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Sadly empty. :(

This seems like an interesting group, but is it still alive?

I know I'm kinda working on valve-time, but I'm sure that I'm relatively close to release.
That came out wrong.
Came. Heh heh.
That is to say, I think that I'll be able to confirm that all the mod's features are working with my current test fort, and then release the new version of the Rampage Edition.

My two favorite things: Ponies, and Dwarf Fortress.

Huh. Did not even know anybody was doing a transcription of Duskfields. I'll put in the hyperlink now.

Edit: Uh... I can't seem to find your transcription... Where is it?

Heyo Paad!

Great work on Dawnpick So far - Great timing too!

My Transcript of Duskfield's first chapter is complete as well. It'll be great to hyperlink your transcript to Duskfields so the general story stays all chained together!

Thanks for helping out!


  • Viewing 1 - 6 of 6
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