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Snow Quill

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The weather reports said it was clear and sunny skies all day, ‘A perfect day for flying!’

Yeah right...Well, I guess they weren’t entirely wrong. They just didn’t account for some newbies getting lazy with a storm heading somewhere else. 

Hindsight is 20/20 they say, and boy are they right. I guess I should have picked a better day to fly huh?

CW - Death, some graphic descriptions and pony swearing (and some actual profanity)

Third place tie winner for the Quills and Sofas Background Ponies: Cherry Berry speedwrite with the prompt of ‘New Horizons’. Originally written in an hour and presented here with a bit of editing and expansion. 

Many thanks to everyone who commented and gave suggestions, I think it really helped and you all are amazing!

(Also there is a sequel somewhat started in the works. It’s an outline, but it’s on a google doc so I may actually get it done. Stay tuned folks!)

Cover art by me ((If you are an author looking for cover art, send me a PM!))

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Christ, Snow, what have you done? This was one heck of a beautiful tragedy. The way you wrote this—from the crash until the blackout—is a series of words beautifully woven together to make this one whole masterpiece. Like you've shown us multiple times, you've pulled a bunny out of the English language once more. Applause to you for this one. Thank you for presenting us with this story.

That was some good use of the title there.

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