Sitting on the bookshelf in Strawberry Sunrise's new home in Ponyville is a diary.

That's not unusual; many ponies have diaries.

Some of her neighbors have seen her writing in it, wherever she goes.

Again, that isn't terribly strange; many ponies like recording their day-to-day thoughts and activities.

If somepony were to snoop into it, they'd find a few pages of doodles, scratched-out notes, and half-finished shopping lists.

This, curiously, is the peculiar part. Not because of what anypony would read, of course, but because it looks exactly nothing alike to what any changeling would read upon those same pages.

Cover art drawn by the brilliant Snow Quill!

Written for Novelle Tale as a gift, with the prompt "a gut punch with FEELS!" I'm grateful she enjoyed it, for she's a phenomenal writer and I highly encourage you all to check out what she's written!

Thank you to Snow Quill, Novelle Tale, Lofty Withers, Zontan, and Mushroom for prereading. Couldn't have written this without you!

Reviewed here by Reviewfilly!

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It begins 👀

No, Ponyville. Ponyville Ponyvone Ponyvony. Ponypony. Horse.

God I love this line

In total, this one of the most expansive and interesting AU's, since the end of the show.

The idea that Chrysalis's hive was a minority among the Changelings, was exceptionally well done.

That being said, I do feel bad for the original Strawberry Sunrise, as well as the others the Changelings hurt. :fluttershysad:

This story is wonderful and Silent is terribly cruel (you know what you've done) but we still love them. The world building is magnificent and gets me to thinking.

Don't really want to say more and give it away.

Sea kelp.

Seek help.

Annnnnd this is where I cried. As fantastic and heart breaking as the first time I read it, a beautiful story written in a very unique way.

Okay ngl, I wasn't expecting Changelings when I clicked on this (even though it's one of the tags) and I'm not gonna lie, I was expecting a more somber story throughout. I was most certainly not expecting to come to love our little bugasus (bugasuses?), but I even more wasn't expecting it to actually get sad again.

F@#k you. Well done.

Whoever made this masterpiece called fanfiction... Is a monster. I want more! nooo! Stahp making meeeh ccyryyy!:fluttershbad:

Fantastic worldbuilding and a very unique premise! Also unexpectedly dark and tear-jerking in several parts.

10/10, would clamour for moar. :heart:

Oh, I do like this. I'm always fond of stories that weave themselves around and through another one.

Uh... so did they kill the first one or did they just die?

Comment posted by ROCKETPHARA76 deleted Oct 12th, 2021

This is really good.


Not much of a spoiler… first chapter basically comes out and says it.

Wait a moment, this is complete? Huh!

Well that was a very good, melancholy tale. I like the world expansion a lot, feels beleivable with the variability of the setting.

Story was great, hope for a sequel!:pinkiesmile:

I think he died when his Queen died???

The first one? Scout killed him.

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