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20 year old musician from Vegas that enjoyed writing about colorful equines.


I have cancelled any furthering of this fanfic. I have lost interest in writing about pairings that include the mane 6 mainly because they're so susceptible to canon changes. Hopefully what is written here is enjoyable enough. :)

A collection of stories describing Fluttershy and Applejack's relationship. All of the stories were previously published as separate stories, however I decided to combine them all into one neat collection of stories.

Each story so far:

1. A Family Affair:
Just a few days into their relationship, Applejack and Fluttershy are already faced with with their first test as a couple when Applejack is kicked from her home in Sweet Apple Acres just because she chose to be with Fluttershy. How will she fix things with her family and stay with the one she loves?

2. A Double Double Date:
A nervous Applejack and content Fluttershy go on their first date with their friends Lyra and BonBon.

3. Buckwheat:
Applejack's past comes back to haunt her and Fluttershy, as her ex Buckwheat comes to Ponyville searching to get back with the orange pony. This situation puts their relationship to the test again, while Fluttershy's personal struggle with confidence (or lack there-of) takes it tole on her.

4. Photo Finished:
Applejack and Fluttershy run into Photo Finish at a parade they starred in, and are pulled into another photo shoot with Lyra and BonBon. Things don't go over so well, and Applejack develops a disliking for Lyra when she pokes fun at the mare for her poor performance during the Photo Shoot.

5. Motionless:
After a receiving a letter from Braeburn, Applejack is summoned to Appleloosa to fight against a raging fire that threatens the existence of the whole town. Even through Fluttershy's persistent worrying, she goes; leaving Fluttershy in Ponyville, worried about her mare. After arriving in Appleloosa, Applejack joins the fight alongside Big Macintosh and others. After hours of exhausting fire-fighting, backbreaking work over the night, sudden disaster strikes leaving Applejack unconscious and helpless; in the middle of a rapidly growing fire.

6. The Dilemma:
When a mare-couple like Applejack and Fluttershy get more and more serious, there are always questions that linger in the back of their minds, some they may delay asking due to the happiness they receive just from being together. But after nearly three months of being together and knowing they're way beyond just 'exploring their feelings for each other', Fluttershy brings up the question, 'When the time comes, how would we ever have a foal of our own?'

Knowing this is something they cannot solve just by themselves, they go to their friends Lyra and BonBon for some help, and a possible answer to their dilemma, just not in the way they may have expected.

7. A Slip of the Tongue: (Co-Written with Destructio 23)

Rarity has been blessed with the opportunity to have her fashions presented at the annual 'Divine Equine' fashion show in Canterlot, and invites the group to tag along for support. Not inclined to stop doing what a normal couple does in public, Applejack and Fluttershy soon start noticing the judgmental eyes of the posh Canterlot ponies, but try to ignore it as usual. However, when an encounter with a posh socialite of Canterlot puts Applejack in a terrible mood, it leads her to a breaking point that could just ruin everything between her and Fluttershy.

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Just one thing you might want to fix... a filly is a young female, a colt is a young male.

Though, the image of Big Mac as a young filly did give me a chuckle.

3149 *facepalm at myself* thought i fixed that in the my like 4 rereads. thanks though, I'll fix when i figure out the damn editing system on this site

Very nice,I eagerly await the next chapter.

(The cover is so cute!:heart:)

I'd like to point out one thing;

All the worries she had had before all of this, all of the apprehension of hiding her feelings are now gone, and as she lovingly thought of Applejack, she realized she's never this was only the beginning of something wonderful.

All the worries she had had before all of this, all of the apprehension of hiding her feelings were now gone, and as she lovingly thought of Applejack, she realized this was only the beginning of something wonderful.

Or did you mean to write;

All the worries she had had before all of this, all of the apprehension of hiding her feelings are now gone, and as she lovingly thought of Applejack, she never realized this was only the beginning of something wonderful.

I'm so confused right now, i get annoyed by these kind of things way too easily.
Oh well, i'm still liking what i'm seeing here, and continuing on to the next chapter!

