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This story is a sequel to Flurry Heart's Story: Apple Family Memories

Everypony is thrown into panic when Cozy Glow shows up as an alicorn once again, wearing the Alicorn Amulet and accompanied by her parents (who are also somehow alicorns). Once she gets her revenge on Celestia, Luna, and Discord for turning her into stone, there is little chance of defeating Cozy with the amulet on. Flurry and her friends worry over what Cozy has planned, but a quick visit from Starswirl the Bearded changes everything when he shows Flurry an artifact that may be able to counteract the amulet. Can Flurry stop Cozy from going mad and taking over all of Equestria? And just who are these mysterious parents of Cozy's? Surely they can't really be alicorns. Are they even her real parents for that matter? After all, no loving mother or father would rear their daughter to do such a thing!

Inspired by the official show, this is part of a fan-made sequel series I created called "Flurry Heart's Story", which documents the adventures of Flurry Heart as she makes friends and faces new and familiar villains, some of which may still be redeemable.

Next story: Let My Ponies Go!

Flurry Heart's Story and its author are in no way associated with Hasbro or any of the creative team behind My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This series is entirely fan-made and is created in honor of the official show. No copyright infringement is intended or encouraged. Please support the official release.

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Quite the explosive beginning for this new story featuring Cozy, also based on the story's title I may have an idea about these *parents* of Cozy. Looking forward to see if I'm right or not on upcoming chapters, plus seeing Discord taking the wind out of this brat's sails! :raritywink:

What I want to know is where Cozy's parents have been all this time.

Zecora turned around and saw a dark cloaked object with two large wings flapping about. It hovered closer to her until Zecora could see it. Cozy threw back the hood to reveal her head, which now had a large alicorn horn growing from it. She was wearing the amulet and her eyes were glowing red. Already she used the power of the Amulet to turn herself into an alicorn once again. She took off the cloak and began to laugh maniacally.

Oh shoot that is not good and I didn't know the Alicorn Amulet can do that transform a pony into a alicorn

Nice start, if rather fast paced. I hope to know more about Cozy's parents by the time this story is over.

The more I think about it, Cozy turning Celestia and Luna into kids is actually a pretty decent idea for revenge. They and Discord denied her the chance to grow up so she'll make them the same age as her. Speaking of Discord, I think he may be sharing a similar fate soon. Really, their lucky that Cozy didn't turn them to stone.

Starlight, Sunburst and Trixie’s worst fear had come true: Cozy had returned and she had brought her parents!

One of their worst fears involved Cozy bringing her parents?

They both had the cutie marks of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna respectively.

I wonder if Cozy and her parents just happened to meet Celestia and Luna on the way to Ponyville or they sneaked into the retirement home to get them before going there.


"Ungrateful" is a rather odd thing to say for the mare that put Cozy in Tartarus and later helped turn her to stone.

“I’m the one who’s been an alicorn this entire time, fool,” the king explained. “My queen used to be a unicorn. She earned her right to be an alicorn just like our daughter did.”

Does the king just have the ability to turn ponies into alicorns?

“Now Mother, now Father. Let’s not worry about this mouthy little colt. After all, he didn’t turn me into stone now, did he?”

Considering that she still has the amulet on, Cozy's pretty merciful here.

A very good question indeed!

Holy mackerel things just escalated so quickly ok so it looks like Zecora I was about to find something until cozy glow went to her home and stole the Alicorn Amulet and it looks like she's terrorizing the ponies and creatures in Ponyville and it turns out she's not alone and which I did not see that coming is her parents and both of them are Alicorns and both of them are not good and apparently she even kidnapped Princess Celestia and Luna they tried to convince her that this is not the way but unfortunately she won't listen she wants to get revenge on Twilight and her friends including Celestia and Luna and Discord showed up and preparing to fight off cozy oh boy I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time this is pretty exciting man

Well with how powerful it was in S3 when Trixie used it, I'd like to think it could do plenty of crazy things, but it is more powerful depending on who uses it and how evil they are as soon as they put it on. Like I had Trixie say in this, she originally wanted to use the Amulet to be better than Twilight, but it caused her to go too far and just take over all of Ponyville and enslave everyone while banishing Twilight.

- Well their "fear" is Cozy returning, I just aded that she brought her parents this time

- The second one. Cozy has been seeking revenge on Tia, Luna, and Discord this entire time since she was released from stone

- I'll give a better explanation for that later on in this story

- You'll see what the whole deal is with Cozy's "parents" in this story later on

- For now...

