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An Old MFAB Second Chapter Draft · 6:47am June 12th

You know, I never continued Magical Filly Apple B, and I suspect I never will, but I do have a fair amount of an old draft lying around for the second chapter.

I remember I really felt like I needed to go through and revise Twist's familiar's accent, as it was getting rather out of control. I was having trouble with Twist's lisp, a bit, too.

Diamond's minion... would probably have been controversial. I still rather like it.

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Familiarity Signal Boost / JWI excerpt · 6:18am Jan 10th, 2018

Just thought I'd provide a signal boost to Fervidor's new story, Familiarity.

Scootaloo's life changes forever when she meets Fang, a strange magician who is not what she seems. As the two grow closer, secrets are revealed. What does it mean to be a familiar?
Fervidor · 69k words  ·  144  8 · 1.9k views

I'm tagging this with Just Winging It, since there are some elements in common, and I think people that like it might also like Familiarity, from what I've read so far.

Full disclosure: I helped Fervidor work out a few issues by pm on this story. Also, it has influences from Howl's Moving Castle, which was a great book.

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Convention Safety · 9:22am Dec 31st, 2017

While I should probably do a post on having updated Cubic Zirconia, in this case, I'm doing a signal boost on horizon's latest blog, as it is a subject people really should be aware of:
The elephant in the equine room


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I'm All Right · 7:51pm Oct 2nd, 2017

Just a quick note, as it occurred to me that some people may remember that I live in Las Vegas.

I'm totally fine. The only time I went out yesterday was to the grocery store, and thankfully I was not where the shooting occurred. First I knew about it was this morning, when I went into Facebook, and it asked me to confirm that I'm alright.

A good number of people I know locally have already confirmed that they're fine, though I haven't heard from absolutely everyone yet.

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Yeah, I suck... (re: writing, or the lack therein) · 10:03am Aug 13th, 2017

I was just looking, and Cubic Zirconia hasn't been updated in almost a year. I promise I haven't forgotten about it.

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On Birthdays and Windows · 7:41am Apr 16th, 2017

Just thought I'd catch everyone up on the events of the last couple days.

First off, Tuesday night, while I was in the back room of my apt, working, I heard a loud crash. It took me a couple minutes to be able to go investigate, and when I did, I found someone had broken my kitchen window.

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On my progress, or lack thereof. · 6:45am Feb 19th, 2017


I know I rarely post any blogs. I had intended to at least occasionally do ones about writing progress, but unfortunately, that only works if you actually are making writing progress. Between my own issues, procrastination, and overtime at work, that hasn't really been happening. the longer it's been since I've written anything, the harder it is, too.

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Dark and Deep · 5:08pm Oct 8th, 2016

Just thought I'd let everyone know that Midnight29 just did a reading of Dark and Deep. It's still a story I enjoyed writing, so I'm rather glad to see it get some more exposure, and it's pretty interesting hearing someone else reading it.

Youtube Link

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Yet Another April 14th · 3:02pm Apr 14th, 2016

Another years gone by, and today's my 38th birthday. Took today and tomorrow off, so I'm celebrating with a four days weekend.

I didn't have too much planned, but Square Enix seems to have celebrated my birthday as well, by releasing a remastered version of my favorite Final Fantasy game on steam, Final Fantasy 9.


I've also picked up a Surface 3, so I'm going to be playing with that for a while.

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Sci-Fi Classics Humble Bundle · 5:14am Feb 18th, 2016

For anyone interested, I felt I should point out the Sci-fi Classics Humble Bundle currently running (for what looks like two weeks).

As usual for the humble bundles, you get some of the books no matter how much ytou pay, same if you pay more then average, and in this case, some if you pay 15$ or more. Here's a list of what's in there:

Damnation Alley - Roger Zelazny

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