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Are any of you having trouble thinking of the right story to tell? Have you ever contemplated making another red-and-black alicorn OC self-insert wish-fulfillment story because no others would come to mind? Are you stuck in the middle of your climactic chapter and need a suggestion to get it rolling again? Do you have the best idea for a story ever, but have way too much on your plate to get it done, but still want to see it become a reality?

Then this is the group for you.

Anyone is free to submit their own ideas for a story they want to see happen so that others in need of something to write can actually accomplish it, or if someone is stuck on a story, you can come here to find a way out of that rut. This is supposed to be a healthy and creative environment, so I don't want fighting or flame wars, or I might have to slap you all right in the butt.

You have been warned.

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The dead horse that is the banner is astoundingly appropriate, for I've seen new authors beating the dead horse of pony cliches more times than I can count. Hopefully someone will now be able to tell the horrible writers how to make their overused tropes a little more palatable. It's like beating a dead horse that's full of candy!
Sorry if that didn't make sense. I'm currently on drugs.

362006 yea what he said.
I can't say I agree with your choice of images.

Dat banner... :pinkiesad2:

Can I have the butt slap just for fun?

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