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“All this time I was finding myself, and I didn’t know I was lost.”-Avicii (Dashie | she/her)


He had always wanted to make a difference. But he couldn’t just break through the griffons. They were always stubborn, and he simply couldn’t do anything about it.

Diagnosed with a terminal disease, he is given an ultimatum, soon he’s going to die. He soon sees his death coming to him through a premonition of his favorite memory, twisted into a nightmare.

Fretting over his life being wasted, he decides that he can still make a difference... right?

(Inspired and based off of My Chemical Romance’s masterpiece of an album The Black Parade)

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Thanks for the one word of approval.

Will this Gryphon make a rebellion and die a mytl or become a legend that everyone remembers in their hearts.
who knows until next time on dra- The nightmare Procession.

I love this story already! One of my favorite songs is The Black Parade! I just had to try this story because it's based off the album. The Black Parade was a big song when I was in high school. Either way, you got my upvote!

I’m glad you think it’s been living up to the album so far.

here's hoping that Geode somehow survives.

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