3163 Thanks for the tip! Sometimes I have trouble with Pass/present/future tense stuff when I write, I'll fix it right now :)

3163 Thanks for the tip! I fixed it. Somethings just get by my editing. Sorry if you're getting a lot of emails about me responding. This site confuses me some times lol

For everyone that cares enough to continue reading into the series, I will post next "episodes" in the series as different stories, but with the same basic title I.E "Appleshy: The Series 2. Episode Name". This is intended to almost make the stories have a different plot to them entirely, while retaining changes from previous "Episodes". Still working on Story number 2. Thanks for the kind words :D

youre making this very hard for a diehard "twixie" brony.

All I can say is this story was amazing. I cried the whole entire story.

All I can say is this story was amazing. I cried the whole entire story.

Thanks so much for the kind words, everyone.They definitely motivate me to make a better story each time around!

Oh great. A testosterone filled meathead. PLEASE LET HIM GET A GOOD BEATING!

Oh yes, I have plans for him ;)

Buckwheat must DIE! Nobody talks to Fluttershy like that and LIVES!!!!


Oh my goodness... I'm practically CHOKING on the d'aww here, and I love it!! :rainbowkiss: I can't wait until I read through Ch 3!!

4845 I'm super glad it turned out this well-received, I rewrote this one at least 2 times before using this one. Thank you :D By the way, this story is finished at 2 chapters, I have a third story out now and it will be complete by later today

Why do I have to leave when I find out about this?!:flutterrage:

( I will be back....)

HAHAHA! He was at the receiving end of a FlutterRage. That is perfect. Only way it could have been better would have been a good buck to the backside afterwards.

Buck you Buckwheat!:flutterrage:


You are gonna regret this, you hear me?! :flutterrage:

Uhh, this here fella.:ajbemused:

He ain't got anything on ya, sugarcube.:ajsmug:

Ahhh cliffhangers! :derpytongue2:

Maaan why can't I stop reading this?
Seriously though, your stories are just great, in every aspect (especially following the carachters actual personality, wich happens to be the hardest part about writing a fanfic). When I found grammar or spelling mistakes on something it really bugs me (not exactly the best grammar checker here since i'm Brazilian and we speak Portuguese), but I get so mesmerized by the story on your writings that I don't even notice them (only one or two).
I think this is your best writing so far (found you today and already read all of them) and hope you keep up the GREAT work, you are really inspiring me to try and write something.
sorry for making this too long but I had to say it (and also I love parenthesis, you might have noticed).

Ooh, end-of-the-chapter-ends-ominously omens. Love it! :D

i hope Applejack will be OK :fluttercry:

This is brilliant, the only flaw I thought worth pointing out was that you got some of the co ours of the ponies wrong, that and the fact that when you wrote who makes a saddle to sell? the italics bracket at the end was misspelled causing more than half to be in italics

10468 Just wait and see! This story gets intense >.>. I already have finished it, I'm just going to a post a chapter each day if I can. it's 14k words long and that's before editing.

Looking good so far : ) not my fave ship but good and believable :applejackunsure:

Looks excellent.
Hey, if ya need a proof-reader, I'm available. Just hit me with a PM if ya ever do! :D

Big Mac doesn't wear a hat.
And there are mistakes scattered here and there. :trixieshiftright:

10844 Well what can I say. It's my first fanfic ever. And in my fanfics, Big Mac wears a hat sometimes. lol

In the upcoming week or 2 (Just depends on whenever I get wifi where I live) I am going to update this story and edit it and make it much better, considering this is my first fanfic ever and it's quite rough In comparison to some of my newer stories. So look out for that :)


I have to say, I really have enjoyed this entire series so far. I also applaud your dip into more serious actions in this one. I feel that you are going for a large amount of character growth. At any rate, I enjoy the angle you have on these, in fact all of your works are very well done, you play a very believable emotional tumble in these. To often do you see people that can portray individual characters, but are hopeless at making more complicated interaction. I definitely will keep my eye on the growth of this story. In addition, to echo the more common reaction of the end of this story. Ah, cliffhangers, a glorious way to bide my time, hopefully the dear mare will be ok.

12214 Thank you very much :D I put so much time into all of them, and It's always good to hear when they're received well :)

ur really good at cliffhangers! :fluttershysad:

Congratulations my friend a manly tear has left my eye, you just made a grown man cry.:heart::twilightblush:

At this very second, there are 1337 total views.:pinkiehappy:

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