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He marched through the wastes. He was also bright yellow, and had a tail that did not sway much. He was also named Buttercup, not exactly a manly name, but it was his. His friend needed him. What is that? It looks like him, but also very not...

She lived in seclusion with her people, avoiding the humans and their many dangers. They had weapons and loved to use them on anything that threatened them. It was very easy to threaten them. Buttercup was her name and scouting was her game. What didn't expect was to see a... sorta horse with a human.

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Is that an Enclave officer in the picture?!

It is surprisingly difficult to get a picture of a fallout dude facing the camera.

Huzzah, the Buttercups have been doubled.

At this rate, the next thing theyll find is a cross between Stephen Magnate and a Manticoor..

A Dandylion?:trixieshiftright:

So this is a Fallout crossover, not a Fallout: Equestria crossover?

Will put it on the list to read, either way. :twilightsmile:

Nice! Looking forward to reading more.

>Fallout tag
>Everyone rating

Something doesn't seem right here...

Conferring with the one paying for the story, Teen was settled on.

Oh I wasn't complaining, just commenting on the odd dichotomy of a Fallout story being marked Everyone, given what Fallout is :P

I did write another Fallout E rated story.

Oh? Well I mean, tbf, Fallout simply implies Teen or Mature, it doesn't require it :p
Especially if you avoid the subjects that actually make it Teen or Mature. Y'know, all the censored and stuff


EFallout Equestria: TV-Y
Hey, someone forgot this show was made for eight-year-old girls, but thankfully we can weave a tale of post apocalyptic survival without alienating our core demographic. Come and journey with me into Fallout Equestria, TV-Y.
David Silver · 1.3k words  ·  139  13 · 4.3k views

"Figures..." Stan rubbed behind his head, letting his gun angle towards the ground. "Now I get to deal with two Buttercups."

And now the actual question: Will that be a good or a bad thing?

That looks like a very promising story so far!
I look forwards to see what happens next.

Also, congratulations to your 100th story!

Oh shoot, this is #100? Nice. Good catch.

Say, is there any connection between the Giddyup Buttercup from this story and that one Giddyup Buttercup from Mothership Zeta?

(See 2:44, pay attention to his eyes and his surroundings.)

I was more talking about the fact this particular Giddyup Buttercup appears to be sentient and evil, unlike all the others who are mere toys harmless for children.
Maybe he escaped the spaceship and started roaming the wasteland?
And if there is no connection, he might appear later in the story?

He neighs and he trots and he'll love you lots. He can perfectly emulate horse behavior. The full models were clearly made with the same AI most fallout robots seemed to have.

Also he does love you. <3

Not the time to Stan yer ground?

I hope Stan does agree; I'd like to see what sort of town these ponies have! :)

"So, Stan?"
The human let out a 'hm'. "Yeah?"
"You ever feel the need to kill something?" She smiled over her shoulder, trying her best to keep her ears upright.

That's one way to start a conversation with people you had just met...

Giddyup raised a fore leg, tightening it like a coil. When one of those 'bandits' got close, he let it go, an unleashed spring.

They came very close, considering they have rifles.
But hey, raiders aren't usually the smartest people in the wasteland.
I mean, oftentimes they see a guy in Power Armor killing a Deathclaw with a Gatling Laser, and still decide it's smart to rush him with a lead pipe...

"So... um... Giddyup, if I asked you to keep a secret?"
"I would not share a secret."

All of this is happening while the only guy who would care about Buttercups secret is right next to them.

They just want to say hi. He has a robot horse who's super nice, and he's been teaching the human to be nice too. Adopted him!

The world needs more robot horses, the wasteland in particular.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it and look forwards to the next part.

So... have you ever had the urge to just... murder someone? You know...

This question reminds me of the Crimson Nirnroot from The Senile Scribbles:

In case you (or anyone else stumbling upon this commens) haven't seen it yet, here is the link to the complete series:

Another great story. Added to the list! :twilightsmile:

Not that much difference between My Little Ride On Izzy, and Giddyup Buttercup?:trixieshiftright:

I wonder if they will use the jingle.

Izzy Whizzy, Lets Get Busy.:trixieshiftleft:

I get them all the time among other things.
Its about not acting on them

Comment posted by David Silver deleted Aug 24th, 2021

See? Perfectly normal human thing.

The party assembles, and Im wondering if Skyline is Sandras experiment?

Especially if they pick up a Zeeb on the way?:trixieshiftright:

Oh, indeed, some interesting developments, and what look to be more ahead. :)

(Also, speaking of typos, Skyline appears to have been called Skylight in a few places.)

Like bandits, Typos are always there to mess up the flow.

"I am Giddyup," he reminded. "She is Buttercup." He pointed to their new, living, pony friend.
Buttercup smirked at that. "Don't you forget it. I was Buttercup first."

I had to smirk.
Not sure why, but I had to.

Giddyup recoiled in apparent shock. "I thought all horses were manufactured."

He almost bluescreened, didn't he?

"This big guy's Watch Out. He's great at living up to his name."