Hmm I got that they're pretty good point there but still that is some strong amulet can transform a pony into an Alicorn

But it comes with a price: you take it off and you lose your powers and everything you did goes back to normal like it did in S3 with Trixie.

Yeah I did remember that but it still show how dangerous that amulet is good thing it didn't consume Trixie to badly or they could have been a lot worse back in season 3

Ooooh, interesting start: Cozy's return, gaining the Alicorn Amulet to boost her strength, calling in her alicorn parents, turning Celestia and Luna into foals, and now facing off against Discord. Grubber put it nicely in the movie: 'this is intense'...

I find it funny how Starlight and Trixie are trying to talk down Cozy/"helping" her when they just left her to rot inside that stony prison. They're never going to convince her with words.

I wonder how bad it's for a Zebra to lose their rhyming ability. It was a pretty funny punishment. Tame in comparison to having two alicorns de-aged to babies.

Still a pretty fun chapter one. Will await the rest.

Yikes, right from the start we get one major development after another. Cozy is back, not just as an alicorn again but also stealing the alicorn amulet, her parents also finally appear and are revealed to be alicorns too, she has turned Celestia and Luna into kids, and to top it all we get Discord showing up!

If you fit all this into the first chapter I can’t imagine what you have planned next. I hope Discord gives this spoiled brat what she deserves, and her parents too!


WHAT!? Forget all her other acts, THAT is the ultimate crime! This means war!

Yikes! Very little I can say other than REALLY good job on the start of this chapter. The exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up are all wonderfully done.

I have to admit that, I thought that, at the most, the Alicorn Amulet only amped up the pre-existing natural magic of the wearer, but at the eventual cost of their sanity. Of course, given that, for a Pegasus, that would still translate to supersonic flight, shooting lightning bolts from their forehooves and absolutely weather mastery and some degree of augmented strength and durability (but not the the extent that it would an Earth pony in the event of the latter two abilities), that is STILL pretty scary (especially since Cozy was already as close to Joker levels of insanity as could be allowed to shown on an Everyone-rated show). The idea that it would make her an actual alicorn again is something I didn't expect, but certainly amps up the threat even more.

And, yeah, I kind of feel bad about the fact that Celestia and Luna can LITERALLY NEVER seem to get a win (even if I know that the meta reason is because they, and most of the other characters are contractually forbidden from upstaging the main heroes) but I have to respect the fact that Cozy managed to deage them back into fillies (and took away Zecora's rhyming). And Cozy's parents - certainly didn't see them being alicorns coming, but Yikes!

Appreciated Trixie's attempt to reason with Cozy (even if it didn't work) and at least respected that Cozy has enough self-control to go easy on Flurry and her friends for now. Of course, we know Flurry and her friends will find some way to defeat/get through to Cozy, but we don't know how yet.

Definitely looking forward to more of this.

Glad it's got you pumped! As for Discord defeating Cozy, well, that would be a bit too easy but you'll see what happens. :)

"After all, no loving mother or father would rear their daughter to do such a thing!"

Says who exactly? Rhetorical I know. But still.

And I call serious horseshit on Cozy's "parents" being real anything. Maybe ponies. But that's it. You don't need to be a genius to figure out they're fake in a lot of ways. Plus I doubt the author would make it that simple.

Finally someone gets it! 👇

Go Discord!!!! Please help usss!

Great start for the story!

Just you wait till next chapter! :D

when is the next chapter?

Flurry and all her friends stood with their mouths hanging wide open. While Starlight, Trixie, and Sunburst seemed to already know, all of the kids except Flurry were not aware that this is what Discord actually used to look like. He was not always a ‘draconequus’. He started off as an alicorn thousands of years ago before he eventually became the Lord of Chaos and took over Equestria in his villainous days. Not having his magic anymore and Cozy obviously using an aging spell was what had caused him to revert back to this form. Discord no longer resembled the Lord of Chaos even one bit. He was probably the same age as Flurry.

Hmmm that is a very interesting Theory there I've always thought that grogar is the one who made him I mean he is the father of all monsters but then again there's so many theories that's probably never going to be solve

Hoo boy, things are getting more interesting and more dangerous. Interesting bit of lore here, that Discord himself used to be an alicorn, with a set of scales as a cutie mark. Symbolizing the balance between order and chaos, perhaps?

But now our heroes need a plan of action, to find out the truth behind Cozy's 'parents', and put a stop to her plans before she can destroy everything. Lucky the Young 6 have the Elements with them. They might need them in the end if things get dicey...

