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We are the group that shows the might of any Imperium personal. Be they the simple Techpriests, or massive Dreadnoughts.

The sanctioned laws of the Imperium:
-If you do not abide by the established law below you will be named a Heretic for not following the Emperor's Will and will face the Inquisition. (Punished According to Severity, Repeated Attempts, or Both)
-Do not start unnecessary flame wars, we must be united to purge Xeno scum.
-Do not Troll.
-Do not speak Heresy in the forums. This means claiming any Xeno scum is better than Humanity.
-Do not post Heresy in either the story folders or forums. Any one of those disgusting "Conversion Bureau" stories will not be permitted unless Mankind comes out on top in a glorious fashion.
-Follow the Laws of the Universe. (Site Rules)
-If the Emperor has reached a decision on something, do not argue with Him.

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