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I can finally add this to my favorites! :pinkiehappy:

6586036 Massive epic length rant about trivial detail that doesn't really matter.

Oooo, interesting start to this Kkat :rainbowkiss: I approve of such awesomeness.
A prequel... mmm mm mm... I love it!
Next chapter ago!

Oooooh, wow. I'm liking this first entry of Daring's, approved once more! :yay:
Haha! Nice job Kkat.

25 years eh? Wow... been a long while, jeebus D:
Gawd I love it!

This is interesting... I'm intrigued by this mare, and the whole... thing behind her.

Nicely done!
I eagerly await more!

It's by Kkat you say ?


Also new canterlot republic


That's very clever indeed

Sweet action! Totally going to need to track this.

This is a pleasant surprise. :twilightsmile:

I'm definitely tracking this, as the story does have my attention so far. I like the writing style you used for this one. It fits Daring Do's character and identity in my opinion. Anyway, I wish you the best of luck on this story and any future projects of yours. :pinkiesmile:

Instant favorite and definitely going to read later.

Well that was an interesting start to this story.

I've read it before, but this story always gives an interesting view to the zebra culture and some interesting idea's an how things possibly evolved in the war from the zebras' side of things.


Nah I'm joking you don't like it that's alright

A new kkat story? Thought I'd never see the day, but now I have... and a glorious day it is.

Oh wow seeing that "stories 1" change to a "stories 2" sure is a funny feeling. Definitely gonna read this later. :pinkiegasp:
Hype up boys and girls! :rainbowwild:

KKat wrote a new story?!?!?!
Instant favorite and track!
Time to read a new epic.

The feature box is going to be torn a new one with this story.

KKat posted a new story

Today is the greatest day

Comment posted by Jake The Army Guy deleted Oct 31st, 2015

6587107 I think they mean comments between commenters, rather then on the story itself.

It's hilariously ironic that Jake's comment about the wrongness of policing comments one disagrees with actually got deleted, eh?
I mean, at least his point got proven pretty conclusively...

Confusing, and hard to understand. There's a lot that doesn't make sense, and the whole thing is very dull and uninteresting.


Possibly, but the fact remains that a wasteland of deleted comments is hardly the mark of someone wanting to engender debate and conversation. And what exactly constitutes, "rudeness, hostility, hate-speech or trolling?" If I say the story is crap, is that "rudeness?"


Actually, I deleted it myself. Felt like I was being mean, but on further contemplation, I think my point stands, that I rarely think highly of people who delete comments in their stories. Unless someone comes in spouting racial slurs, all comments should be tolerated as long as they deal with the story in some way.

Ah, well fair enough. Carry on.


>read it later

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I can't believe that there's a new Kkat story... SIGN ME UP BOYS!


Heavy: We do this!

Scout: Oh! My! Freaking! Stupid! Crap!

Spy: Laughs Well now...

Engineer: Now I've seen everything...

Sniper: Holy Dooley!

Medic: Unbelievable...

Soldier: Holy sweet mother of Joseph!

Pyro: Makes incomprehensible sounds while sounding cheery

Kkat, could I hump your leg, I would. Without hesitation.


6587252 Thank you for your comment. Of course there are things that don't make sense. :raritywink: Bear in mind that while "Origin Story" is a short story, you are still less than a tenth of the way into it. If all the mysteries were solved already, that would be pretty poor storytelling. :twilightsmile:

As for dull, yes. The beginning of the story is definitely dull, as Daring Do herself complains at the end of the Second Mission Report. I'm pretty sure most of my readers know it's not going to stay that way. :scootangel: But then, I can think of another adventure story that started with guests having dinner... and if you dropped it at that point, you really missed out.

So your still in the game, can't wait to see what our progenitor matriarch has in store.

6587256 First of all, thank you for admitting that you deleted your comment. :coolphoto: To address your concerns: I understand why moderating the comments section is controversial, so I state my policy openly. I require the same good behavior on my blogs and my other story. That story has over 5400 comments, and I have found it necessary to delete less than twenty comments. The bulk of those were from a group that decided to use my comment section for EQD-bashing, and most of the rest involved racial slurs or homophobia.

I do not discourage criticism. However, I expect critics to be polite. Someone who does not like the story has the option to simply say "I do not like this story" or to explain why in a courteous and articulate manner. The comment by JumpingSpookyFrogs is a good example of this. However, if the poster is incapable of voicing their opinion without being vulgar or hostile, then they will need to find another platform.


6588642 See, asking me to continue to read after it's already failed to catch my interest isn't a sign of a good story. If I have to be told, 'No, keep reading, it gets better, I promise', then that means that you as an author have failed to make the start of the story sufficiently interesting for me to stick around.

Thank you, everyone! I hope you enjoy the new chapter! :heart:

I should be posting a new chapter each day for the next week.

6588658 Fair enough. You have a limited amount of free time, and shouldn't feel obliged to waste it on something you don't enjoy. At the same time, I'm of the impression that people who give up on a story this quickly are like people who give up on My Little Pony after having only watched through the opening music of the first episode. Or who abandon a computer game during the tutorial. If you abandon everything that doesn't provide instant gratification, you'll miss out on a lot in life.

I don't expect the story to appeal to everyone. And in the interest of crafting a quality story, I'm willing to lose readers who lack patience. Best of luck to you.

6588658 Or you could try not being pretentious about it :trollestia:

Well that was relatively quick and darn it I got beaten to being first by the author no less! :moustache: Anyway, this was awesome and I cannot wait for the rest to come into play, right boys?

Medic: Oh I cannot wait! Ha!

See? Even Medic is enjoying this! :twilightsmile: Keep up the amazing work 6588693

Now this is definitely interesting. I look forward to seeing more and how this all turns out.

6588766 why is the medic here again ?

6588702 In what way is not wanting to slog through uninteresting writing at the beginning of the story pretentious?

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