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A princess who loved a good tune,
Ventured to take up the bassoon.
But her playing all night
Did her sister incite
To banish her back to the moon.

But all the musicians unite
To save the princess of the night.
They fight to defend
Their bassoonist friend
And see this injustice put right.

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“Violins raise a bow.
“You have nothing to lose but your strings.”

Just a moment. I need to go close the office door before everybody comes over here to see what all the laughter is about.

I must say your project's ambitious
But it still holds aspects pernicious.
The concept intrigues
But limerick fatigue
In readers will prove all too vicious.

For your rhymes and your rhythm are off.
And at some of them I have to scoff.
I can barely construe
What you've put these words through.
I must say that my hat I can't doff.

But perhaps I am simply a snob.
As an author you've done a good job.
For your tale of a sun
Who declares "No more fun"
Has done anything but make me sob.

Yes, the narrative told by your verse
Makes it clear that it could be much worse.
It's not hundred percent
But I have to relent,
It's not something I'd dump in the furze.

So I thank you for something unique.
There are parts here and there that may squeak
But when taken as one
It was all in good fun
And I'm glad that I did take a peek.

"Do you hear the people sing, singing the song of angry men?"

Probably not when they are all on the moon.

There was first a short-lived despair
But to fix this trouble,
They magicked a bubble,
And filled it with gas with great care.

Oh dear.

...Who else here first thought Luna was holding a shotgun when seeing the coverart? :twilightoops: :twilightblush: :facehoof:

I normally loathe poem-stories, but this was fantastic, and a genuinely cute plot as well.

As a euphonium player, it is my duty to hate on the bassoon.

Hmm... Your user name sounds familiar. Were you at BronyCon by chance?


Funny many modern libraries do not require people to be all that quiet. Yelling no but you do not have to whisper and my wife (a librarian in Ohio in the USA) is always having to remind people that you do not have to whisper.


Lol I am also a Euphonium player and I was going to make a comment too. Granted I do not hate the bassoon so much. They barely exist sadly in many bands and fairly rare in high schools. Usually I end up hating on some other instruments more like the egophones.

You have to respect bassoon players though they have to use their thumbs. I did better with the oboe though.

This was very well executed and genuinely very funny. The musical revolution chapter was a particular highlight.
Great work! :raritywink:

i would have to agree with fanofmosteverything
in the end it is quirte something
of that i have no doubt
it is something to shout
to not give it a rhumbs up i would be lamenting!

You wouldn't expect me to miss a scientific detail in one of my stories, would you?

Some see a harmless musician. Others see a dangerous revolutionary. What does she have in that violin case?

No I wasn't at bronycon. Whoever you met there must have been an imposter.


You have to respect bassoon players though they have to use their thumbs.

So additional respect due to players with hooves.

Wow! A limerick about Luna playing a bassoon. Okay, the bassoon hasn't even shown up yet, and I already love it.

I can't believe that you wrote 9 chapters worth of story in limerick. :pinkiegasp:

Go to YouTube and look up Super Mario Bassoon quartet. It's amazing.

“I have well considered her right, “But must hold justice in clear sight. “As we have heard here “The law is quite clear: “Loud noises are banned in the night.”

It took a week for them to get to this conclusion? :ajbemused: Really?

Well, that happened. On an entirely different note, I just found a Disney Princess medley on bassoon in YouTube. Who knew something with such a silly name can sound so beautiful?

For the moon was easy to bare With all of her friends also there. They all took their chance, Made music and dance, Played and sang, Au clair de la terre.

Bare: to uncover
Bear: to endure

For a while this quiet endured. But soon their release was secured. They would be called back To fight an attack, As a new twist of fate occurred.

Don't tell me it's Windigos. :ajbemused:

Oh, parasprites! Of course! I almost forgot that those existed. :twilightsheepish:

Ahh! The bassoon quartet that did the Disney princess medley also did the Pokemon theme song on bassoon. It's glorious. :pinkiehappy:

9177303 It's Twilight. She wanted to examine each possible precedent in great detail before rendering her verdict.

I look forward to reading this. My immediate reaction is that It's an ill wind...

I once had a whim and I had to obey it
to buy a french horn in a second-hand shop.
I polished it up and I started to play it
in spite of the neighbours who begged me to stop.

I am sorry about your father.

I could never write an whole story in limerick. You are very talented and put in much effort.

Nope. She banished the lot of them too.

I just lol'd at that in real life
My dog, thought she heard some strife
She jumped onto my bed,
Is now licking my head.
Ensuring that I am alright.

I feel like having hooves would complicate things greatly when it comes to playing the bassoon.

Also, coming from a bassoon player, magic is cheating. Heh.

Is labelling chapters/verses 'fits' a reference to "The Hunting of the Snark"?

...Only just saw this while looking for something else. Haven't read it yet.

Yes. It was also used by Douglas Adams with the Hitchhikers' Guide to the Galaxy original radio series.

I need to listen to those, but stateside it tends to be somewhat expensive.

Author Interviewer

A story that's all limerick
Clearly wins in the game of fanfic.
Pineta demonstrates
Poetry is the great
Way we have now to measure his

capability as an author, what'd you think I was going to say?

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