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Sometimes, it is better to speak without saying anything at all. But when not saying anything at all is the only option, it can make life much harder.

A man awakes in a new place, alone, yet not. Will he meet someone, or somepony, that will accept him for his differences?

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This is probably the most realistic waking up in Equestria that I've ever read, well done. I'll track this and see where it goes.

Edit: 2 dislikes? What the... I presume they are because this is a human in Equestria fic and most people just downvote them immediately :/ I can't see anything wrong with it.

Hm, not bad thus far. Some of the sentences seemed a bit awkwardly structured, like at the beginning where the main character was describing the grass, otherwise it seems to have promise. Seeing how you have written romance stories before, the best advice I can give you is to not rush the relationship, let it flow slowly like a creek. Good luck with the story, I shall be tracking it.

not bad so far im liking where this is going.................bighoof :rainbowlaugh:

Nice can't wait for the new cha:yay::trollestia::raritywink:pters

this is why i watch you for updates
you produces awesome storys :pinkiehappy:
also is that a new profile pic? or have you had it for a while and i just not noticed?

1090876 Thanks, I try to be realistic. Give the reader a nice picture in their head.

1090878 I've noticed I can do that sometimes. I try to mix up my use of descriptive words, i.e., not using one more than once in a close parameter, and attempt to describe the story like it is a thought if the character is thinking or wondering. Didn't plan on rushing the relationship, not on my life.

1090880 Bighoof is real! I've seen him with my own eyes!

1091015 Number Two's coming pretty soon.

1091326 Fairly new, yes. Love that goddamn reaction pic, so I made it my profile pic. Druggie Rainbow Dash is best Rainbow Dash.

1091755 Same here. :rainbowderp: I can't avoid the wonderful shipping of the undeniably best pony! :rainbowkiss:

Thanks everyone, for reading so far, commenting, liking, disliking, et cetera. I appreciate it all (even the dislikes, they let me know I'm not flawless). Working on Two now, hopefully it will explain the main focus of the story a little better. :rainbowwild: To writing, tally ho!

1091839 ITS ALL A LIE THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1091848 I thought we were talking about Bighoof? :rainbowlaugh:

1091877 oh we are darling :raritywink:


Another terrific beginning to another terrific story! :pinkiehappy: Oh and,


1092114 Thanks, glad to see you like it so far!

I just released Chapter Two. :D Maybe that will explain some more as to where I'm taking this.

Story has one chapter
Story has two chapters

well this is one awkward introduction but i like it none the less good job :twilightsmile:

So... some bad past experience makes him unwilling to talk? Geez, you'd think he'd appreciate being able to convey ideas better than with a quill.

I'm really interested in what ideas you have for how he got here, I hope it won't be a cop-out. I'm looking forward to more!

Well, this is diffrent, but also interesting! :O

Wait, so does he not talk because of something traumatizing that happened, or he can talk but he's too frightened? Now I'm confused.:derpyderp2: But good stuff man, good stuff. Can't wait to read more. :twilightsmile:

1093870 That would be traumatized. If you've ever written with a quill, you'd know you would much rather talk than write with a quill. Maybe it's writing with a quill that traumatized him? :rainbowwild:

Well, some mixed opinions for now, but, let's see if I can take this somewhere. Again, thanks for all the opinions and such, I appreciate them.

Enjoying it so far.

1095697 Glad to hear it. I hope I can continue to please with later chapters.

Working on Three now, actually, might be done fairly soon.

Edit: :rainbowderp: I hit exactly 3k words with chapter three. Let me know what ya'll think.

Man, you update fast. What's more, you update fast and make good, decent-size chapters. Which is very good. :pinkiehappy:

1096486 My updating streak might end soon with school and all coming up. Last week of freedom, so I'm using it (un)wisely and writing ponies a lot.

Ah, very true. But at least you'll have quite a few out there beforehand!

1097984 Yes, indeed. Give myself a little head start, at the least.

*read chapter 2 yesterday and checks for chapter 3 today just to be sure* I wasn't expecting that already. :derpyderp2:

1098283 Thanks. Derpy suits the 'Me Gusta' meme well.

1098347 Neither was I. :rainbowderp:

1105838 Don't kill me, little babby man!

Pronounce 'babby' like Arnold Schwarzenegger. :rainbowwild:

Edit: I've noticed the longer this sits, the better the like/dislike ratio gets. I won't question, instead I'm going to start on the next chapter. *slowly backs out of the room*

nice. you even got pinkes 4th wll breakage.:pinkiehappy::yay::trixieshiftleft:

Geez, another chapter already? :pinkiegasp: Not that I'm not happy. :twilightsmile:
^Double negative

so he has the ability to speak but chooses not too hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Y U NO SPEAK 2 PONIES!!!!