Stan: "So, is Watch Out your name or your job?"
Watch Out: "Yes."

The pegasus landed, gliding down easily. "I'm Sky Eye." She pointed back up at the rock she just descended. "One guess why I got that name."

I hope no pony parents got the idea to name their foal Cannon Fodder...

"Yeah." Buttercup nodded rapidly. "If we're alright with you, must not be so bad."
It was guilt by association, reversed.

Ponies are simply too good for this world.

He reached up, running a hoof along his wispy beard. "It's been passed down. Once, the Giddyups were our nannies." The other two elders made soft noises of agreement.

Okay, things just got (even more) interesting.

"He is also of some... other tribe. The others would be nervous, to have him here... Not earth, nor pegasi, nor unicorn, but something... else."

He is a member of this truly majestic tribe:

Dont tell Giddyap about being quiet doing the soft shoe shuffle, or Stan would end up with a caravan of Mules?:duck:

Giddyup pointed at himself with a metal hoof, the only kind he had.

...Makes sense, if you think about it.

"We avoided the road, infested these days, and still we run into business? What are the odds."

I guess everyone had the same idea.
Now it's just a matter of time until the bandits catch up and the road ends up being the safest place...

"That is correct." Giddyup nodded as he walked. "That is not nice. You are to be commended. Your behavior was even more horse-like than normal. I would know." For he was programmed with how to act in horse-like ways with complete authenticity!

He's certainly not horsing around!

The water he left right where it started. Water was water, thankfully.

Except you have Dirty Water, Boiled Water, Purified Water, Aqua Pura, ...

"Meanie." She nosed into her food, nostrils twitching. "Mmm." And soon it was all forgotten as she got into chomping away happily.

She is also swishing her tail, right?

Good chapter!
I'm curious to see what/who they will encounter inside the vault. (And what number the vault has.)

Her tail served as a backup fan for cooling purposes.

"Skyline starting putting things back, meat on one side of Buttercup, pony-safe vittles on the other."
"Skyline starting putting things back, meat on one side of Giddyup, pony-safe vittles on the other."?

"She wobbled a hoof between herself and giddyup."
"She wobbled a hoof between herself and Giddyup."?

Oh no, the typos did spread.

Aye, those typos can be slippery things, getting all over the place. :)

So many extra functions in Robobat, I wonder if Giddyap will be able to give him a list, if not have the time to work through everything?

Assuming Batty isnt Bugsy. :fluttershysad:

Giddyup considered the path ahead. "It is not unusual for roads to be in poor repair."

The road repair service had been terrible for the last 200 years.
Once they finally decide to come back to work they will find a gigantic backlog waiting for them...

I am extremely out of date for my last checkup, but I doubt I will find a technician any time soon.

I hope that doesn't void the warranty.

Oh well, what's a bat pony without the power of reee?

Not sure, but not a full bad pony...

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it.

"Stan's progress slowed, placing his hooves carefully on the terribly uneven terrain."
Presumably that was meant to be someone else's name?

That was clearly Giddyup speaking, silly robot glitches.

"Great." Stan pulled out a set of binoculars, though they had lost the right to be called that with one of the lenses busted. Regardless of the linguistical mistake, he put them up to his head, squinting. "They don't look like they spotted us. Lucky us, we got the high ground."

First: I guess it's a monocular then.
Second: You may have the high ground, but don't underestimate their power.

Giddyup was focusing his bright eyes on Buttercup. "Did you conceal the entrance?"
"Huh? Oh, yeah!" She pumped a hoof triumphantly. "Figured I should, so I did."

You had just loaded Chekhov's gun, didn't you?

"We may proceed. The other Giddyups may be present. How should I greet them?"
Stan shrugged at that. "How would you wanna be said hi to?"
"An excellent thought." Giddyup went quiet, perhaps considering a moment. "Oh, yes. Of course." And so he began to nicker. Soft nickers that were the horse equivalent of 'come closer.' To a human, a curious noise. To a fellow Giddyup unit, surely the meaning would be clear!

Sounds good!
Not only is there no way this can go wrong, and it is also cute.

"Oh, no. I'm a Miss Nanny unit. Mister Handies are very different." She looked very much like a mister handy, painted white and with a female voice.

Miss Nanny: "Like I said, very different."

"Of course you do." Miss Aunt delivered her pats to Buttercup. Patting ponies and equines of all sorts seemed to be in her list of things one should do.

To be fair, that is always the right thing to do, isn't it?

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it and look forwards to see what happens next.

Glad you're enjoying. 1 more update is due this month, then back to 4/mo

"detergents. Everyone one might"
"detergents. Everything one might"?

"Stan's grip on his flightlight tensed."
What's a flightlight? Did I miss or forget something?

"He rest a hand on Giddyup's back."
"He rested a hand on Giddyup's back."?

I continue to enjoy this story; thank you for writing. :)

Also, I'm now wondering if perhaps Stan is a ghoul, and it hasn't come up because the only characters we've seen, until now, unfamiliar with ghouls are unfamiliar with humans in general.

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