• Published 30th May 2021
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Flurry Heart's Story: Apple Family Memories - AleximusPrime

Flurry Heart is introduced to Applejack’s twins, Apple Chip and Annie Smith, but they are having a hard time coping with the loss of their late great-grandmother, Granny Smith.

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Chapter 1

Yona led Flurry Heart down the path to Sweet Apple Acres just beyond Ponyville. Behind them were Storm Streak, Pound Cake, Pumpkin Cake, and Spike. Flurry was finally going to meet Applejack’s family as a part of her goal to befriend more ponies and form a small group of friends like Twilight once did.

Stormy flew above as everyone continued to walk. He couldn’t stop asking Flurry all sorts of questions about her time with Tirek yesterday.

“So did Tirek turn into a giant centaur and terrorize the entire animal sanctuary?” he blabbered on.

“Hehe, not quite, Stormy,” Flurry said, smiling sarcastically.

“I’ll bet he got so big he caused earthquakes everywhere he stepped! Maybe he even shot a big laser beam at the ground and made a ditch so deep that it became another Ghastly Gorge!”

“I’m pretty certain everyone in Ponyville would have known if that actually happened, Stormy,” Pound said as Pumpkin couldn’t help but giggle through her teeth.

“Yeah I know, but it woulda been so cool! Yona and the other teachers could have come in with the Elements and BOOOOOOM! Turn him right into stone!”

“Tirek’s got some other problems he needs working out, Storm,” Spike said to the energetic little pegasus.

“Yeah, he’s not too happy with his family and he needs some time to think it out,” Flurry added.

“Aw, he actually sounds like quite a softy deep down, Flurry,” Pumpkin said.

“Maybe he is. We’ll see. For right now, I’m happy I can finally meet the Apple twins here!”

“Apple Chip and Annie Smith really good kids, Flurry,” Yona told her. “We getting close to
Sweet Apple Acres so get ready.”

With a smile on her face, Flurry looked ahead and saw Applejack and her husband Tex waiting by the entrance to their house. Tex was the son of Applejack’s father’s old friend Burnt Oak. He was an earth pony just like her and had the same build as her brother Big Macintosh. He had a green coat with maroon hair and wore a blue bandana with white spots and a Stetson hat. His cutie mark was a cactus in the desert with the sun shining behind it. He didn’t speak with a southern accent like Applejack, but his voice was deep and masculine. Applejack had also taken to wearing a red bandana and had one side of her hair done in a woven pigtail. They walked on a bit further, but Stormy couldn’t help himself and flew ahead to let them both know they had come.

“Applejack, Tex, we’re here!” he told them as he circled around once and then flew back to the others.

“Howdy there, Storm Streak!” Applejack said, waving to him. “C’mon, Tex! Let’s go say hi!”

“Chip, Annie, Princess Flurry Heart’s here!” Tex called up to a window in their house.

“Hey, Applejack!” Flurry said.

“Heeeey, Flurry! It’s been a while, kid!” Applejack replied, giving her a hug.

“It’s great to see you guys again! You too, Tex!”

“Flurry, I can’t believe how tall you’re getting! The last time I saw you, I could’ve sworn you were about one or two inches shorter!”

“Yeah, feels like it’s been forever. I never got a chance to see Sweet Apple Acres or meet your kids.”

“Doncha’ worry your horseshoes, Flurr, cuz we got em here today!” Applejack added as she and Tex moved aside to allow their kids to walk in.

The front door to their house opened and a yellow colt with green hair and reddish eyes rushed out. He didn’t speak with the same southern accent that his mother had, but he had inherited her freckles. His cutie mark was a bright red apple. This was their son Apple Chip.

“Hey there!” he said, walking up to Flurry. “It’s great to finally see you, Flurry Heart! I’m Apple Chip but you can just call me Chip for short.”

“It’s great to see you, Chip,” Flurry said, shaking his hoof. “Is your sister around?”

“Annie? You back there? Come say hi to Flurry,” Tex said, looking back.

Behind him was a small filly that looked a bit scared. She had the same color coat as her brother, but her hair was red and her eyes were green. Her mane was done up in two pigtails wrapped in blue bows and a third bow wrapped at the end of her tail. She had freckles on her cheeks and her cutie mark was exactly like his only it was a green apple. Like Chip, she also didn’t speak with a southern accent. She looked out from behind her father and then slowly walked forward and began to smile.

“It’s…good to see you, Flurry,” she said, bashfully. “I’m Annie Smith. You can call me Annie.”

“We’re the Apple Twins!” Chip said, walking next to his sister and putting his arm around her.

“Happy to meet you two,” Flurry replied, merrily. “I’ve been having a great time in Ponyville and I’m glad I could finally come to Sweet Apple Acres.”

“Thanks for bringin’ her here, Yona,” Applejack said to Yona as she let Flurry get acquainted with her kids. “I know Twilight’s really been itchin’ to let her niece get some friendship lessons learnt. I told her right from the start that it’d be a great idea. Reminds me of the time Twilight first came to our farm over ten years ago, ‘cept we ain’t stuffin Flurry full of apple treats this time. Hehe!”

“Happy to help, Applejack!” Yona replied, cheerfully. “When yak hear about Flurry, yak knew it good idea. Flurry do really good when we figure out how to stop Red Beast!”

“So that guy really was a changeling, eh?”

“Yep. Bad changelings still out there.”

“We’ll keep our eyes peeled.”

“Well, Yona need to get back home now. Spike, take care of Flurry and friends.”

“Wish me luck! I’m gonna be with six kids this time!” Spike said, saluting.

“Bye Yona! Thanks for recommending the Apple Family for me!” Flurry told her yak friend.

“BYE YONA!” they all said, waving.

“Well hey, Chip, Annie, your mother and I are gonna go inside and get some lunch around. Why don’t you two show Flurry around the farm,” Tex said to his kids.

“Great idea, Dad!” Chip replied, cheerfully. “Come on, Flurry!”

Flurry followed Chip and Annie with Spike and the others close behind as Chip began to tell her about their land. Spike gave a big thumb up to Applejack and Tex as they winked back at him.

“Feels great to finally have Flurry here,” said Tex. “The kids are all gonna be great friends to her.”

“Ya think Annie’s gonna be ok?” Applejack asked, concerned. “She seemed a little moody back there at first.”

“Yeah, she’s still coping but I think she’ll be fine. Having everyone over like this should get her mind off of Granny.”

“Yer right. They’re gonna be great friends.”