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haha rainbow machine go brrr


When you're down on your luck, it feels like the entire world is ignoring you. Things could be better for Derpy, if only somepony would spare her a wayward glance...

Written for the Quills and Sofa's "Black Sunday" contest, where the prompt was "Alone Amongst the Crowds". Cover art by the wonderful Shaslan!

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That was incredibly sad :<<<< but well written. Very nice :>

Oh dear god why would you do this, Aurora?! :pinkiesad2: :fluttershyouch:

Also, great story!


Beautiful and sad. Depressing and wonderful.

I'm speechless,

Well done and a fantastic short.

The Monk
“I mean, you just seem to walk in random directions most of the time. How do you ever get to where you're going?" "Oh, that's easy," said Candy with a smile, ”I just make the place I end up, the place I wanted to be all along." There was an extended moment of silence. ”That... that's absolutely brilliant," -Trick Question

That image enrages me! Why would anyone draw such a horrid thing!? Derpy deserves better!

Where is rainbow dash when you need her?


OP idk your age or your story but I promise depression and trauma are manageable. I used to have that evil voice. And yes I am disabled as well. Text "hello" to 741741 to get a text based crisis line. You're worth it.

Now stop making me so beautifully sad with this well written sorrow.

Well that was upsetting from start to finish...

I really hoped for a happy ending, but unfortunately, that's the sad truth... there isn't always gonna be a happy ending to these types of stories.

Well, this was a punch in the heart. I would expect no less from Auroradawn. Upvote.

As a failure of a writer I can relate to this voice very well. Don't give in to it! Whatever it talks about is behind you now. There will always be people worse than you—no matter if you're actually the worst at one thing in particular, there's got to be other things you're good at!
Improvise, adapt, overcome

Hey are you okay if I do a fanfic reading on this?

By all means, please go ahead!

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