*listens to

* This day was going to be perfect...
*story gets good* BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM BUM

1113383 I try. Not sure if I went too far with it, Pinkie's level of fourth-wall-breakage is hard to match.

1113738 Will probably slow down noticeably now, being that school starts tomorrow for me. Weekends, I'll get a lot of writing done, weekdays, I'll try to get some done, so hopefully I can keep up fairly well with my current pace.

1114837 The narrator is secretly a hipster. Talking is way too mainstream for him. :rainbowlaugh:

1115808 Ooh, dubstep. The narrator likes that sub-genre of electro. Damn it, Pinkie Pie, telling my readers what my narrator likes to listen to before I do...

Dangit, always when its good enough to actually want me TO KEEP ON READING its always incomplete :facehoof:
Oh well, guess i have to wait.. :twilightsmile:

1122915 I know the feel. Sorry, bro. Also, glad I could hold your interest! :rainbowwild:

The whole non talking part is keeping me from getting interested in it. Hopefully this dude gets some courage to speak otherwise I foresee a very boring monolog unfolding

1126775 Before I actually reply, I would like to thank you for actually saying something negative. I'm sick of all these goody-two-shoe readers!

No, I'm joking. I do appreciate the comment, though, it lets me know I'm not pleasing everyone, which lets me know I'm still a human writer.

Now, on to actually answering you. I'm disappointed to hear that; my intention with writing this was to attempt something new in the HiE genre. In the way that it plays out in my convoluted mind, an inability to speak in an alien world would hinder one even further than they already were. Therefore an inability to state one had good intentions, associate with around the only thing the creatures share in common with them (being that ponies happen to speak the same language as a good percentage of humans), and so on, without quite a bit of hassle. Even so, conveying emotion is still difficult when writing; the way we emphasize words and syllables can change everything about the mood of a statement.

On the topic of growing a pair and deciding to talk...I can't really say much because I plan on introducing what traumatized the narrator badly enough later in the story, mixed with a lot of internal conflict. I suppose I can explain in a more philosophical way, hopefully you don't mind that I enjoy being thorough in my replies to people.

Instances do occur in the physical world where people are so badly traumatized by an event that their body copes in an odd way. Most lose their sanity or resort to suicide, but some lose the ability to do things like, for example, communicate. They shut down, cutting themselves off from society. There is a general rule that if someone does or does not do something for a prolonged period of time, it becomes inherent nature to or to not do said thing. So, if someone didn't talk for a while because something happened that scared or affected them badly enough, say, for a month, it would slowly become second nature to just not talk, much as in the way if someone goes for a jog every day for a month, it becomes much easier for them to continue that routine for another month, another year, the rest of their life.

On the final thing I note in your comment, I do not understand. If by 'very boring monologue unfolding', you mean it will be one where he writes down everything in explanation of what happened or his situation; to me, this is not much different from a normal monologue, spoken. Only difference I can foresee is that there would be quite a lot more internal thought, memory, like author's notes while writing a story. If in the narrator's shoes, I wouldn't want to blatantly describe a traumatic event on paper, even if my only way of communicating was through writing. Though I wouldn't be writing down something like, oh, say, describing how I splattered a man's brains on a wall or something, because that would be too descriptive for the reader, I would still remember it, quite vividly.

Maybe my super-long explanation provided some...comfort in the way of how I plan on making this story interesting. At the same time, maybe it will just be overall uninteresting to you; I understand, I have my own tastes as well. I write at a slower pace, plot-wise, and for some, I draw it out a little too far. But hey, I'm writing this story because I need to get the idea out of my system and for my own pleasure.

Even still, I have an inherent desire to please as many readers as I can. To me, the dislike bar seems much larger than it truly is. To me, three dislikes means that many, many more people did not like it, but did not decide to thumb down or up. Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments on this comment, if I've helped in any way, and so on. Again, I thank you for stating your opinion.

Sorry Chapter Five is taking so long. I get odd intervals to work on it, and it's the longest chapter to date. Should be done by late tonight.

Edit: Man, that took forever. And the day still isn't over (in the story, at least). Sorry for the odd chapter sizes, I just kind of aim for 3k words and go from there. Let me know what you guys think.

This story is DYNAMITE WITH A LAZA BEAM:rainbowlaugh:

Another awesome chapter man + 2 manly:moustache: for you

Fanks guise. :rainbowkiss:

Will be working on next one here soon, probably a lot this weekend.


For now, this is all I can say. When he was shaking Applejack's hand, I immediately thought of this:


1143336 Hah, I was watching the first few episodes again for the first time in a while, and I noticed Applejack damn near tore Twilight's leg off. And if ponies are stronger than humans...

Flawless head-canon logic. :rainbowwild:

This is Awesome.
Another Great Chapter, Here, take this

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