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He's inane at times, gets drunk, curses, and loves his marsh-mellow. He used to travel space and time, saving the universe for a living. Now he's gone mad... and is certainly a mad-stallion with a box.

(Oh, and let's not forget Captain Jack.)

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As long as it involves Discord!!

333812 That was so dark and depressing...
I love it. I am CRYING OF ITS BEAUTY!!! I love it's darkness.
Im slightly sadistic...

I joined, mainly because of the first photo. I'm into Discorded ponies. It amuses me about how much of total opposites to themselves they can be.

Here's an offer for the wallpaper (to spice up the group a bit, because why not?), if you want.


I actually have this as my laptop wallpaper; it's so awesome.


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