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Hey, you! Don't stare at me like that. This is the group for kids on FimFiction! If you classify as a kid or teenager, you may join. So come on down, and stop staring.

-Any story can be posted, except one with a Mature rating.
-If you are over 18, you may not join (we roll by honor system here ;))
-Have fun!

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Comment posted by Captain Burrito deleted Aug 25th, 2016

Pika hi I'm 10 almost 11 on July 12 I'm 11 :moustache: I'm a boy


I am now, too. I turned twelve in April.

340064 Cheerilee's Garden? Sweet Apple Massacre? Actually, no not that one it's actually really disgusting.


Okay, read that one. It wasn't good. It also wasn't a big deal. Other than that...

340060 Pity. Not even gore? *dangles Cupcakes in front of you*


Nope, no mature for either of us!

340056 As long as she hasn't found the porn.


She pretty much has come on to work on an unpublished story, and done nothing else.

340053 I hope not. There's some seriously freaky shit here. :pinkiecrazy:


:rainbowlaugh: Yeah. My sister's a nine-year-old on FIMFiction, but she doesn't do much on here.

340050 Yeah, until today I'm pretty sure the youngest person I've met on the site (whose age I know) is 14. I mean, I figured they're might be a few eleven/twelve-year-olds, but nine-year-olds? On FiMFic? I never really gave it much thought.

340048 To be honest, I didn't even know people under the age of 13 existed on this site.


I... don't remember. :facehoof: I think I was wondering how old the founder is.

332286 I love how vague this is. Are you asking how old you have to be to be in this group? Or how old is too old to be in this group (btw, it says it in the desciption)? Are you asking how old a certain person is? What are you asking?

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