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After a year of (admittedly sporadic) Thursday installments, the five protagonists of the Snippet Series finally stop living their lives in parallel and meet up at a Wonderbolt expo to share in some closure.

This story was a long time coming, and it concludes the storylines most enjoyed by the readers as well as ones most enjoyed by myself.

Befitting an end-of-the year event, I now present four cohesive Snippets for the price of one. I hope they please all of you who've enjoyed the first phase of this ongoing anthology. And for those of you just joining, with this installment you can now read the entire anthology from start to finish.

As stated above, this is the season one wrap-up entry of the Snippet Series, an anthology of old oneshots that I (and my good buddy Str8aura) wrote based around interesting pics I found. Season two will continue with new entries posted every other Thursday in 2021.

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Well, this is a great early Christmas present!

It was well worth the wait. Of all the ideas you put forward as drafts I agree the halftime show is the most natural.

Seeing how everyone's progressed was really good, but also still not perfect. Lightning parroting what her therapist has told her and blowing up at the poor pony at the concessions stand tells a lot without having to say much.

Flurry was the other standout for me, consiously playing the game to not behave like Twilight so she can indulge her Twilight tendancies is something I can imagine myself doing as a kid. Loved the sleepy hollow reference, especially Scootaloo being jumpy at it. I watched the film when I was around ten and it scared the pants off of me.

“... Tale of Maredusa , huh?” the specter was saying as Vitty trotted into earshot. “That’s going back a long way, but I think I actually did read that one when I was little. She marries the nice guard at the end of it, right?”

Has to be my favourite part there. Even as a story within a story it just makes me really happy for some reason.

Everyone else was great too and the chemistry worked really well, you've outdone yourself here.

You're back! Well, your fanfics are, at least.

Vitty keeps flip-flopping between talking like an enthusiastic child, and having her thick accent (which always sounded Scottish in my head). Is the implication that she's losing her accent?

Also, I'm surprised there isn't more overlap between you and TheRedParade, considering that your most popular fics are about Lightning Dust.


Vitty’s varying speech patterns were me having fun with POV shifts. You’re right that she’s meant to sound Scottish (Glaswegian specifically), but I also like having her lapse into twee mannerisms when the mood needs it. She makes an effort to speak plainly to comfort Flurry, but lapses into her “true” voice full of Gaelic slang when she’s nervously meeting Stock Image.

Umbrum in the comics never had any coherent ethnic theme (Sombra, Rabia, and Ira have Spanish, Arabic, and Jewish names respectively) so I decided to heck with it; I’ll add an English Islander to their mix.


I believe that under all the emotional issues and clinical egotism, Lightning Dust is a decent pony. She’s fully aware she doesn’t have herself completely together socially, which is why making friends with a clone of Rainbow Dash is such a big step: its a blatant attempt to start over and do things right this time. Whether or not she’s succeeding at it is open to interpretation.

Flurry meanwhile is meant to be a high strung kid who finds everything exciting (even stuff that is supposed to scare her). Big contrast to Scootaloo at that age, who spent an entire episode traumatized by a campfire story.

I always find child characters are hard to write because they risk acting too smart or too stupid to be believable in different situations. Still, I think I successfully made Flurry a ball of energy who finds different creative ways to channel herself throughout the fic.

The work you put in certainly paid off. This was quite fulfilling, while also providing further development for all the characters involved. Still, speaking as someone with a fickle muse himself, sometimes it's easier to switch gears to another project than to force yourself to work on one in particular.

Had read only the Rainbow one before, saw this and read all the prequels - a well spent time.

This was cute and heartwarming, kudos! I can barely wait for the second season :twilightsmile:

Not much here but, it was adorable :heart:

I like the detail that different ponies have different levels of fitness.

Delightful stuff! Glad I finally read it. And the idea of Umbrum slang brings to mind Sombra ruling with an iron hoof and an impenetrable burr, and that is a fantastic mental image.

If we don't see more of them in the upcoming season of the snippets we riot, right guys? Or at least more of the maredusa story.

“Buck yeah. I was just on my way to meet a ghost. If we’re feeling generous, we can offer her some of these kernels and watch whether they fall right through her or not.”


It didn’t make sense. Nothing outside of the Crystal Empire made any sense!

flurry's used to living in a big city-state on the edge of equestria, it makes sense ponyville or cloudsdale would weird her out

“I wouldn’t exactly call myself ‘natural,’ but I’ve definitely looked like this all my life.” Rainbow rolled her shoulders and laid a hoof on her soft belly. “Truth be told,” she admitted, “I actually met Dash once, and the first thing I noticed was that I’m pretty pudgy compared to her. I need to stop snacking so much and start working out like she does.”

a visual difference like being fatter might help rainbow stand out compared to her source

I need to stop snacking so much and start working out like she does.

Ever since I read that line, I stopped taking midnight snacks. Granted, that was yesterday, so...

Humor aside, this was a good ending to your snippets as of, well, the time you published this story. I honestly don't have much to say that hasn't been said here already, and I also haven't read all of the fics that are required reading for this one (I'm missing Cover to Cover and Idol), ironically the most highly rated ones), but it's indeed nice to see these characters' arcs tied up well.

But the one I liked the most was Rainbow's little story: While you aren't obligated to provide a clean ending for everyone here, Rainbow still ends up with having made the most progress during this finale (with Lighting Dust still having a long way to go on the road to recovery, and Vitty and Stock Image having made lots of progress before the finale began; Flurry is an unknown to me, though), from having her optimism around through being under a lot of stress and questioning herself all the way to making a stand to establish her unique identity... all in one chapter to boot. The other chapters feel like closure for their respective characters, but this one, with some tweaking and a few more hundred words, can really stand out as its own short story.

Oh, and it's nice to see all of them interact with each other. That alone is fun chemistry!

Thank you for the story, and great job!

This is such a good little story

I just read through the entirety of Season 1 so I could read this story. I must say, each and every character in here is fun to read and adorable, and I'm glad I took the time to go through it.

Maybe I'll try to write more stories about ponies trying to overcome their flaws...

... because after that they could move on to Frankenstallion and then Draftcula and then ...

Those spaces should not be underlined :moustache:

“There’s no shame in being a work in progress, right?”

I love this line

I’m brand new to this, so trying to figure out what I need to read first before coming here is extremely complex, but overall worth it…

Nevertheless I kinda wish it was easier. 😅

“Well, toughie you may be,” Vitty reasoned slowly, “but you wouldn’t want to come with us. We’re on our way to talk to a scary ghost.”

THAT WAS THE WRONG ANSWER!!! :flutterrage: (:rainbowlaugh:)

Nice roundup. I can say that you did well here…

Upstream error on the closing image.

It is a good enough principle that there was a song that mentioned something at least related.

"We're not flawless!
We're works in progress,
So tell me what flaws you got too.
Cause I still like what's flawed about you."

This is cute, good to know that LD managed to make a new friend


Dust really needs to work on the joke understanding department

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