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Routine day with a dirt cheap brush, then a week goes by and it goes untouched. Then two, then three, then a month, and the rest of your life you beat yourself up. - Aesop Rock, "Rings"


The requests come in, the paintings go out, and the Bits arrive later. That's the shaky system "Rainbow" has managed to work out for herself. A life lived through letters is a little lonely, but she can at least be certain she'll never be seen by someone who recognizes her copypasted face.

You'd think a Rainbow Dash replica would remember that Twilight uses Spike for everything mail related.

:scootangel:Now with a Youtube reading!

:pinkiegasp: And a written review!

This is an entry in the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. New ones will be posted every Thursday for the foreseeable future.

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I like this concept, a clone with few memories of the original going and starting their own life. Wish there were more stories like this. I always had this one thought/scenario since I saw the clone pool episode years ago, what if a clone started their own family only for the original to meet said family by chance, how would that scenario play out?

It starts off a little slow, but The Clone That Got Away comic might be up your alley. You really feel for the protagonist as she tries to figure out how to be her own pony. The scene where she chooses a name is a big first step, and the “am I just Pinkie Pie with glasses?” conversation is heartbreaking.

Big creative influence for me. Highly recommended.

Um. No. No. Uh huh. Nope.

You are sitting your butt down and making an extended sequel about this amazing story you've written RIGHT NOW!!!

I loved it.

This is like a project I'm working right now with a Flutters clone , but much better made

You’re back!

So that’s what happened to the Rainbow Read idea! I thought this was going to be an extension of my response to the picture prompt, until I noticed the lack of an AU tag. Speaking of which, I’ve made a Manebooru gallery of picture prompt material.

i am in agreement with ninjadeadbeard.

...that noise was overtaken by the overwhelming thud of Rainbow slamming her door in the dragon’s face and throwing her entire weight against the flimsy rosewood. Unfortunately for Rainbow, her existential terror robbed her of the awareness that her home's door opened outward, so in an instant she was sprawled on the front porch.

But... then how did she even slam it in his face? :rainbowhuh:

From the mouth of the real Rainbow Dash even

:facehoof: Wow, Spike. "Original" might work. "Other" certainly. "Pegasus" would probably be acceptable. But you do not use the R-word around duplicates, equunculi, form-locked changelings, or other derivative instances of a person. There's etiquette for this sort of thing, and knowing your life, you will need to learn it. Right up there with what to call a duke's third cousin.

In any case, delightful little look at the life of a mare I'm going to call Rainbow Splash. Thank you for it. I do hope she gets to meet her Source at some point.

I really liked this, more please :)

I don't get out much, but with Dash's birthday coming up, I might work up the nerve to stick a bow in my mane and show up to the party as a gag gift."

Now I need to see extremely girly Rainbow turning up for Dashies birthday.


Right now, she was cycling through all the stages of greif


Hey~, this is pretty good.

Inflected remarks aside, I like the idea of a semi-perfect clone who isn't really a clone-clone going about their own life and identity. One certainly sees parallels between her and her source, but also enough differences to suggest they cannot be one and the same.

Maybe this is the head bonk talking, but today was actually pretty exciting.

Bonk forever has a completely different definition in my mind, but at least I still understand the Source meaning.

Would like more sequals of this plz.

Maybe simple one shots like this like Twilight coming to meet her or a new clone comes in to invite her the clones are unique ponies society XP.

It would be nice if Twilight found out about Rainbow and used magic to give her back the wings the whack job unicorn left off.


Given Rainbow‘s obvious struggle to be her own person, I think she’d decline Twilight’s offer. Rainbow is an artist and an Earth Pony. Those are the two big things she can hold onto that make her different from Dash.

Maybe I could have Rainbow meet and bond with Scootaloo over being ground-bound. It feels like that scene could work.


I really liked this! You had nice character moments for both Rainbow and Spike, and the interaction was logically short. Like, I imagine Rainbow—despite being obviously touch starved and desperate for live interaction—wouldn't completely open up to anyone, and certainly not one of her Source's friends. Also really dig Spike knowing the Source well enough to know how to calm Rainbow down, and not letting his curiosity blind him to her pain and discomfort. Rainbow's backstory was sufficiently short and tragic. Any more detail would have dragged the story down.

So yeah, I truly dig this! Great job! :twilightsmile:

Very cool story! I think everyone else already said what I thought was good about the story, so I'll just say good job to ya.


Rainbow will return in the Snippet Series season finale. Don’t you worry. Just stick around til I’ve got it fully polished.

"Don't look at me like that," he huffed at the goofily grinning painting tucked under his arm. "She gets her personality from your side of the family."

That sounds suspiciously like Spike knows about -and has a claw on - her origin...

you know after reading this i wanted a sequel where she hooks up with zephyr just for the comedic gold :rainbowlaugh:


I might use that in a future throwaway line.

