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Queen Chrysalis sees an opportunity to break up the Elements of Harmony before they spoil another one of her brilliant plans to rule all of Equestria. Since all of them are unmarried mares, all she needs to do is get them fighting over a stallion. And if one stallion isn't enough, she sends one male changeling for each of them, plus a spare.

Too bad she didn't think this one through first.

Editors: Tek, Peter

Vector credits: Wiki, Bocchinocullen (sign), Ackdari (changeling)

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Georg #1 · Jan 3rd, 2016 · · 1 ·

First comment for author: Just a silly fic that I had in the back of my mind for a while and let out to prowl, much like The Elements of Maternity, only with changelings and without labor.

This is adorable and absolutely hilarious! Love the changelings names :D

Man, watching the girls get attached to their changelings was funny.

With sutures or glue?

I’ve got a couple hundred of them back in my room.”

All I could think of when reading this line. Haha

Based on the hilarity of this story and the fact that I enjoy fics where changelings become the love interests of the Mane Six, I am afraid that I have to give this tale a paltry 9.8/10, along with a like and a fav. I expected better from you Georg.

HA! I like this. More please.

This is the best thing I've read all year.

This was way too dark at times to be funny. Not to mention unoriginal in how the changelings behaved towards the Queen and the situation with her.

I felt like I was speedreading a cliche changeling fic.

Eh... 5-6/10.

6802794 Is this the first fic you've read since New Year's? because that would explain it.

This wa nonsense from beginning to end, and I loved it.

Write Part 2, Write Part 2!

6802805 Actually, I enjoyed it.

Very good and amusing story! I rarely laugh when I'm alone but this one made me.
A sequel would make me and probably others here very happy!

Gee, will the mane 6 be Sobbin' mares?

6802869 Well good for you sir. I'm all up for having harmless fun! But I sorta thought you were being ironic and joking with the "new years" thing. Like... I remember 2015 as if it was yesterday ((at 1st January)). I just think such jokes are sorta lame.

This was stupidity brilliant. Loved it!

I loved this one! ^_^

Yeah, the time between the destruction of the library and that first shipment was probably the least literate period of Twilight's life. No wonder she's gone euphoric.

In any case, hungry and protean as they are, it's no wonder the changelings were able to quickly adapt to their targets. Plus, in a one-on-one situation, with no Chrysalis around to be a bad influence, they were able to achieve true symbiosis. Chryssy's found the solution to her food crisis without even knowing it. A shame she's too cartoonishly evil to appreciate that.

Most enjoyable from start to finish, though I think Spike would object to being called a bride. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

“Too late,” whined a fourth voice.

"Will you idiots shut up and quit whining!" snapped a third voice, sounding familiar in a very Royal fashion.

Order messed up I think you got the.

I enjoyed this. It was a good way to kill time.


In what world was any of this dark? I can understand if the sense of humor just doesn't click with you, but I couldn't find a single thing that would likely be construed as actively off-putting.

This was silly adorable and fun :derpytongue2:
:pinkiegasp: Where's Doomie?
:moustache: My A1 is all of you :applejackconfused::fluttercry::pinkiegasp::rainbowlaugh::raritystarry:
:duck: two can play that game:moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
:moustache: Oh yea?:raritywink::raritywink::raritywink::raritywink::raritywink:
:twilightoops: Spike! Rarity! :moustache::raritywink::moustache::raritywink::facehoof:

note: the emocons are gone????/

62 likes when i started reading.
98 likes when i finished reading and clocked "like"

6802945 Ha! I had a one revision old version on Fimfiction. Fixed. Ty!
6802937 Well, Six Brides and One Really Close Cuddledragon just didn't have the same zing to the title.
6802884 Generally, I try not to drag a one-shot gag too far.
6802801 Much like many of the great minds in history, Scar, Lex Luthor, Megabyte, Barney, and Gru, Queen Chrysalis is surrounded by idiots. Funny idiots, but still...
6802713 True, my scale is supposed to go to 11.
6802626 Pinkie Pie's changeling shifted names from Sprinkles to Coconut when I updated the fic a few minutes ago. Oh, and there's no truth to the rumor that her changeling has a tattered pink ribbon tied to his horn.

This was amazing. The first section had me laughing out loud and the rest of the story certainly didn't make me stop. I'm not too sure what to think of the Changelings names, but they were fun too. So, if Spike continues to grow as a dragon will his changeling be able to keep up? Good luck to all of them. :ajsmug::twilightsmile:

6802980 Oh nothing much. Just the starving hive in like two weeks or something? How the Queen just let a changeling die? *sarcasm*

6803008 I feel for her. I live through stuff like that. The surrounded by idiots part that is.


This was pretty funny and I loved reading it. :twilightsmile:

You know what I absolutely despised watching while I was growing up? Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Man I hated that musical so much. At first I thought I hated it because it was a boring mushy mess. Then I read some classical literature of the Grecian variety and I found out I hated it even more! I mean seriously, why would someone in their right minds think that kidnapping women and forcing them to live with you against their will would be romantic?! Is it the Beauty & the Beast angle? Even B&B wasn't so diabolical in it's story! Discussion for another time I suppose.

You know what I love though? This story! I laughed, I felt little warm fuzzies in that hole in my chest, and my imagination is percolating with imagery & scenarios of how the changelings & Mane Six (plus Spike) interacted over the course of that one week. And as I'm typing up this last bit, I cannot help but think that Chrysalis is wonderful at accidentally ruining her own plans (or subconsciously saving the Changeling race) through express Mail-Order-Male delivery.

Post Script: Mistress Fluttershy... :yay:

MAKE A SEQUEL!!! Include Cadance and Shining too. bc you know they into that kinky shit.

“Too late,” whined a third voice.


“What do you think this means, um… What should I call you?” asked Spike. He scratched his head. “This isn’t weird at all.”
“That’s kind of a long name, but you can just call me Al for short, I suppose,”

Cheese Sandwich would like to have a word with you about naming your changelings after his human counterpart...

“I found a bag of chocolate-covered peanuts,” declared another, although after a moment he began to splutter and cough, spitting out what he had been chewing. “That’s not chocolate!”


This is amazing, and I want a sequel!

Huh, that was crazy. And funny. Even Spike got a "friend" now, glad he wasn't left out, though he had the best lines. As the fic mentioned, a life with Twilight Sparkle probably would lead to epic amounts of Sarcasm. Unless they just happened to be a bookhorse (or bookling in this case).

Pfff. This was hilarious from start to finish.

Also, the "spare, for the blue one"... dammit, Georg :rainbowlaugh:

This story was both hilarious and adorable.

...any chance of a sequel with Celestia, Luna, and their lings? Or a second chapter?

wlam #41 · Jan 5th, 2016 · · ·

I am starting to suspect that Chrysalis' main problem is that she's really, really dumb.

Comment posted by Swashbucklist deleted Jan 7th, 2016

Chrysalis may eat love.. but she really doesn't understand it does she? You send changelings to make the mane six fall in love with them, and whoops the changelings fell in love right back. Marefriends and all the love they can eat.. gee I wonder why they quit :P

Well then, that plan failed! :twilightoops:

I found a rock.

You silly, wonderful author, you! Did that particular changeling have too many holes?

I second the aforementioned comment.
And this one.
Also this one.

I just want to see the Celestial-Body-Butts react to this situation, darn it! Is that so much to ask?

One thing... what's up with the random Rule 63 on Parcel Post?

Like, really really random.

6802922 Actually, it was about five days ago.

Sequel please


See, changelings are best pony, almost by definition. :derpytongue2:

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