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Okay, so it doesn't actually say that on the FAQ any more. But there's still stuff missing from it, and some stuff that's out of date, and it's not always that easy to read.
And where's the sections about NSFW links and the roleplaying ban? It's not really complete if it doesn't tell you all the rules.

So that's what we're doing here. I've got a copy of the faq posted here that I'm doing lots of rewrites on, and everyone can post comments to let me know things that should be changed or revised. That'll be sort of the Unofficial Official FAQ.

I plan to do a secondary Supplemental FAQ at some point, too, that just covers the stuff not in the actual official one. This group is a place where you can post other FAQ's, too, though. Do you have things that you think need their own faq, but shouldn't be in the main one? Post your own thread for any other FAQ's you come up with. Note that they might be deleted if they are offensive or kinda dumb. I'd like them to actually be useful.

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Hi, Pine!

--Sweetie Belle


I'm still working on it, though I'm not sure what I'm doing with the rules post yet. I also haven't had much chance to make any changes this weekend.

--Sweetie Belle

392078 Looking at the official one, it really hasn't been massively rewritten. It's still riddled with grammar problems, among other things. We still have our work cut out for us.
A semi-programmatic mechanism for fresh group detection has evaluated your group and marked it ‘new’. The listing of this group in New Groups was initiated as a consequence. Congratulations!

Heh, nice!
I wonder if the existence of this group sped things up.


Yay! The group name's been updated.

I can already see spots where my versions easier to read and things that have been missed (You can't delete the biography module cause knighty already did!), so I'll try to sort of merge the new official version's changes into the unofficial version.

I suppose I've got a lot of revision to do on the main page now. :unsuresweetie:

--Sweetie Belle


Done and updated.


That must be frustrating, if you guys have done a bunch of work on it. I hope one of them notices this group and decides to take care of it.

Once the new faq is up, I'll copy it here, and try to keep it up to date based on comments, like I was starting to do with the old one. If neither of them does get to it, you can always post it here, or send me a copy and I'll post it, so that it's actually out there. Unfortunately, whoever posts the post is stuck editing it. I've wished many times that group admins could edit other user's posts, with some sort of an "Edited by" thing, but that's a different topic.

Were the two of you the ones that did the revisions? I saw Meeester answering a bunch of questions in the FAQ comments, and I thought that'd be a good place to look for things that should be in the faq...

--Sweetie Belle

Well... wow. :facehoof:

I don't agree with the Knighty-bashers. I know it's hard running a website.
He does disappoint me sometimes, though.


392058 Revisions are *complete*. They have been complete for some time. All that needs to happen now is an admin needs to take 5 minutes to update it on the site.

That is literally the only holdup.



Nope, just knighty and Xaq being slow to push our rewritten FAQ through.

The official FAQ's already been rewritten, and just needs to be posted, per Meeester.

So... what's the holdup?
Oh... wait.
I bet the new FAQ also covers the proposed non-pony side of Fimfiction, so they're waiting to roll both of them out at the same time.

The fact that this group has to exist is further proof that Knighty is bloody incompetent as the head admin. Cheers for actually bothering, my friend! :pinkiehappy:


Thanks. It's been bugging me for a long time. I just finally get around to doing something about it. Though I guess now there'll actually be a new FAQ soon, since it turns out it's already been rewritten...

--Sweetie Belle

SweetAI Belle, thank you for making this group. :twilightsmile:

I do wonder if anyone other than knighty even has an ETA for when the main FAQ will be updated...


Well, I've already done a bunch of updates to the FAQ in this thread, including an entirely new section, so even if knighty ignores this group, there's already a better version of the FAQ...

--Sweetie Belle

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