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Book 1 of The Draconequus' Song

Cover Art by Moonlightfan on Deviantart/Little Tigress on FIMFiction!

This story takes place after the events of the MLP Movie and before Season 8. It digresses from that point on.

From the dawn of recorded history, accounts were vivid and for the most part consistent until the Celestial rule. Under Celestia, a fifty year period of history disappeared without a trace. These are called the Lost Histories. Twilight Sparkle is keen to know what exactly happened during this period, and she succeeds to a degree. However, when reporting her findings to select friends, a bomb is set off in their midst, sending the castle up in flames.

Enter Trixie Lulamoon and Discord, who see the chaos from ground level. Enlisting each other's help, they try their best to help in the moment, but in the end, there was nothing much they could do to alleviate the tragedy. With Starlight in critical condition, Trixie is useless, and with Fluttershy's life hanging by a thread, Discord's desire to see justice served to the culprit rages like fire.

So when Discord extends an offer to Trixie to hunt down the culprit, who is she to refuse?

Originally an entry in Equestria Daily's National Pony Writing Month Challenge 2017

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So far it's quite amusing! :twilightblush: however I'm so sad for our poor mares. :raritydespair: I hope they can kick back into being fine! Quite eager to see what happens next, and if I had any idea of what an editor do, perhaps I could try to help. xD but alas, I don't. :derpytongue2:

Why couldn't you finish the story before the contest?

It is...Absolutely astonishing how little attention this fic is getting. It's really great my dude.

Well, that's quite a bit of an explosive opening for the first chapter :trollestia:

Everypony keeps talking about the perpetrator, wondering what pony would have done something like that. But, going off the prologue...I suspect Twilight fucked up in a really bad way and summoned something she shouldn't have, and it in turn blew up an entire wing of her castle. Rarity doesn't remember it because she lost her memory of before the explosion, Starlight and Twilight were both unconscious since the explosion, Fluttershy was only up very briefly before going into a seizure again, and Applejack's status is unknown. So nopony awake with the memory to reveal Twilight screwed everything up.

Still, Trixie and Discord in a buddy adventure, as long as they don't annoy one another enough to the point of splitting up. Somehow I get the feeling the Celestia Guard will do more to interfere with the duo's investigation than they'll actually do in a royal investigation of discovering the true perpetrator.

So I mean, I'm given to expect that Discord somehow expected Trixie would meet up with Celestia, albeit in a rather roundabout way. I suppose it's good for Trixie's morale to have Celestia's blessing at least, even if it's in an unofficial and secretive way. From now, Trixie will know she's in the right even as others try to drag her down.

That magical envelope Opal gave her is quite the plot device! At least it saves them from having to reconnaissance for all their information when they have a third-party pony who has a lot of information to supply them with as they get deeper into the plot. That bit about ponies with black boxes sounds...odd.

I don't know what your headcanon of Trixie's approximate age is, but I would assume she's in her 20s. Which must make her encounter with a teenager colt who's been secluded from ponykind for probably years more hilarious, as he's undoubtedly horny and here's the first pony mare he's seen in quite some time. Of course, it's not hilarious from either of their perspectives, but from a neutral third-party it sure would make for some hijinks.

A reclusive zebra tribe that celebrates Discord as a religion...well, now I've seen everything. Of course, Discord isn't omnipotent and omniscient, otherwise he would have known right away who had caused the explosion at Twilight's castle, and even been able to stop it from happening in the first place. Likely he still has some sense of power where he can know where to go and follow leads on a gut instinct, and it's possible that the black boxes in Spark's house are what triggered Discord's sense that he had to come to this tribe and look around. On that same basis, if he's not omnipotent and omniscient, sooner or later the Discordant tribe may have radicalised to some extent where some of its members want to attempt deicide, and possibly could.

Wait, is this ignoring the Season 6 finale? I suppose it is, since Discord and Trixie don't act like they've already been on one adventure together, but secondly, Discord was able to transport three others long-distance to the changeling hive at the time too.

Still, I see Discord is making amends for some of his past deeds. That has to be a powerful curse to persist through a thousand years worth of generations of zebras. At that point though, I would expect it to have influenced their mindset enough so that even without the curse active, they would still be worshipping of Discord, given that it would be all the current generation would ever have known, and only very slowly breaking away from their past traditions.

