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Honored Service

Army, writer, friend, and wikd imgination. This is a short hobby ive had since 2012. Been a brony since 2010


Update · 2:09am Apr 1st, 2015

Just posting to say that more chapters are inbound, the block has been lifted and expect and increase of chapters being put out. i intend to deliver these bad boys so that you, my faithful readers, can get the readings you deserve. Thanks for all the love and suport that y'all give, its truly amazing to see it every day when i see my notifications.

I'm honored to have readers like you,

Spc. Johnson

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He's Back · 10:15pm Aug 19th, 2013

Thats right everyone, I'm back! Graduated basic tanning and infantry school during the summer and now time to start sophomore year of college. I have two chapters being pre-read now so be on the look out for more Honored Service soon!

Thanks for the support yall gave over the summer!


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One for the Records · 12:30am Mar 26th, 2013

Okay here's the deal men.

I've got less then a month before more army training beings. That's a total of at least 14 weeks of no computer. You can imagine what that entails... that's right your smart cookies, that would be no updates from April till August.

You see the problem.

I'm going to try and pump out these last few chapters before that happens, i want this story to have resolution before i leave.

gotta set the stage for the next story.

On My Honor

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Update All Over Myself · 1:18am Jan 24th, 2013

So just saying "Hello" to anyone who reads this. Im doing good. Pushing through military college and dreaming of summer spent crawling through basic. You know, army brony things.

Here's to a good winter and a hopefully soon winter wrap up!


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This is a Real One · 10:22pm Dec 11th, 2012

Okay so some of you gorgeous people have decided that you might actually enjoy reading this stuff. So this one lets talk about me. So that you, my readers, know a little about the brony that writes for you.

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So whats a blarg? Oh... its a blog. · 6:38pm Dec 11th, 2012

So what? i just type in here? Are you sure? This seems wayyyyy to easy.

Does anyone actually read these things? And i mean what do I blog about? Who wants to read about an Army brony ramble on about why Rarity is the best or something like that. Do you?

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