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The Red Parade

the only hope for me is you // Profile picture done by Snow Quill


Every painting has a story. This one is no different.

Written as a submission for the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting group's "Plain Jane" contest. Originally written in the span of one hour without a prompt and edited later.

Thanks to Moonshot, Bill Cipher, Silent Whisper, Equus, LostinFandom, Flashgen, Zontan, dawn, MasterThief, Shaslan, Wish, Snow Quill, Knox Locke, and Vis a Viscera for reading during the contest and providing their thoughts.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 10 )

I'm a lazy hack so here's my comment from the original speedwrite:

This story is stunning, Red. Holy shit.

I think the whole telling it in reverse thing was the right choice. It took this from a good sadfic to this great like, mystery at the beginning, and then as it goes on it becomes even more devastating because you know how things end but you have to read these characters having not suffered yet... God, it's so good! Damn!

Anyways, this story made me cry in its original form, and it made me cry again today. Great stuff.

I think this is even better now with the changes you’ve made. The story of a humble painting painted with love and the ponies it connected... Beautiful. Great job Red!

Really good mystery fic, man. Especially in terms of you working up the early scenes like I said. It's a joy to read, then and now.

Thanks, glad you liked it!

How dare you make me feel emotions again, Red? These are unauthorized feels.

Seriously, it's so good, and your writing is just... *chef's kiss* amazing!


Glad you liked it!

Great job as always, Red. It was a very interesting way to frame a story. Nice job.

Thanks Bill! Glad you liked it!

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