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The centuries-long rule of Celestia and Luna has come to an end. Now, it is Twilight Sparkle, the Princess of Friendship, who watches over the ponies of Equestria. To stand as leader of a whole nation is a daunting thing, but the young alicorn is more than ready. With her closest friends by her side, she's ready to face this great challenge, one day at a time.

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Let the hijinks and shenanigans begin...

Pinkie leaned in towards Fluttershy, whispering to her. "Hm, he's pretty good at that."

Is this an Avengers: Endgame reference?

Also, will all these be chronological or will we be bouncing backwards and forwards in time?

To bad Flash didn’t come back. I think they could had done a good job with Twilight/Flash relationship.


First words spoken next chapter 10 bits

How many trenchant observations can we expect the nobility to try to subtly work in to the next few minutes.

Excellent job on the first chapter of this new series. I especially liked Twilight's friends being there for her on her first day as ruler of Equestria. Plus, Pinkie did a great "Leaning on the Fourth Wall" bit with her "It's December" line. Yeah, I can definitely see Cadance assigning Flash to Twilight like that AND her friends engaging in some good natured teasing. Considering past bad experience with the nobility (with the exception of Fancy Pants), I don't envy Twilight right now, but I can understand the "wanting to get it over with".

Anyway, really good work on the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in all the right places and I can see immense potential in this series.

For example, Twilight visiting Celestia and Luna in Silver Shoals in a future chapter.

Or the monthly Council of Friendship meetings.

Or Twilight's Canterlot friends (Moondancer, Lemon Hearts, Twinkle Shine and Minuette) paying her a post-coronation visit.

Or Twilight popping in occasionally to help out Starlight and the others at her old Friendship School when she isn't too busy.

Or Sunset Shimmer returning to Equestria permanently after finishing college (that's years down the road, admittedly, but that just gives you more time to think of stuff to add if you like the idea).

Or Pinkie's wedding to Cheese Sandwich (again, years down the road, but that just means LOTS of thinking time)

Or some of the future adventures shown on the stained glass windows being shown in greater detail (once more, years down the road, but it does mean plenty of thinking time)

And, I apologize for letting myself get carried away with my thoughts.

Anyway, I'm VERY definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

Ok I like this so far, can't wait to see what type of hijinks the gang get to during Twilight's rule! :twilightsheepish:

At least Flash Sentry got a cameo appearance in Twilight Sparkle’s characters montage in β€œThe Magic of Friendship Grows”. There is also still the possibility that Flash Sentry could get a chance in the spotlight in the upcoming Season 10 comic books scheduled for April 2020. If Flash Sentry reappears in the Season 10 comic books, I hope he and Twilight will get to interact together as friends.

I like how this looks so far, especially how Cadance sent Flash to Twilight. I kinda hope the two of them hook up eventually, since Flashlight is my favorite mlp ship.


Also, the rest of the story was sweet too. I'd LOVE to see more of Flash down the road even in a shipless context.

I still hate the fact that Twilight is the solo ruler of Equestria. IT'S SO UNBALANCED LIKE THAT! :flutterrage:

What are the odds of Spike's special somegriffin making a splash?


I mean, Celestia did handle all the burocracy and policy decision making while Luna was all to herself.

That's the thing! Celestia is just making Twilight SUFFER the same thing she had dealt with before! :twilightangry2:

Pointless. Completely Pointless for the Sisters. -_-

good stuff, let's hope the next update doesn't take a MONTH

An early warning system? Unheard of.

Can Twilight get a conspiracy theorist of two? I could easily see someone construe this as Twilight spying on her citizenry.

Why does government procedure in an Equestria setting make me so happy?

As McCode points out, Celestia ruled solo for one thousand years with no support of any description. Not to mention Luna doesn't really seem to do much in terms of official duties apart from speak at her subjects AT THIS VOLUME!

We have already seen that Twilight is one of the most powerful alicorns to have ever lived. This should be no problem for her.




This conversation in a nutshell.

NEXT CHAPTER she gets in touch with sunset and asks about satellites

hey sunset im rulling now, you know how i learnt about satalites in your world.

ya see i had this idea to have one in space and strap the elements to it that way when my wonderbolt scouts spot something i can solve the the problem before it gets here

se i got incontact with some of my scientists and they threw this together what do you think

Absolutely excellent job on this latest chapter. The exchange between Twilight, Spike and Spitfire concerning expanding the Wonderbolts' role was simply superb. And, for another griffon recruit, you can bet Gabby would jump at the chance. Not only does she have the talent AND heart for that sort of work, but it would ALSO allow her to see Spike more often (as he is basically the "number one" of Equestria's new ruler/the Wonderbolts' boss).

Anyway, the characterizations, general wrap-up and future chapter set-up are all quite well done in all the right places.

