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Honored Service

Army, writer, friend, and wikd imgination. This is a short hobby ive had since 2012. Been a brony since 2010


Johnson, A.K.A. Honored Service, is starting his new, nonviolent and peaceful life in Ponyville. With the recent war between the ponies and the Nightmare fading into the history books, Honored is told to live a life of friendship and tolerance in Ponyville. He must learn to overcome problems with out the insane amount of gratuitous violence he is accustomed to. Honored is left in the care of the Elements of Harmony who are about to experience a new type of hell on Earth... a bored human soldier.

This is the third story in the Johnson, Honored Service, series. You should read the first two stories to have any clue on what the flip is happening.

1st one --> The Equestrian Honor Guard

2nd one --> Honor Above All Else

Chapters (28)

The human, Honored Service, returns to Canterlot after being thought dead for a year. This is the story of what happened to the unlucky human in that long year away from home.

First story found here. Click it.

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Applejack always leaves the farm once a week to travel into the White Tail Woods to have some private alone time... We all have that Little Secret that would mortify us if it got out; this is hers.

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A military college student named Johnson is thrown into Equestria during a routine training operation. He is a dedicated Brony, but must decide how to live in a world of peace and friendship when he is in training to be a solider.

Will he run to the town we all know who lives in.

Or run to the Princess to gain diplomatic immunity

or will he become a hero to stop an ancient evil that has returned to complete its unholy task.

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