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Pacce #1 · Aug 9th, 2013 · · ·

Ah, the original FoE, is good to revisit it and remember what got me into writing derivitive works:
The opportunities for perversion!
That was a joke.

Comment posted by Rust deleted Aug 9th, 2013

And here it is, the treasure trove of the Equestrian Wasteland. The Great Side Chapter. The story that, despite being a clopfic, still manages to remain a decent chapter and contribute to the character development. I applaud you, Sir Pacce.

On a side note, I have a question: do you remember when you wrote it? When Fo:E was already complete or after Ch20 came out?

I love this chapter, not for the clopping...though that is a bonus, but for what happens beyond the clopping. This is the type of clop fic I love, one with plot and character moments that somehow make the clop seem, what is the right word, better? Decent? Actually adds something? Makes it above the rest?

I mean, some stories with clop and indeed some films (Like most dumb teenage slasher flims and some modern day movies) seems to just add the clop with no substance or character whatsoever. This does, as it gives us more into what Little Pip is and what she strives for, while at the same time it gives us more into Homage's character and why she loves her little squealer. It isn't just because the girl is a good lay, or can more orgasims a minute than pony possible...It's because Little Pip is a hero, a girl who won't give up, somepony she can finally put her faith in. A girl that she has bonded with over the screens and now has in her hooves. In a way, the opposite of what happened with Little Pip and Velvet.

Not only that, this is dang funny, with Little Pip acting like a virgin first timer would. or with the bit of 'HELLO'. (Speaking of wich, I love the audio book's delivery of that line) it all adds up nicely to the story and I glad that it is here with the fic I enjoy.

If I may...this isn't clop, its a scene of making love.

YES!! I was hoping that this would be added! Thank you SO much for adding it!:pinkiehappy:

3016872 I could not have said i better myself.

Holy shit, that was fucking beautiful. It was not clop (which I am tolerant of, but still a little apprehensive about), it was a character building romantic moment that was JUST. FUCKING. BEAUTIFUL. Seriously Pacce, that was simply amazing. I was even laughing at some points, especially at your little comment at the end!

One of two Kkat approved stories. And this one is rather good.

Can't wait to read Project Horizons.

Comment posted by Ngage953 deleted Aug 10th, 2013

On the Fallout: Equestria Resource site I have the date it was posted as July 19th, 2011. If I remember correctly, that was the day it was linked in the comments.

Good to see this up. I loved it then, and I love it now. :pinkiehappy:

Thank you, Arcane! Sorry to ask you, but do you have the date when CH20 of Fo:E was posted? :twilightsheepish:

Yep, chapter 20 was posted May 31st, 2011. You can get all the dates at the Resource site http://www.fallout-equestria.com/story/view/1 The early chapters might be off by a day or two though.

Thanks, you're awesome :heart:

Aww yess, you added it here too. Awesome :yay:

So it got here now.

Yes, this IS here. It's not an illusion or some elaborate ruse. You are looking at it RIGHT NOW.

I know, I was somewhat surprised that you added it. Now, you can slap me for asking this, but...are you going to finish up Fo;E Duel any time soon? I'm just about drooling over the idea of having my aching heart soothed by finding out what happened to Dash.

I've actually been working on it recently.
Of course, now I have to redo a lot of what I was working on because it is horrible and ponderous.:pinkiesad2:
I'm also going to post a "fix" on Chapter 1 when I post chapter 2, because, why not?

Awesome! I can't wait to see what you do with that story. Is it another Kkat approved story?

She likes it and is looking forward to more.
That's enough for me.

Wait wait wait wait! Kkat is a female?! :pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp: Really? I must say that I am utterly shocked at this proclamation.

"There's Lots of Different Ways to be a Girl"
-Lauren Faust

Okay, okay, I kind of walked into that one. But I can't help but be the tiniest bit surprised. One of the most gruesome and gory stories that I have ever read was conjured up by a woman. I suppose I could have expected it a bit more considering that the main character was a mare. Either way, Fo:E still remains one of my favorite stories of all time. *Sigh* I only pray that I can find a woman like that.

MOST stories on Fimfic have mares as their main characters.

Yeah...but not many are OC's or 600k words long. So, that takes the cake. I don't think I could ever stop gushing about the story.

I'm just saying her being a "her" is really really unremarkable. Over half the human race is packing a va-jay-jay, ya know.

:rainbowlaugh: True, true. We men are outnumbered.

SolidFire must have assumed that based on your manliest moustache. ^_^

Yes! I'm so confused now! I swear, I'll never put a gender tag on anything I say anymore.

Then my work here is done.
*And then Pacce was an alicorn princess*

Pacce is a pretty pretty princess!

Let's fly to the castle!

May want to mention that this was the only sidestory that Kkat said was canon.

I think it's more important that the individual readers decide for themselves.
Don't get me wrong though, I was and am crazy flattered that she liked it a lot, had it posted side-by-side on EqD, referenced it in the story, and that it ended up in the print version.

The Glorious Castle of Pony Butts, I presume?

My mustaches are SO PRETTY!

Comment posted by TheApexSovereign deleted Aug 11th, 2013

Yes. Yes they are.

That would be Stonershy of Anywhere But Here.

Another Evening of Solace

This side chapter had a rather brilliant ratio of sexiness to narrative, so much so that I wouldn't even think to class it as clop (not that there's all that much wrong with clop, but still...). Well done.


I don't really think of this as a sex scene so much as a scene with sex in it.

I just wanted to really use the opportunity to talk about Littlepip and how hard it would have to be look at a world like the one presented in FoE and find it a place worth saving, even if it means dying for your efforts.

Also I thought it'd be funny if Pip's first time involved a double-ender... :twilightsheepish:


That's how it seems to me. That's why I kept reading, lol. Definitely wish I'd read this while/just after reading chapter 20, but fortunately I'm only on chap 23.

That was definitely inspiring there at the end, and I very much enjoy the Homage exposition. Thumbs up from me.

Teenie spoilerz

I just got to the part where they see the melee equipped raiders that didnt have gunz.
Then i read this, didnt expect this kind of time. Derp!:derpytongue2:

Dat ending.


Two comments:

I really didn’t want to have think about either of them

I think it should be "didn't want to have to think" :coolphoto:

This story fails as a clopfic. :coolphoto: It contains so much other awesome stuff, (from humor to drama) that it completely distracts the reader from getting aroused. And frankly, it would be a waste to use it as fapping material. :eeyup:

So you're saying my work is TOO GOOD to wank to?
This is the worst possible thing!
Also, thanks for the error notification. Is fixed now!

Well, I actually didn't write it to be masturbation fodder, though I mean, people can do that to anything.
Someone on 4chan asked me to write about what went down between Littlepip and Homage that night and I thought, "Well, they had sex" but that's a boring answer. So I instead I opted to talk about the character qualities of Littlepip and my eternal favorite :derpytongue2: with sex as the piece's "action" and even the things they did there were just to tell you more about the characters, I wasn't at all interested in making people get off. Had I been, I wouldn't have had Pip have a breakdown and imagine a beloved character's flesh melt off, get shot, and have her tongue get cut out.
First person doesn't really lend itself to the sexy anyhow, at least not for me.
So yeah, this isn't a sex fic, it just has sex in it because that was a thing that they did at the time.

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