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some random albums 3: Spooktober Edition · 11:03pm Oct 7th, 2021

me figuring out how to burn Sweet Apple Acres down

It's that time of the year once again!

Pulling away from working on my stories for a bit. Progress has been made on a bunch of them, some I've mentioned before in my previous blog post, some that I didn't. Depending on how my next week fares, you guys might get something down the pipe really soon.

Some part of me wonders whether or not I should put out a standalone horror story for Halloween. No cool ideas yet, nothing poignant anyway. Could probably workshop something in my spare time.

In non-writing news, I've been consuming a bunch of stuff lately. Mostly music, as per the norm, though there's some good stuff to be had in other avenues as well.

Latest movie I watched was David Bruckner's The Night House. It's a slow-burning yet rather compelling psychological horror film that really emphasises on the psychological aspect of the whole thing. It also has one of the more interesting horror monsters I've seen in recent memory. If you ever have the chance to pick it up, don't miss it!

Before that, I've had the pleasure of watching Squid Game. Yes, it's as good as people say it is.

I've also watched the G5 movie! Probably best to relegate it to a whole other blog post for my full thoughts on it, but I liked it overall. Izzy best pony.

Alright, now onto the music section. Since it's October, I thought it'll be fun to delve into something thematic, so here's a list of five albums for the occasion. Fun fact, they're part of a collection of albums that I default to every time I find myself needing to craft the perfect horror sequence for my darker stories. Couldn't prepare any descriptions for them this time unfortunately, as they can be a little hard to pinpoint, so I'm afraid you guys have to go into them blind like I did.

FIRST AND ONLY WARNING: a lot of what I'm recommending here is off the beaten path. All of them are different varieties of harrowing, so don't go into this expecting to hear a modern day Monster Mash unless you want your friends to kick you out of their Halloween party.

Without further ado, here they are:

Doon Kanda
Electronic, psychedelic, abstract, ambient

SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicBandcamp


Full Virgo Moon
King Dude
Dark folk, gothic country

SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicBandcamp


Lack 惊蛰
Pan Daijing
Electronic, post-industrial, noise

SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicBandcamp


Neptunian Maximalism
Avant-garde jazz, drone metal, post-metal, tribal ambient

SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicBandcamp


Seven Horses For Seven Kings
Black To Comm
Dark ambient, industrial, ritual ambient, noise, drone

SpotifyApple MusicYouTube MusicBandcamp


So yeah, here you go! Hopefully, you can extract some kind of inspiration for any horror-laced stories you may or may not be working on this month. I'll see if I can make a follow-up post containing another five in the week leading up to Halloween. Until then, may these five nightmares serve you well in your horror-related endeavors.

WritingSpirit, signing out!

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