Fallout Equestria: Misfits

by DancingOnTheAshes

Chapter 7.5: A night of Passion. [nsfw]

Fallout Equestria: Misfits

By DancingOnTheAshes

Chapter 7.5:  A Night of Passion.

[Authors Warning: This chapter is NSFW and has more explicit language than previous chapters. If you don’t want to read it that is fine, this chapter is not essential to the story, but it is outright clop. You have been warned.]

Once the beautiful mare had finished brushing and cleaning my mane she started to knead tension out of my back.  By Luna that felt good and I started to slowly stretch my wings to prepare for a good preening.

"My my, they sure are big."  She said in wonder.  "Like that long horn of yours."  Her tone was so suggestive that if this had been pre-war she would have been arrested for sexual assault.

I blushed a little and chomped down on a big flight feather.  As a former unicorn I was well aware of the phallic nature of the unicorn horn, but it was usually bad taste to openly comment on it...  except in...  Oh my, was she seriously interested in getting close?

There was no mistaking it when she reared up to place her forelegs around my neck and to whisper in my ear.  "You know, I asked Feather Duster to change the sheets in the big bed."  Then she bit down on the ear, making me whimper around the feather in my mouth.

I felt my heart beat faster and a heat to gather in my lower belly.  She really wanted to... well, there was no avoiding the words; fuck me.  And I really wanted to have sex with her.  Still, more than a touch of apprehension was fighting its way to the reasoning part of my brain.  I was male, or I at least still thought of myself as such and should not so easily just chuck my male pride aside for something like this.

Then a small voice residing in the reptilian part of my brain piped up.  You want it though, you cant lie to yourself about that.  You really want to know what its like to do it as a mare.  Yesterday was just masturbation, rubbing one out.  This is full blown sex.

I squirmed in the bathwater as my ear tried to free itself.  "I don't even know your name, I figure you know mine though."

She stopped nibbling and rubbed her cheek to mine, I returned the nuzzle.  "Yes I know your name Curatie, mine is Midnight Rose."

"A beautiful name."  I said in a low voice.  The apprehensive part of me was rapidly losing the battle and I turned my head to give her a kiss.  She returned it eagerly and I noted the sweet taste of her, it wasn't just her eyes that hinted of roses, but her lips did as well.  I wondered if her lower lips also tasted as sweet.

Without breaking the kiss I turned my big body towards Rose and experimentally ran a hoof along her back.  She was still standing and rested her hooves on my chest as I laid back towards the edge of the bath.  She moaned and her eyes fluttered as I started to softly massage her cutiemark; a flower made of small stars.

I enveloped the both of us in my big wings and pulled her close, then I gently brought up a knee for her to sit on as we continued to exchange kisses.  The smell of our arousal was starting to penetrate the bathwaters surface and float over it like mist.  I started to stroke her raven black mane, marvelling at the softness of it.

I broke the kiss with a gasp when I felt her hoof run down my belly and settle above my slit.  Part of me tensed, I could still feel the phantom echoes of the whip that had struck me across my labia earlier.  To cover the brief interruption I kissed Rose down the neck while still massaging her rump.  She moaned and ground her hindquarters against my knee.

"So,"  She whispered hotly in my ear.  "Wanna relocate to the bed?"  I lifted my head from her neck and gave her a peck on the muzzle.


*** *** ***

Midnight Rose languished on the big four poster as I prepared a couple of glasses of Berry Punch Acres Finest Wine.  I was nervous, in a sense this was my first time all over again and I was as nervous now as I was so many years ago when a barmaid pulled me into one of the back rooms.  I chuckled inwardly, at least I didn't have to be worried about blowing my load too early this time and this time Shot Glass wouldn't hunt us around the town because she caught us mid-coitus.

Silently, as I cleaned the minibar, I floated the worn wineglass over to Rose who took it in her hooves.  The wine would probably not do me any good apart for its flavor, it was the mood I was after.

Rose smiled and lifted an eyebrow when I sauntered over to the bed, towing a glass of my own.  "Wine?  Too bad we don't have music or candlelight."  I smiled at her comment and magically turned a knob I had seen near the door earlier.  The lights in the room lowered down to a pleasant glow, one light winked out and died.  "Well, I guess two out of three is not bad."

"Could be worse."  I agreed as I climbed up to join her on the bed.  It was so big that three other alicorns could have joined us and still have room to spread out.  Rose smiled and scooted close to me, holding her glass easily in one hoof like all earth ponies can.

I enveloped her in my left wing when she came close enough and bent down to give her a passionate kiss.  I was surprised when I felt her share a mouthful of the wine, we swirled it around a little before parting.  I got the better of the deal at her insistence, it was that or have it spray out to the sides.  We stayed like that for a time, sipping, cuddling and sharing when the mood struck us, which was almost every time.  Not much was said, it didn't need to be.