Buck it, I will use that in a future throwaway line.

I originally wasn’t too fond of this story, but the more I thought about it, the more clever I realized it was. I’ve had similar ideas before and I just might them give a try now.

Check out the Clones United group if duplicates of canon ponies are your jam. Lots of fun fics in there.

please tell me you will make a continuation of this fic?

(Don't know if this should be spoilered, but doing it just in case.

Hmm... interesting little vignette.

Admittedly, I'd have thought that, if this kind of cloning was both possible and learnable enough for some fan to do it from some hair, there's be laws and rules in place about this sort of thing and mechanisms to deal with the ponies it created, but it's possible Dash just didn't know that. A bit of a stretch, but it could work.

Though that does give me some hope that, now Rainbow can actually talk to someone, said fan might be getting a friendly visit from the not-so-friendly ponies in charge of regulating this sort of thing.

Only other quibble is that it'd probably be better for Rainbow to have her own name separate from Dash's. She may or may not feel like she should have one, but it'll almost certainly make things very confusing for anyone talking to or about them both. Other than that, this was rather fun.

Dash would think first that Rainbow is such a huge fan, that she have recolored herself! :D

You'd also assume there'd be laws against time travel, though.
Maybe there's some unicorn organization that lobbies against any laws restricting magic. Or powerful magic is so rare and so unique that there's no way to outlaw it.

I really love this concept. Wonderful work! Whether a sequel is in the works or not, really enjoyed this!

Well this is certainly more than just an eye-widener! I'd have a field day trying to express just how great this story is because of the immense enjoyability, substantial sweetness, and just how flippin' awesome this all is! Hope ya didn't mind, but I just had to make a reading of this story!

Audio Linky!: https://youtu.be/-QfK2rJMY_w

(I don't mean to offend anyone with this comment in any way!)

Hell of a nightmare scenario.

This works as a one-shot, but will also work very well with additional chapters.

Nice work, dear author :ajsmug:

please tell me theres more to this! I wanna know what she does next!

A gentle claw massaged the lower left nape of Rainbow’s neck and her head involuntarily lolled with sudden relaxation. Spike allowed himself a modest smile as he continued to comfort the copy of his friend. He’d been Dash’s post-workout masseuse enough times to know exactly where her stress spot was. Never in a million moons would he have thought that knowledge would actually matter. He was really on a roll today.

Spike is best dragon.

Look at that Casket! You finally got that audio reading you mentioned wanting, and from the same person I did!

The worst wasn't even said;

The unicorn was never delt with. There might be one more clone out there... with no wings or legs... trapped forever.

Hope we see more of artist rainbow :rainbowkiss:

Rainbow blinked.
Spike the dragon blinked too.

PonyDragon blinked even harder.

He’d been Dash’s post-workout masseuse enough times to know exactly where her stress spot was. Never in a million moons would he have thought that knowledge would actually matter.

But he is still secretly hoping Rarity would request his services one day.

Good story!
I enjoyed reading it.

But I just noticed one thing: The unicorn fan is still out there.
Do you think he/she will try again?

Oh, word? You got a reading too? I looked back through SttPS’s backlog, but he puts out a lot of content and YouTube’s search function isn’t turning up anything. Which one of yours is buried in there? My guess is Botany And Adaptation. That was a good one.

reminds me of a fic (which I cant seem to find) where dash has a (cousin?) who's like this.
1. She looks like dash
2. is an artist - I think she did comics
3. dosnt leave her house

the why was that 'Rainbow Slash' was (part?) batpony.. and they were hated or something.

and then some sort of X-men reference

Color Scheme.
That’s that pony’s name.
Part of the “thousand year change” verse.

thousand year .. is that the one where Luna had built a space colony on the moon and Twilight is Her student, shit happens and the Lunar Republic goes to war with Equestia and tons of ponies die?

Yeah. Never liked the way that one resolved. The setup was so awesome.

Nope, my old cmc list tha got deleted.

I'd think that a painting Rainbow would naturally be slow, but nope, she still makes painting fast somehow. That's a good detail to put in: differently similar and similarly different to the original Dash.

That aside, I can't say anything that's already been said by others here: good characterization, good conclusion/interactions, and a follow-up on this somewhere along the line would be much appreciated! Thank you for this good story and kudos!

I hope this gets a sequel.


It will. Hopefully I’ll get it posted in the next few weeks.

OMG this is so adorable!

“You fly?” The imposter gasped.

"YOU FLY NOW?!" Clone Dash shouted in confusion.

"I FLY NOW!!" Spike shouted back.

They were both instantly shocked as a wave of sheer rage passed over them. "Whoah," Spike shuddered. "I think we angered the Meme Gods."


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