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Marble was so excited for this Hearth’s Warming. She was finally going to do it; she was going to ask Big Mac if he had feelings for her! Sure, there was a small, tiny, gravel sized chance they might be cousins, but even if they were, it was so distant it wouldn't matter.

She had it all planned out, the mood, atmosphere, even the dress Maud helped her spruce up.

It would be perfect, it had to be perfect. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Originally written for the Quills and Sofas Psychedelic Speedwrite with the prompts - 'the love we think we deserve' and 'the only option left'. Presented here with a little bit of editing and a couple hundred words of expansion.

Content Warnings - depression, overdose (not death), technically self harm, and potential panic attack triggers.

(Also, technically contains spoilers for Best Gift Ever.)

Cover art by me! (If you are an author looking for cover art, send me a PM!)

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Excellent and sad Chatter one I give it 10 out 27 .
Ps if yor interested I have some ideas for fanfics you mite like to write

Wow. For such a quick read, you sure packed in the emotion. I mean... talk about a rollercoaster.

I love the way you wrote the trip. Something about that stream-of-consciousness, leaping from topic to topic with little regard from any of them, and the sudden crash from good experience to terrible experience... you really captured her. I feel like I could see her face as she experienced all of this, sitting on her bed and hanging onto reality by a tiny thread.

Really great piece! The Marble / Big Mac debacle has been explored repeatedly, but this one really stands out-- both conceptually and in execution. Nice work!

not bad, but feels too short
there's also no resolution, so it feels kinda half-done

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