Then, when the glasses were empty and levitated to the bedside table, we picked up the pace again.  An insistent part of me protested at being the one on the receiving end so I unconsciously took the lead.  I held her in my lap, her back to me and ran my hooves down her soft belly.  After finding her slit, I softly started to tease it open, making her writhe against me and make little moaning sounds.  I laid my head side by side with her head and rubbed my cheek against hers.

Over the course of fifteen minutes of so I gently teased her to a climax with my hooves, my horn glowed softly as my medical diagnostic spell did its work.  I kept an eye on breathing and heart rate to find the right spot and method to bring her orgasm around.  It was something I had done many times and I grudgingly considered it cheating of a sort.

Rose's breathing became ragged, her tongue lolled and she started to curl all four of her hooves.  A deep moan clumsily escaped her lips as her body started to shake and spasm.  I smiled to myself and caught her mouth in a deep kiss that she returned like her entire life and sanity depended on it.  After a while her orgasm ebbed away and only the occasional twitching of a hoof remained.

I broke the kiss and Rose gave me a slightly dazed smile.  "My turn."  She said and I almost winced.  This was what I had been dreading, self satisfaction was one thing, but her touching me?  I had problems enough being ogled at.  Granted I almost only had a problem when I was ogled by males, still.

"Give me a minute."  I said and gave her a quick kiss and rubbed my nose to hers.  Then I fled to the bathroom.

Oh goddesses Celestia and Luna.  I prayed as I sat on the tiled floor.  Please let me get through this without breaking down.  I don't think I can survive if I cant get through this.  I needed it, I needed the feeling of being solid, that I was real to another pony.  But could I do it with this body?

I looked at my blue hooves, so different from when I was a light brown stallion.  It had only been four or five days since I woke up in that solitary desert and I didn't know exactly how long it had been since I was taken from Traders Caravan.

I managed to muster up some courage and stood up, all the while trying to ignore the wet patch on the floor.  I could do this.  I repeated to myself as I returned and climbed back into the bed.

Midnight Rose pounced, bowling me over on my side.  I gave an oof and met her eyes, they burned with a deep desire to get even and I gulped.  Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.  I felt her kiss me down my side and started to protest.  "Rose, maybe..."  But I got cut off when I felt her hoof gently touch my lower lips.

"Maybe what?"  She asked in mock wonder.  Her hoof made soft massaging motions and I felt my heart race.

"Nothing."  I squeaked.  Then felt slightly disappointed when she briefly stopped rubbing me, only to eep when she placed a foreleg under me and levered me around onto my knees.  She had to be strong and experienced to lever my weight around so easily.  I briefly felt myself react negatively to the ponyhandling and had to bite my lip to keep those emotions down.

Then I felt her tongue stroke my slit and I nearly cried out.  My forelegs scrambled for a pillow and I buried my face in it, goddesses lovely Luna and sweet Celestia let nopony hear me.  Rose's rough tongue passed over me again and again, slowly parting me with each pass as she kept licking.  I felt my wings flare and my hind legs straighten on their own, until Rose had to stand with her forehooves squarely on my rump to reach.

Oh please, oh please.  "Aaahh!"  I yelped into the pillow when Rose found my clit and circled it.  All my years with other mares and I had no idea just how damned sensitive it was when somepony else was touching it.  My breathing was ragged and I had trouble drawing a proper breath, every time I made an attempt Rose did another pass and I yelped the air out.

Then my stomach clenched, and I started to shake.  I could feel it, a roiling, boiling climax working its way through the early stages.  I cried in the pillow and muttered nonsense words to myself, this was it.  There was no denying it I was about to cum, hard.

Then, as I bowed there on the bed with my face buried in the big pillow, my rump in the air and the fluttering beginnings of the orgasm bearing down on me like a ton of bricks.  I heard a voice.  It wasn't a real voice, physical or otherwise, it was what self-loathing would say if it could speak.

You have been a mare for barely a week, and here you are getting your pussy eaten out.  There are ponies that would have some choice words about what you are, none of which are suitable for decent company.  I clamped down on that voice, shutting it out.

Then it hit.  This wasn't the stuttering climax of yesterday evening.  This was a mind shattering sledgehammer blow to the pleasure center of my brain.  My vaginal walls clenched, my wings stood out so rigidly that I almost feared that the bones would shatter under the tension and I screamed in ecstasy into the pillow.

Once the aftermath of the orgasm had faded my shuddering hind legs collapsed and splayed to the sides.  My wings lost their rigidity and flopped down, in my weakened and panting state I didn't even have the energy to fold them up.

I felt Rose crawl up the bed under one wing to cuddle up close to me.  "I didn't expect you to be a screamer."  She said as she nuzzled my neck.  I was already flush from the orgasm and wouldn't be able to blush anymore without bursting a blood vessel in my face.

"Neither did I."  I panted.  Still, for all the pleasure I had felt, there was something off about the whole experience.

Footnote: Quest Perk: Royal Canterlot Voice - You're a screamer, who knew. Outside of combat, you'll sometimes have access to unique dialogue options when dealing with the same sex and your voice can shatter wineglasses.

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