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Amazing writing and a really good mix of action and comedy.

Will all the chapters be as long as the first chapter?

I'm not sure, just yet. But we do want the chapters to be long, so that the audience's wait for the next chapter is worth it. We want to provide entertainment that's worth waiting for. If that makes any sense. If this is a problem though, feel free to address it. Everyone here has a voice, and we are listening.

Jesus H fucking Christo. :pinkiecrazy:
This. Was. Amazing. I am definitely looking forward to future updates. Keep up the fan-fucking-TASTIC work! This has ALL of my love.

I love Para! Such a fool but has a heart of gold. Either way I do like their interaction and love how it ends. Hopefully we can see more of this totally not normal family.

There will be more. I've already started chapter 3, and if all goes well, it should be out sometime this month. :twilightsmile:

Well it does seem like Para is really goofy and can get them in most trouble but oh how I love him. I thought charger was a female too but being a male actually makes it nice. Love the psychological turns and mockery he gets and how Fluke just outright despites him.
I love this story and can't wait to read more of it in the future.

I loved this chapter, though it doesn't have as much action as the last ones I enjoyed the interactions with Para and Flukey. Despite her being so angry I like how they're growing closer. Para, oh I just want them both to kiss already in all honestly, he's crazy but funny and goofy.
A nice chapter once again and I can't wait to read more.

Well it was an exciting chapter and had many great scenes but, without any spoilers for those who just go down to the comments, I think this one was great and good as the others but I gotta say the part at the end does take a bit to asimilate.
Thanks and I hope to read more from you and this exciting adventure.

I prefer shorter chapters. Please respond to this comment.

I'm sorry, but I can't cater to everyone's wants. A good story is often times one with immersive detail and length. I won't be making 1,000 word chapters. That's not chapter length in my eyes. That's a sorry excuse of writing, when it comes to writing full length books. Short stories, it's absolutely fine. This is not a short story.

On another note, have you read the other Fallout Equestria books? The original? Project Horizons? Their chapters are much longer than the ones I write. There is a chapter in Kkat's Fallout Equestria that is literally 100 pages long, in a Microsoft Word format. 100 pages!

I mean this with all due respect, but I can't make shorter chapters. Even if I could, I wouldn't. There needs to be a story. There needs to be something worth reading, instead of just "They fought, he died, so sad." I won't squander my talent for someone else's desires.

I felt like it was a good episode, granted it had a lot of gory scenes but that's how screwed Fallout is so I see why the need to them.
I'm glad you and Pines get to work on this and hope your real life issues get resolved so you have a better life and more time to write.

Robutt and Flukey might make it alive with eachother working as a dinamic duo! Loved this chapter and also I found the library part pretty... Interesting... :) Thanks for writing this fanfic and I can't wait to read more of it.

Well Flukey got some nerve there! Gotta say she's growing up so fast :') next she'll be blowing off heads. I can't wait to read next chapter and I appreciate the time being poured into this fanfic.

I guess you truly never know what horrors are in a vault/stable until you dig deep inside. Loved how Charger turned out to discover all of what happened. Petiole is a very interesting ghoul and Fluky is still adorable. Hope next chapter is as good as this one and we see the end to stable 32's horrors.

Well what a joyride of emotions am I right? I love the flashback scenes and how Charger is still a protective father figure to Flukes. I love this series and thank you so much for writing it both of you

It's our pleasure. Mostly mine. :scootangel:
Just wait for what we have planned in the next chapters to come. ;)

Honestly it was worth the wait! Thanks for bringing Para back :3 he's so dumb but cool. Also the Charger parts with the odd was very cool too. Can't wait to read more!

Well that was unexpected. It was a good longe binge reading but damn I loved it. Para as cute as ever and yeah, that hotel pony is just me in front of Charger or Para I can't help it! xD Good job both of you

Welp I gotta say I love Charger's new crew. Specially the dragons and heh I gotta say I love the interaction between them all. The jokes ;) the fights were just getting me on the seat. I can't wait for the next Robutt's adventure x3

same still trying to make a ship name for them but I keep making something stupid or something I can't work with.