“But we’re not done yet, Father,” Cozy said, turning away from the others and walking towards the School of Friendship. “I still have a few other little things in mind.”

Uh oh she's going after the young six 😱

I'm glad they're okay but what does cozy want with a school

“Aw sorry, Starlight, but I’m afraid I’m gonna have to shut the school down,” Cozy said. “Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get a full time job at some hayburger joint in town. Father, Mother, let’s go have some fun!”

You son of a Guns and Roses cozy glow you're going to pay for this 😡

Ooh, great job! Can't wait to see what happens!

Oh boy this is really not good at all anyway so Discord try everything to stop cozy glow but apparently he got overpowered by her and she transformed him back into a pony but not just that an Alicorn kid and now she has all three of them and they look like they're heading for the school of friendship flurry heart try to reason with her but unfortunately cozy is too far gone of getting revenge but it looks like Twilight Zecora and Spike finally made it and the others explained about the situation and it looks like the young six are here too thank goodness but they think that cozies parents are not really her parents the only question is who are they and where is cozy's real parents and how are they going to stop her I guess we'll find out next time

Huh I thought everyone would be surprise about Discord was a Alicorn colt before he turn into Discord… Did I miss a story before this or well we see more of it?

Also, I agree with Cozy about Discord he is cute as a colt for… her :trollestia:

Yeah, I've heard that theory before too. Definitely up for debate, but I always thought Discord must have been a pony at one point since his head is the "head of a pony".

Lol, great use of the DBZ ending theme! XD

To quote a certain pink mare *Wha wha wha WHATTT!!!*:pinkiegasp:

Quite the twist here with revealing Diz as a former alicorn, course Cozy doesn't seem to wanna stop anytime soon though. Hope Twilight & the Y6 can reign her in sooner rather than later! Still don't believe about these *parents* of her as well either! :twilightangry2:

Discord being turned into an alicorn was a reference to your old story wasn’t it? Nice bit of continuity.

The heroes need to stop Cozy and her “family”. I wonder if we’ll get a fight between Flurry and Cozy? One young alicorn against another. My money’s on Flurry.

“Well, I gotta be honest, I was missing the School of Friendship a little,” Cozy said, stroking her chin. “I think I might go on in there and do a little renovating.”

“What?! NO! NOT THE SCHOOL!!!” Starlight shouted as Trixie and Sunburst held her back.

Don’t touch the school brat! You were expelled!

Extremely good work on this latest chapter. Definitely appreciated the work that went into the action, exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Have to say, I DID NOT entirely expect Discord to have been an alicorn colt when he was younger, but I suppose it DOES make SOME sense. And now Twilight and the Young Six are getting ready. And, yeah, either Cozy used the Amulet to upgrade (and brainwash) her parents or she created fake parents either because she never had a chance to know her real parents or because she is extremely embarrassed by them. At this point, either is equally likely. And, yeah, Twilight is right that as powerful as Cozy is right now, they DO need a solid plan (though I can appreciate that she advised the Young Six to save the Elements as a last resort). Again, we know Flurry and her friends will find some way to pull it out, but we don't know how yet, which is what makes this interesting.

VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

“This doesn’t make any sense. We would have known about her father years ago if he was born an alicorn. If her parents are as bad as you say, there’s no way her mother could have ascended the way Cadance and I did. Ponies don’t just become alicorns if they have such malice in their hearts.”

Well how can you know that, Twilight? I mean if you turned into an Alicorn through Harmony and good. It's possible to become an Alicorn through Malice and evil.

Well kind of. Look how Cozy became one.

Lol thanks We might as well use it because the story is pretty intense

“Cozy, please! There’s something I need to tell you!” the little alicorn colt begged. “There’s a reason I turned you into-“

I wonder what his reasons to turn a kid to stone instead of throwing her into proper place

I'm not sure how Cozy pulled off that colt turning spell on Discord. Maybe the amulet has some kind of magic draining property that Discord did not know about? Either way, it is quite satisfying, even if I know I shouldn't me rooting for Cozy here. I'm not sure why some assume that Cozy's parents are fake because their evil. There is no rule that says bad people can't be parents.

“Cozy, please! There’s something I need to tell you!” the little alicorn colt begged. “There’s a reason I turned you into-“

I can't think of any good reason to do that to her, especially considering how much he begged for it and how he smugly said "together forever". He seemed to have nothing but malicious intent when he turned them to stone.

“Ponies don’t just become alicorns if they have such malice in their hearts.”

How does Twilight know that though?

