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20 year old musician from Vegas that enjoyed writing about colorful equines.


Colgate and Spitfire rekindle their friendship from when they were fillies, but when they start to fall for each other, will Spitfire's fame get in the way?

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If you find any errors, please message me, thanks everyone! :twilightsmile:

Almost as good as Nukefire.

I don't think I've ever seen a Colfire fic before.

1649463 I was inspired by the artwork that is this story's pic. I thought it was adorable, and soon crafted a story to fit it. :twilightsmile:

Good story so far the spacing is good the background and the caracter too but i feel that's something is wrong with carot top can't put my hoove on what thought and i founded a minor inconvenience.

Their night of hanging out ended at about 1one am when Spitfire decided she needed to get back to the Wonderbolt's training facility so she can get enough rest for the next day's practices.

write the number or the word but not both it's confusing.

1650068 Oh, I'll fix that. Thanks!

As artist of the cover picture, I APPROVE WHOLE-HEARTEDLY! *two-hooves up* :rainbowkiss:

Funny... I just had an idea to ship Zecora and Spitfire together....
Don't ask me how, it just came up and suddenly it sounded like a good idea...
Having trouble trying to write it though.

Unique ship! Tracking this one, I definitely want to see where it goes.

please continue... this is soooo cool

1683860 I shall! Just got a little work to do on the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

And I'll be waiting for it... this is just to cool:rainbowkiss:
lol It's been like a week since I made a count here and I've read like 50 fics
Pd: Sorry for the speeling... I'm from Chile and I barely know how to speak english:eeyup:

Colgate is so cute. :twilightsmile: Also Spitfire is so cool I wish I could get a lady friend like that. :ajsleepy: Please continue I like these two.

I like this, but Colgate is way to "sad" and way to "spineless" Give her some confidence or the readers will not fallow this for to long

1692329 Oh, you won't be disappointed. :raritywink:


I had this face while I was reading. Also great chapter and have a Happy Christmas.

Yeeeaaaahhh new chapter...
I think it's a little late to say merry christmas... Anyway Merry Christmas :twilightsmile:

First things first.... You did a fantastic job giving Colgate (my favorite background pony ^_^) a personality and a backstory ASAP in the story. With BG ponies like Colgate, we don't know squat about them. You really did a good job with that, I commend you for it.

Now for the bad... when Colgate is thinking internally, put those in italics, it's a bit confusing reading 3rd person one paragraph, and 1st the next.

1872101 I usually do put those in italics, if I missed any, it's because Fimfiction doesn't translate Italics over from Microsoft Word, so I have to change them all, one by one, before publishing it. My bad :fluttershysad:

1946628 Sorry for the inconsistency; been awfully busy as of late. I hope to have another chapter up within a week, but I can't be sure just yet.

Ew, searching for a job. :derpyderp2:

About us. I’ve only hung out with her like 2 times.

Generally speaking, always type out numbers:twilightsmile:

“I guess I suddenly had feelings for a stallion

Missed word in there perhaps?:facehoof:

Other than those two spots, I really liked this chapter, just like the other ones.
Also, can we get longer chapters? Like, I don't know... 10K word chapters?:twilightblush:
I really love a good Colgate romance fic, and a good one like this is a rare gem indeed:raritystarry:

1946661 10k is a stretch for me, my longest fanfic has like 100k words, but each chapter was about 2k-7k. I can add longer chapters from here on out.

Also thanks for the help!

Yay this is great! Also I know what it feels to find a new job. :fluttershysad:

Don't push for longer chapters if it pushes deadlines. I'd rather read a thousand word chapter a week than I would a ten-thousand word chapter a month. Also great chapter, I request more.

It's back!

I haven't used this imagine is a long time, so...

Love this story :raritystarry:
MOAR is needed. :flutterrage:

Heh.... Crest. Nicely done with that...

~Skeeter The Lurker

:fluttercry: she doesnt know what to do

Can I be your pre-reader/editor?


Yay! I'm glad to see another update of this! :D

Oh... And... Ouch, I guess.

2057181 I might just take you up on that offer; I'm pretty busy nowadays. I'll decide once I finally finish this chapter.

An update? Sweeeeet:yay:

Gosh darned almost filler chapter. I was expecting something super awesome this chapter, but instead I got normal awesome. Maybe some super awesomeness next chapter?

You be making this ship work well.

Eagerly await the next update.

~Skeeter The Lurker

Yay Awesome chapter can't wait for the next update. :twilightsmile:

I almost wish for Spitfire to miss the race so that Colgate will feel less embarrased if she fails spectacularly... :applecry:

I believe in you Colgate, you only mingled with the group of ponies that would be 1-4 and you will place 5th still breaking your own expectation. Now continue onward my good author and make this rare ship sail.

2323346 Sorry, I have been going through really tough times, I really focused on a competent storyline, despite the lateness of the chapter updates and a need for me to finally wrap this story up

I see nothing to be sorry for. :trixieshiftright:

Colgate took it all in, this was quite the experience for a pony that doesn’t really go out and experience new things like most ponies do.

Colgate enjoyed this experience thoroughly , this was quite the event for a pony that doesn’t really go out and experience new things like most ponies do

You might want to re-word this some how. It feels a little repetitive. :pinkiecrazy:

Other than that, I will continue with your story. :moustache: It's good.

Loved the story so far, hope you get it finished :)

2670124 I'll try. I have memory problems that I've found out recently and it effects my writing abilities. I've always known I've had some sort of problem, but it's gotten pretty bad at this point. I'll try my best; I really do want to finish this story. :twilightsheepish:

Yo, randomly thought of this story while brushing my teeth just now. Saw the toothpaste I was using was Colgate, and remembered the Colgate/Crest joke out of the blue. Then I looked in the medicine cabinet and smiled, because sure enough, the other toothpaste was Crest.

This was lovely, I really enjoyed it, thanks for writing it :twilightsmile:

No more chapters? :fluttershysad:

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