Churro has won me over o3o best character.
Honestly I liked this episode, it had nice characters, that creepy daughter again and well some nice times for Charger. I love it more and more as I read every chapter. Thank you

Another rollercoaster of emotions :) wouldn't have it any other way and I love it, thank you so much for writing amazing chapters like this one

Oh, I'm fine with long chapters. (though I do think there should be a limit (Seriously, why would you want a 69K chapter in a story with chapters that don't even come up to half that length?)) It's having to take a break from what I'm currently doing to slog through a really long chapter that I don't like. (especially if it's a story that doesn't seem to be ending anytime soon) As it is the chapter length seems reasonable and I have read longer chapters, so you don't need to worry about me never reading the story, I'm just not going to drop everything and read it right now. Also, is this story based off of Fallout: Equestria - Rising Dawn?

Para, I hate him. Such a bloodly fool that can not takes anything serious. If I was Charger, I would left him behind, he'll get Charger killed.

Comment posted by MMBK deleted Oct 28th, 2019

Para is a piece of work. He's definitely annoying.
I'm used to writing serious characters, so all things considered, I like to think I'm doing good with Para's character. He has a funny quality to him, yet, at the same time, infuriatingly annoying.
You either love him, or you want to smother him with a pillow in his sleep. There is no in between.

I really liked this chapter with all around it, had its serious moments but also some fun on the road ;) wonder if Blaze and Tezu can have some fun scene haha, seeing how Para gave some to Charger that's my OTP x3 Keep it up

I liked this chapter a lot. Specially the sexy parts heh but the tension and drama went places here and I really enjoyed it

I honestly think it was a good chapter... Yet I don't quite understand some of the decisions made... Maybe they'll play later on but... Maybe? I don't want to spoil anything for those who are reading this chapter but... War never changes?

Para is an absolute laugh.

Interesting fic so far, really enjoyed it. It's a bit off from the usual FoE fics, but that just makes it better.

I'm glad you're enjoying it so far! It makes me happy knowing people are enjoying this story.

Jeez, been a while since I've read an FoE fic like this, this is some PH level stuff...

I lied there for what felt like hours, unable to sleep. From the agonizing pain in my body as it slowly regenerated through the virus I had in my body, from the fear of losing Fluky, even though she was saved. She was safe now... but still, the fear... the realization of almost losing her invaded my heart and mind, and it wouldn't go away.

It's "lay" I believe.

I am really enjoying this story! Definitely not what I was expecting at first, and I love it! =^.^=

I kind of regret waiting so long to read through your story, but also I'm kind of really happy that I did. I'm addicted, wanting more and have plenty to gorge myself with.

I've got a question though. In the first chapter Charger said that he wasn't usually very pessimistic, yet in this second chapter he mentions that he's usually the kind of glass half empty kind of guy... Which, I think anyway means he thinks more pessimistically than his former self was willing to admit. At least at the time.

Is Charger's mind changing because of the mind numbing murders he went through or do I not have enough to completely understand him?

Also... I LOVE Para. He is super adorable. I can only guess at how fucked his past is for him to never take anything seriously, lest that be true ignorance.

That's really interesting. I assumed that Charger was male yet it's still a small shock to have confirmation on the fact.

I wonder why...

Feel free to delete this if I somehow manage to predict a key element in the story or what not.


I'm willing to place a bet of sorts on the back story of Para and therefore the effect it had on his future pony. He was banished from Cloudsdale of course, hence the stubbed wings. Somewhere his banishment and his re-entry onto Maneland (XD) he suffered a traumatic brain injury. Possibly a serious concussion that helped change his perspective on life to a more glass half full kind of way. And ended up removing a lot of his memory. And somehow masking his aura as an adaptation to the wasteland.
Maybe whatever or whomever he was trying to protect had a grave importance to him. The death of a loved one made him either block some of his past or simply he doesn't want to speak of it because the memories are too painful. Him being happy for instance is him trying to move on because he knows that his son would've wanted that.

That got depressing quick. XD

And now my thoughts on Fluky.
There's no such thing as a coincidence in Fallout, at least not usually. The impact her mood and physical actions had on the rain and lightning are too..
weird.. To not have some sort of meaning. For it to have been a "Fluke". Especially speaking, when it's backed up by the rain lightening up when she finally began to smile.
Either she is a full, thoroughbred Druid with weather affections or she happens to inhabit most of the traits of Discord and doesn't know it.


Anyways I absolutely cannot wait to find out.

Automated facility territory. Even if it's evil.
It's fucking awesome.

Charger's mind changes with things as the story progresses, in the same sense that WE change as our story does.

Damn it, Nopony likes cliffhangers...shame on you.

Gotta get some 'o that Orange Crush! I feel like going out in a blaze!

I'm sorry, but I have to stop right here. Losing the hoof was too much for me, even though it's a good story. I wish you the best of luck

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