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Just another teenage girl trying to cry over pony fanfiction. || Fluttershy STAN! || Currently writing: I See You.

Hello Everypony!

Hello everypony! I’m Crystaltunes, though my Discord friends may know me as Softyshy. I’m a new writer who enjoys sad, dramatic, and romantic tropes.

I’m always looking for inspiration and constructive criticism, so if you wanna check my stories out, I’d be happy!

More about me!

My favorite pony is Fluttershy! From G5 however, Izzy has won over my heart.

My pronouns are she/her!

I also have a tumblr blog, @crystaltunes! Most of my accounts online are named “crystaltunes” actually, but not all!

Other than MLP, I enjoy OMORI and KOTLC, and writing about them is fun!

Fluttercord, Twipie, and Appledash lover

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  • 55 weeks
    The Second Favorites of The Week!

    Hey everypony, welcome back to favorites of the week! I was able to read some awesome new fanfics and I also checked out TYT, which brings me to this week’s topic:

    The wonderful G5 Fanfics!

    G5 is and was a shaky topic for FiM fans. While some believe it will never live up to the standard of FiM, many want to give it time. However, you guys have not been holding back on amazing, funny, and even touching fanfics! I really enjoyed reading these.

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    0 comments · 80 views
  • 56 weeks
    The First Favorites of the Week!

    Hey everypony! To get more in check with my Fimfiction account and to share stories I liked, I’ve created a new weekly blog! I’ll be sharing some of my favorite FIMfictions here!

    This week’s theme: Romance!

    Read More

    0 comments · 69 views
  • 57 weeks
    Yup, About The Delay

    Sorry about the delay for the latest chapter of I See You. Halfway through writing it, I got COVID! Yay… It’s a horrible sickness and I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy. So yeah, writing has been the least of my priorities right now, but I’m recovering, so it’ll be out soon.

    From now I’ll attempt to get a chapter in every week!

    0 comments · 58 views
  • 59 weeks
    Sorry About This

    I’ve just made a huge decision in life, and I’m struggling coping with it, not blaming myself, taking care of myself properly, and just… not wasting my life on it and feeling horrible all the time.
    Writing is a main thing I use as kind of an escape and let all my feelings out and stuff. I try to stick to a novel when writing it but I wrote a new short story because well, it helps with the situation I’m in right now.

    Read More

    3 comments · 82 views
  • 60 weeks

    To be honest it feels like all of my books are like:
    :raritycry: :fluttershbad: or literally just “deep” and serious

    and then you got the authors notes

    and me as a person

    :pinkiehappy: idk how i manage to write this stuff as such a pinkie pie

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If anypony wants to check out my newest series, give it a look!

New story soon! Its gonna be a shortish story!

I'm Crystaltunes, and im fairly new to fimfic. My favorite genre is definitely sad.
I love writing, making icons, and more! I've been in the fandom for 9 years now! Thanks for checking out my profile!

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