And still other possibilities for future stories:

Some stuff showing the Flim-Flam Brothers on the path of redemption (they were included in Applejack's "friends' memories" image during the finale of "The Magic of Friendship Grows", which implies that they DID reform during the two decade time-skip).

Celestia, Luna, Shining Armor, Cadance and Flurry Heart visiting Twilight and Spike during her first Hearth's Warming as Equestria's ruler.

The first "Festival of the Two Sisters" AFTER Celestia and Luna's retirement (which is still some months down the road, but DOES have some potential as a one chapter story).

Luna setting up a support group for reformed villains as a way to keep herself busy in retirement while still being useful.

Discord doing assorted work for Fluttershy and the rest of the Mane Six (and Spike) as a way to further make up for his mess-up that COULD have gone much, MUCH worse.

Gabby and Ember meeting each other during a mass diplomatic gathering of the assorted realms.

And, I realize that I once again let my thoughts get carried away with me and I apologize for that once more.

Anyway, VERY definitely going to be looking forward to more of this.

Well, that's what it is. Apart, that is, from the fact that Equestria doesn't have citizens. It has subjects of the Crown, like any monarchy.

Pretty good suggestion from Twilight about expanding the Wonderbolts duties regarding early warning system & problem spots all around Equestria. Very proactive of her & his #1 assistant. :raritywink:

The centuries-long rule of Celestia and Luna has come to an end.

Well, Celestia, anyway; Luna's been 'ruling' for only a hoofful of years, considering her thousand-year time-out.

Good idea, Twilight. Expand the Wonderbolts ranks and make them Equestria's eyes and ears.

:rainbowderp: She is doing it... She has it all plan out.

She will have all eyes and hears across Equestria then the world. She will rule the world with her smartbook.

All Hail The Mighty Nerd Egg Head :rainbowkiss:

The thing is.... was it even mentioned in the show at all prior to the final season? :/

And no, Celestia doing that joke at the end of Horse Play from Season 8 doesn't count. :/

This is another good chapter. I liked Twilight and Spike's conversation with Spitfire and how they suggested letting non-Pegasus join the Wonderbolts. Maybe that means Silverstream's dream will come true and she will get the honor of being the first one.

YES! Silverstream is going to get her dream! :rainbowkiss:

This looks like a good start. I will definitely be following this. :twilightsmile:

Again, nice work with this chapter. Good to see Twilight working to set up improvements. :twilightsmile:

.....This plan is BRILLIANT!!!!!

Twilight smiled. "Don't worry, Chancellor. I think I might be able to help on that front."

you understate what you can do Twilight.

Love it! Nothing better than reading old characters learn new tricks!

Will some of these characters recur in the story? I'd love it if Neighsay could drop by every now and again to give some updates on the expansion of the School of Friendship.

Hmmm, wouldn't Neighsay and Twilight have to recruit, interview, and train more educators to meet the demand of opening more schools and taking in more students at already existing schools? I'm just saying. :applejackunsure:

:rainbowderp: With the plans of building more temples (schools) of Her Supreme Friendship that will force every creature to be educated and brainwashed to being faithful followers of the Egghead Herself.

And now history is being rewritten. Rip Unicorn School :raritycry:

All Hail the Bookworm :twilightblush:

(Also, whatever happened to BlueBlood) :rainbowderp:

I imagine him having a private panic attack with his therapist later.

Hello there. Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. I LOVED Twi's chat with Neighsay. Both sides made good points and it is good to see Neighsay making positive progress. And, yeah, Spike's friendship with Big Mac was definitely showing toward the end. :-D

At any rate, excellent job on the exchange, characterizations, general chapter wrap-up and future chapter set-up in all the right places and I will VERY certainly looking forward to more of this.

I'm sure Blueblood was included (just not by name) in the first chapter - at least in passing. I do believe they DID say that most (if not all) the nobles were there. Still, it would be good to see them show Blueblood making an in-person appearance perhaps, as a nod to the comics, proving to be a surprisingly competent diplomat. Or, as a nod to a fan theory that has gained at least SOME popularity, having it be revealed that he only uses the "major jerk" persona to discourage the gold diggers and he is quite capable of being legitimately respectful under the right circumstances. Heck, a combination of BOTH might be interesting to see.


Yeah, I could see that too. :-D

Quite interesting to see Twilight addressing Neighsay about expanding the School of Friendship teachings besides Ponyville, also loved at how protective Spike was of Twilight considering how he was towards her during S8. :moustache:

Neighsay might have been a racist jerk for a long time but at least he is slowly changing for the better, and with Twilight's rule over the kingdom now is the best time for those changes.

Come on Cady. That’s literally step one of finding a match.

I know Cadance, I know. :ajsleepy: Dang! I wish that ship still had a chance in this story, but I can take this.

Twist Ending: He married Twilight in secret, and they're pranking poor Cadance.

You know what make the Crystal Empire independent instead of basically being Equestria’s Protectorate.

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