At least Sparks gave them a hint to go next. The curious question is that since he's been down there for some time, whatever link there is between his antiques and the ponies who bought them from him would have to be on a longer-term basis. He should be safe from the zebras at least for the time being, if not them letting him go. Trixie tried to break through his wall and only partially got through, though he never said what the antiques may have done or be used for.

“I remember that I had climbed to the bottom of Canterlot Peak when I’d tripped and fell down that hole.”

Sounds like an origin story right out of Undertale, heh.

Well, that train chase scene was fun. Even if they derailed, they would have made good progress on the trip to Vanhoover. Not too far away, now.

Fluttershy may be Discord's friend, but Trixie will be his lover by the end of this story :trixieshiftright:. Or not. Probably she'll just be his friend too. My shipper instincts are coming out randomly.

Given the end scene there where yet another pony somehow knows who Trixie is off-hoof, either her reputation in Ponyville really spread, or her mother's religion has some seers. Especially if her mother's name was Stargazer. That name just screams 'I see the future' and stuff. It's a good thing Discord retrieved Trixie's bag with the pendant inside, then.

Discord thinks he's the Spirit of Chaos. But look at Trixie! Just one day and she's brought an entire branch of a secretive cult to its knees by essentially speaking from the heart.

I would think the endgame is a third secretive religion/cult that Celestia hasn't been able to stomp out yet, but that the prologue still makes me think. Going back and looking at it, a couple of the lines make me think whatever Twilight Sparkle found, it was a society full of other Discords. Trixie's already showing a lot of character growth on this journey, and so is Discord. Being confronted with a cult of draconequuses or whatever it is would trigger some more self-reflection in Discord.

I'm surprised that Trixie and Celestia think the guards are incompetent and stretched thin, respectively. After all, they keep seeming to be able to track down and recognise Trixie, and now they've (supposedly) located a device the same as used in Ponyville and disarmed it.

What's happening with Pinkie...well, obviously it's suspicious, because she's a heroine of course. She wasn't ever mentioned in chapter 1 as being in Ponyville, and it's hard to tell from the text here if she was in Ponyville at the time of the explosion or if she was already in Vanhoover (because she's exempt from the travel ban). But if she had two bombs instead of one, Sparks would have likely mentioned it. Well, Sparks also said they were antiques, and they're clearly more than antiques if one of them was apparently a magic bomb.

I get that feeling Trixie's heat is going to cause some fairly unnecessary drama further down. Not really too big a fan of that plot device.

Well things just got interesting.....

Not gonna lie, this chapter was a bit of a mess....hopefully the next will be a bit better. ^^

Yeah, I realized it as soon as I reached Boggs' true name, among other things. In the case of the former, Shining Armor wasn't originally going to be knocked off the cliff, and would've witnessed Envy taking Discord away, and during the process she dropped her name. I'm glad I changed that bit because it was a little too campy for my tastes, but it also created the issue of how they got to know Envy's name. So, massive plot hole there.

But in any case, the next chapter is going to be a lot more focused. I've got a number of plot threads that I need to tie together, hopefully it'll go well. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah, the starlight and Trixie parts felt a little rushed in my opinion.

Really messy but really different.

Now that I've re-read and caught up I have to ask. Whats up with Discord?

Even Shining commented on his powers yet through this whole thing hes done almost nothing. Not even little things like food, shelter, or cloths.
Trust me I get it. When you have a literal Deus EX Machina walking around in your story you have to be careful not to abuse it but this almost like a powerless Discord story.

I'm so happy for the update this chapters amazing

we're finally getting to the issue of Discord missing, I had little interest in the rest of this chapter aside from this. I might be wrong about this but I should prove that I read some of it.

Honeycombs x Sunny were in love, a mother had died and one of them failed to move past it which cost them their relationship. One of them asked Trixie how she got over her own mother passing, necklace thrown in a river or something similar. Probably honeycombs or sunny died after the split or some accident happened that's preventing the two lovers from being together again.

The blocks are in all the wrong holes, but you do have all the blocks.

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