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Scotch: The new Blackjack. Will she go the Blackjack-route and become a cyber-zebra, the Lil'Pip route and become a zebra-super-druggie, or the Puppy Smiles route and become a super-ghoul?

Good to see you get back in the saddle so soon, Somber. Keep up the good work!

Edit: Was kinda hoping to see Charity come along for the ride. Oh well, can't have everything.

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6633080 Would have been fun, but there's no character motivation for her to do so. They'd have to ship her out of the Hoof in a bag.

Oh shit. Already?

~Skeeter The Lurker


Ahhhhhhh, I love the smell off radiation in the morning and with both this story and FO 4 I get my fair share off it. *loads a shotgun*

And so it begins.... Another journey that will probably continue on 10 times longer then Somber intends.

6633111 Nooo! It's going to be short! I promise.

Under 500k! Cross my heart!

Now I know what I will read next. Time to visit a new continent.

6633100 Well I recall Charity lost almost everything at the end of FoE Horizons. Perhaps she never recovers her business and decides to go pursue new business ventures? Surely these zebra savages could use a convenience store or two?

That and her reaction at finding that the zebras have no fixed currency when she arrives would be hilarious.

I applaud your decision to add Precious to the crew (I read your initial Precious-less draft) Pythia and Scotch's sarcasm played off each other's nicely, and Majina's just plain adorable, but it felt like Scotch's harem crew could use more. Precious is that 'more' I was looking for to seal this in my 'favourites'. At the moment I feel like I could use more ponies in the group (hence my sense of loss at finding out Charity's not joining Scotch's crew), but I'm guessing Scotch being the one and only pony will be what makes her the defining member of the crew.

...She's gonna channel Blackjack, develop a stripe fetish and go 'make friends' with aaall the zebras, isn't she?

As a Project Horizons fan, this is required reading. Hopefully it'll be a bit shorter. Not sure if I have it in me for another grand epic. But if it is, screw it! I'll still come along for the ride!

And so, the saga continues...

Still not an easy feat, Somberino.

This is . . . not the standard definition of "short." :rainbowwild:

Honestly i'd rather it was even longer then horizons, well atleast as long as its good/inspired it would be sad to see it end too soon.

I fucking love Captain Thrush, she is so awesome!
Some typos and such.

“Funny,” Captain Thrust

Missing quotation marks and something else.

but nice job on this!

Already at 25k words? I'm am chomping at the bit now. I eagerly await this story completion (as I only read a story once it is finished, to maximize the effects of reading it non stop).

I'm at a bit of a loss as to why this gets published as a sequel half way through Project Horizons

Here we go again~♥
Onwards! Into the breach!

Taking some cues from Fallout 4?



Well this should be interesting... I'll put this on hold though until I read through the whole Project Horizons. Getting myself ahead will only cause major confusion to my head :twilightsmile: When that is done however, I eagerly await this book! Just hope that it isn't like the 1,700,000 words one. I do not want to go through reading that many words again, I've already read 2,004,377 words in the Pony POV series already... :twilightsheepish:

Horizons is a complete story at this point. Its just not fully posted on fimfic.

*Sees featured FoE sidefic*

*Sees it mentions PH*

*Sees it's written by Somber*

*Immediately creams jeans*

F:pinkiegasp:k yes!:yay:


Sweet ass what a long ass chapter...

I adore it~ Hahaha! ZEBRA SHEEEEEEPS!
Nice job, nice job! :D

Can't wait to see more, and what happens next!

Holy Crap, a sequel to project horizons!?

Hay yes, Homelands!!! Looking forward to reading this ever since you blogged about it, keep up the good work!

Uh, I think you need to upload a different pic. This one looks cropped.

6633848 It's a placeholder pic. An artist is making cover art with the actual main five characters in it.

Definitely going to read later when I am done reading Project Horizons in full. Nice work.

6633127 Uhh, I can't believe it, you wrote nearly two million words with Protect Horizon, let's say triple the amount of the original fallout and now you are going to write a sequel that it's bound to be longer than Harry Potter five. :twilightoops:

Have you ever considered that you might just have a slight writing addition?

I mean, there is more to life than fallout you know...


PS: Not that what you are doing isn't awesome, is just it's so much it leaves me wondering you know.:twistnerd:

Was a fan of Horizons, and did not expect a squeal. But I'm glad to see it. I had always wondered if anyone would tackle the zebra side of things. I look forward to follow Scotch Tape's story. That, and Scotch deserves some spotlight.

I need to start reading PH religiously.

Exciting to have this here now! And man, I wasn't expecting Precious to end up coming. It'll be interesting to get to know her along with the other three. And a new star, too.

Some would consider her a young mare, but far too many annoying people referred to her as a filly

Still love the detail of how one person made the switch. But yeah, not everyone's going to be on that side, justified though it would be to see her as a grown up.

A year ago, that’d been different, but then, everything had been different. Scotch had been dragged along in the wake of a terrifying pony named Blackjack all over the valley called the Hoof, into the depths of the earth and all the way to the moon. Along the way, she’d lost her father, her friends, everypony who had mattered to her.

Ouch. Though I guess she was pretty scary. Still, kind of harsh given how she ended up feeling about her. But I guess sometimes it's easy to hold a grudge even if you know it's not entirely fair.

“You mean wrinklebutt, meltyface, and ‘bwa ha ha’? Not likely,” Pythia said with a snort. “I wanted to understand a shadow on the future. Those three can go back to plotting... whatever,”

Neat I guess that even the one who . . . had some problems might be back up and running.

“Well, give it a few years and bitch at them for not listening to you when their toilets stop–”

Having Pythia around is going to be a treat. She's so spunky.

