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Scrying Mind

I'll try, and I'll fail. But I'll try again, and I'll fail a little bit better.

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  • 29 weeks
    The Return of Leader of House Starswirl

    I know I haven't updated LoHS in a while. Between original fiction projects, university, and life in general, I haven't put in the work on it. Honestly? I don't think there are any readers who care about it. But I care about it, and that's good enough for me. I hope to start working on it again, even if only for 15 minutes a week. Let's have a go at this once again.

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  • 60 weeks
    Timing Changes

    Okay, so here's the deal.

    I said I was going to do Leader of House Starswirl on the 20th of each month, but I'd like to change that claim. I'm now going to aim for at least one chapter every two months, but the reality will be "when I get it done". I'm still working on it, but I have a lot to do outside writing, and there's short fics I want to do as well. Gonna cut off the promise now, but don't worry, it's still going to be coming at some point!

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  • 63 weeks
    Plans for Leader of House Starswirl

    I think it would be prudent to discuss my plans for LoHS. A pattern has already emerged, but I'll say it anyway: I intend to release one chapter a month, on the 20th of the month. This gives me ample time to look over my writing while keeping track of everything else in my life. It's also the only longfic I'll work on right now. I want to be able to give it my attention, so I'll only dedicate myself to one large project at a time.

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  • 65 weeks
    Meeting of the Four Edited

    I was incredibly dissatisfied with the chess scene in "Meeting of the Four", so I took the time to edit the chapter. While this shouldn't change the overall story, I do believe that it does a lot of good.

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  • 65 weeks

    I set up an anthology for my Quills and Sofas submissions. They aren't very good or polished, but they're written in an hour and fifteen. I don't know what else I'd expect.

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I'm Scrying Mind. I'm glad you're here.

I tend to prefer writing stories that try to dig into the core of a character. If I've done my job correctly, you'll understand my characters, love or hate them. At the very least, I hope you'll care.

I'm also a part of Quills and Sofas! Those guys are amazing, and I genuinely believe I get better with every contest and every conversation. The support and help I've gotten since the moment I arrived has been astounding, and they deserve all the love they can get.

That's all I'll put here, but my writing reveals a lot about me. Probably more than I realize.
Have fun.

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