I like to think the amulet works differently for everyone, but right now it's far worse with Cozy than it was with Trixie.

What seems mostly fake about her parents is how they're both alicorns. Some have suggested they can still turn into one even if they are evil which...well, that's technically true since Cozy turned into one though it wasn't the same way Twilight did. It will all be answered soon.

I definitely like your story, but I don't like some of the details (that doesn't mean it's bad).
The alicorn amulet is without a doubt a very powerful artifact. In my understanding, it SIGNIFICANTLY increases the magical potential of a unicorn / any sorcerer. This can be seen in the example of Trixie. She was sooo weak, in terms of magical powers, a unicorn, but the amulet allowed her to advance a little higher than Twilight, to the level of high rank unicorns.
An emotional state can only affect attachment to the amulet, and even faster changes in personality.
He can make a unicorn stronger than a weak alicorn, but never, never make him stronger than a superior alicorn. Rather, a unicorn can become so, but the power of the amulet will not be enough for him.
And for sure, it will never make the user stronger than the gods. Such as Discord.
And further. Discord. I will never believe that he was a pony (forgive me, but this is my personal canon). He is chaos incarnate. Even if we take comics as an example (which are not completely canon), then Discord is clearly older than it seems. He came from another world. He was never a mere mortal, for he has a more advanced psyche, which allows him to be resistant to his magic, and not go crazy. (And it certainly wasn't created by Grogar.)
This is my opinion about your additions to history. If the amulet were really that strong, then many ponies would have caused chaos in the country long ago. Its creator clearly wanted a force capable of equalizing him with the princesses, clearly did it with not the best intentions. And I still do not believe that simple magic, from some kind of amulet, is capable of overcoming magic that can break reality itself (especially when Discord is serious).

Good points though most of what you're saying about how powerful the amulet is and Discord's origins is not official anyway and therefore it can't really make sense of things when my things are fanon as well. Discord is obviously quite powerful but we still don't know his true origins so we're kinda free to just speculate and my idea has always been that he used to be an alicorn (I don't want to say more about his origins because it will spoil another fanfic I'm working on). There's another reason why the amulet has made Cozy so powerful enough that she can take on Discord, but let's not forget that Discord was beaten by Tirek before Tirek even got all the alicorn magic.

Mmmm. I don't know if this can be called a victory. Considering what Discord showed before and after, it's hard to believe in Tirek's victory. Mmmm. There was no full fight, Discord was shocked. So to speak. I don't think that Discard's loss is real. For me, you will lose it because the plot needs it so much, and not because Tirek could be stronger (Discord showed much greater possibilities). One can argue about this for a long time, and therefore let's not do this. Let everyone remain unconvinced. I just wanted to express my point of view.


An emotional state can only affect attachment to the amulet, and even faster changes in personality.

I know this is an apples vs. oranges comparison but there may be some basis for the emotional state affecting the magic amulet. Recall Cozy Glow and Pinkie Pie both acquired Discord's magic. Both turned into giants of themselves. The interesting part is Pinkie Pie just turned into a larger version of herself while Cozy Glow turned into a bat winged alicorn. You would think that the bat wing, rather than say a normal alicorn, would be associated with Cozy's emotions or moral character.

From what I have seen there seem to be a couple of aspects to magic in Equestria in a general way:

1. One type makes you larger and seems to be mostly related to the magic inside the individual. We have examples of all the princesses being larger than their subjects, Tirek, Pinkie Pie and Cozy Glow mentioned above, the dragon ruler, the ruler of the Kirin, etc. Since the magic is inside the Alicorn amulet this would not occur when say Trixie acquired it.

2. The other is one that affects the individual directly such as their appearance, mindset, etc. This may occur in amulets over the long term. We saw this with Rarity and a magical book.

I would enjoy any discussion on the subject as this is a very unclear area of the show.

On a side note - having 2 types explains one plot hole with Tirek - he could not control Discord's magic in Ending of the End yet had previously drained Discord of magic back in Twilight's Kingdom.

I will answer, but later. I'm busy right now.

“I CAN’T HEAR YOU OVER THAT DUMB VOICE OF YOURS!” she shouted in his face as his lips stretched back and his mane blew around in the wind.

Well you're the one who made him like that you crazy kid

Technically she didn't decide what he'd look like, she just age-reversed him.

Her horn glowed again and six bright lights flashed above her head. Twilight looked up, horrified to see all six of the teachers, no longer wearing their Element of Harmony necklaces.

True I guess 😅 I'm just getting a little intense

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