I'm liking the scrying. Good way of introducing that in action.

Majina gathered up a few trinkets, too: a smiling wooden mask, a necklace of dark mahogany beads, and whatever darts she could find that fit in her bamboo blowgun, Mr. Sleepytime.

Woo! I'm glad they're bringing it! There weren't too many named weapons that weren't, you know, Blackjack's, and that was probably the most fun and the best named. Even if they may not be able to keep it long.

With clear skies, no more Enervation, and the careful assistance of the Commonwealth’s seed stocks, green was returning to the valley with almost frightful speed

Whoa, they've already changed the name? They've been making good time.

Still, she drew closer till she could have a look at Thrush’s face. Two sets of eye patches covered her eyes.

Gotta love Thrush.

“That was that thing with the time and the box before the thing happened, aye?”
She could still remember the sounds. Scotch Tape swallowed, her throat dry. “Yes. The thing that happened on the Seahorse.”

That's a delicate way of putting it.

The filly extracted another bottle of rum… well, technically wine mixed with some whiskey and some brown sugar added, but that was close to rum, right?

. . . It depends on exactly how drunk the person drinking it already is. Luckily for Scotch . . .

“Or track down the Rampage and see if they can fly us there,” Majina suggested.

It's nice they kept the name.

“Funny thing. When you vaporize a cursed city of cursed curseness, there’s not much reason to come and vaporize it again.”

She has a point.

“Wait,” the captain croaked, and they paused. The captain’s uncovered eye stared past them as she weaved back and forth. Then she whined in the back of her throat, as if the words struggled for freedom.

Was she following them? In any case, I like the idea of the sound.

She wasn’t any bigger than the three of them, but anyone who ran into Precious had a similar reaction.

This should be good. And it's weird, she'd been in PH from relatively early, but we still ended up knowing Pythia better. Granted, might even be true of Majina, too.

“You... want to come? It’s a long way. It’ll be dangerous,” Scotch pointed out.

Sure, but she's more durable than you or Majina, even if she'll be easier to hit than Pythia.

medium? description:
A year after Horizons, Scotch Tape and others struggle to find their place in the world. When a zebra seer uncovers a mystery, Scotch Tape and three others journey to the last place they imagined: the megaspell ravaged wasteland of the Zebra lands.

suggest "Scotch Tape [is still struggling]/[still struggles] to find her"--might as well keep a stronger focus, and using the "others" twice in two sentences reads poorly.

long description:
of the horrible battle for the hoof.
"hoof" should be capitalized

Pythia knows the only way to learn what that means is to go there herself
"there" doesn't make sense in this context, because the only thing for it to be attached to is "the Eye of the World," and if she knew its details she wouldn't need to go there to find them out. Suggest something like "Roam, the Caesar's old capital"

Together, they'll travel to a far away land
suggest "faraway"

who's pain and suffering have yet to be known. T

There may occasionally be references to Horizons and the original Fallout, but a new reader should be okay
"Fallout: Equestria"

row upon row of enobled corpses there

year for us to get down here for your mom’s things,Majina,
need space after comma

there, one way or another.” Scotch Tape said
period should be comma

But they’re not coming any more,”
suggest "anymore"

Still, Pythia’d helped out during the bad times a year ago, but Scotch Tape still wasn’t sure what to make of her.
Should drop one of the "still"s (I'd suggest the first)

Her sharp yellow eyes narrowed at the scroll she was reading if trying to stare a hole through it.
"reading as if"

camp," she said, fixing her piercing yellow eyes on Majina before snapping her gaze to Scotch. "Nopony
non-directional quotation marks

and twin tiny smile formed on their faces.

where once there’s been an ominous
"there’d been"

The mare didn’t turn at her voice, and so Scotch Tape walked closer and closer to that edge.
suggest dropping the "and"

there was a word for half a parabolic arch: time bomb.
suggest word to "name", "term", or something similar

before I keelhaul the lot of you scurvy searats! She practically danced
need a closing quotation mark after the exclamation point

green faeries and let's get going
non-directional apostrophe

Just another hint she didn’t belong here anymore than in her old stable
"any more than"

A year ago she come to Chapel as part of a raid and had just stuck around,
"she had come"/"she’d come"

the little town that once been home to so many orphaned children like herself,
"that had once been"

A sequel to PH? Yes!

20k chapters... no...

Project Horizons never ends!!!!!!!!:pinkiecrazy:
You won't believe how giddy I am seeing this. I have just finished section three of Project Horizons, and once I finish it, I think I'll have tons of fun reading this once I'm done. Considering how long PH is, this will probably have multiple chapters published already.

Will you make this as long as Project Horizons?

Well if I thought my feels would ever fully recover I suppose this is the answer. /buys costco size boxes of tissue :pinkiecrazy:

I'm so exited! And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!

6633080 I expect her to become the exact anti-thesis to blackjack.

Oh, hello, I am looking forward to reading this.

The gears of Project Horizons never stop!

Anyway, the story seems pretty interesting. Always wanted to see more of the Zebra culture and traditions, not to mention more Majina x Scotch. So looking forward to this.

Anyway, thank you, Somber. Keep up the good work!

This chapter brought to you by . . . Tradition!

(Suggest jump to 1:38.)

The train has been repaired, refueled, refurbished and restocked.



Whatever you say, Mr. Bones. I'm looking forward to a wild ride.

Somber y u do dis :(

Somber, why do you do this to me? I have finally finished Horizons ... and for a few, glorious minutes I though that I am free from your curse ... and now this? Now I have to read this too!

6633393 Full story on EQD -> Gdocs

If i remember correctly, formating-issues is the reason he posts them chapter after chapter.

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