also:

> What is a mare?


Sweet short story

Gotta admit, I don't think the author did a good job when they tried telling a story while also showing their idealism, but, wow, there're so many dislikes coming from total strangers in the comments!

Can I have my fair share of dislikes, if I call those tranphobes "silly fillies"?

I mean, I’m right here, you can just use ‘you’ when discussing this story and talking to me.

knowing people treat me as a mare

Meaning what? The ultimate trans question I never got the answer to. How do you treat someone as a gender?

If it's relying on stereotypes, that's backwards. If it's pretending the body is not real, that's impossible. If it's "just" names and pronouns that link to nothing material, then why does it even matter? The proposition never coalesces into something coherent.

Loved this story.


I see you already saw the reading by my friends pony and wolf

Yay! A gender themed story 😍 I'm all for headcannons that she's non binarynor trans, and I love her)them for that.
I even joke about how transformer helped me realize I'm asexual, ponies made me discover I'm non binary 🥰

Author Interviewer

Can't say I've seen a ponyfic about a GNC trans character before. Kudos. :)

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