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Holy shit I keep forgetting this place is even a thing. I should probably do some stuff on here...


When a woman is broken, usually that is the end of her. It would have been for me, but I have been given another chance. My broken body has been reformed into something new, something with purpose and drive. I now live to bring peace. I speak for it, I ask for it, I fight for it, and, if need be, I will die for it. This world has seen war for far too long. This beautiful world of color and light will know peace once more before I lay down to rest and rejoin my loved ones. My name is Michiko of the Takeshi family, and I am descended from the Emperors of Japan. I will not stop until my divine mission is complete.

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Holy shit, this is really good so far. I like that you've chosen a Japanese background and mythology for this story. My only question is, Is this part of the Chess game of the Gods Universe? Or is this your own? From the description given it certainly sounds like the former. I hope to see more of this some time soon:twilightsmile:


Thanks for the compliments! Yes, this is indeed part of the Chess Game of the Gods group. I've been dancing around them for ages, so I finally buckled down and wrote one of my own. :rainbowlaugh:

1978907 Ah I see, so is this part of the cluster F*** where everyone is part of the same universe or is it on it's own like Echo and a few others?


Now that would be telling. :raritywink: You'll have to wait and see...

1978921 Ah I see, I asked about that because you're part of the group but didn't file the story and now I see why. Alright then, I eagerly await the next chapter:twilightsmile:

Okay. This is... Decent. I see possibilities for this story. I shall see how long you go with this...


please more!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fluttershysad:


Heh, alright alright. Calm yourself. I'm workin' on the next bit right now.

yay! thx :twilightsmile:

is the next chapter done yet? please tell me yes.


:twilightblush: Ehehehe... well... I won't lie. I've been really caught up in doing some commissions. I'm kinda in a situation right now where my art commissions are my only source of income. So, unfortunately, I am not finished with this new chapter. It'll be here soon though!

ok, I understand :moustache:

Never heard batponies described as lóngmǎ before. I take it that that is the japanese version? 'cause usually they are called nightkin(not sure of the spelling on that one) or thestrals.



Chinese mythology actually. Fun fact: Any horse that was big enough was referred to as a dragon in ancient China!

jeez, so many foxes...


Yeah that has kinda bugged me too, but I started working on this idea months ago. It just took me awhile to get it polished enough for publishing. I think that you'll find that this "fox" will be rather different than the others. :twilightsmile:

I see, back then there was maybe one or two fics in the chessverse with foxes, but now there's plenty more. A good fic needs plenty of planning, but sometimes that wait causes problems. Its good to know that yours will be unique, though. Good luck! :twilightsmile:

Yea sorry about that mate. Good things we worked out some differences between our protagonist.

How do you hold a katana with paws? Do you have the magic of thumbs?
A shadow crouched on top of a building watching the crumpled body below. He stood up and walked away.


I'm getting there. However, since you did ask nicely, I shall try to explain. *ahem* MAGIC! :twilightsheepish: In all seriousness though, she has low level telekinesis, so she can either use that TK to grip it with her paws or levitate it on it's own. Make sense?

Yep! Almost every creature in this god forsaken planet can pick stuff up with their hooves, and it freaks Twilight out over it. She now has panic attacks whenever someone mentions it. She also panics whenever she unintentionally uses her magic pockets.
There was another fox somewhere who doesn't have the magic of magnetic limbs, and I wanted to see how you explain it.

Appletank out.


Okay. now that that's over with- Is this story any good? Let's find out.
*starts reading*

Looks like she's headed for adventure!
*Puts on sunglasses*

"With a katana!"


We are surprised by our want to read more of this. We do hope you continue this.

Hurry and do moar already! It's been 13 weeks!


Sorry bro, but the wait will be continuing for quite some time. Kinda having to deal with the financial responsibility of supporting my whole family due to employment issues that everyone is dealing with. Once that gets settled, I'll be getting back to this and my other projects.

Interesting tale old chap. Repeat it once more.:moustache:

2471349 sorry to hear you're having troubles, mate.

3625517 Seems to have been dead for quite some time.

waw that is a good story and I hope that there is more

2471349 sorry to hear that hope; it clears up soon and have a good time.

If this story is dead, please tell us. That would be really nice.

Aww this got cancelled and It looked like it was goin to be really good well still keeping it in my faves it's a great story

Kinda hope this is adopted, cause this is good.

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