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Adrian Brony


Applejack has always derived her strength from her family, and Fluttershy has long derived hers from Applejack. Everypony involved learns a little bit about friendship and romance when the two mares fall for each other.

this fic was originally written in March of 2011

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 10 )

Nice little story, this. I liked it. Bit short, but overall good, and a cute ending.

:yay: Very nicely done. I don't believe I've seen a story yet where the couple had known each other so long that friendship became love without them realizing it. It was a quite refreshing change from the many love at first sight stories.

I thourougjly enjoyed this story. The length was a happy medium, and it was well written. Good job!

thanks for the complements! don't forget to rate though if you liked it. the more ratings this gets, the better visibility.

and yeah, I prefer stories that are around 5-15k words long. not too long that I fear losing hours to it, but long enough to get a decently filled out story.

"You know how such good friends BonnBon is with that one unicorn?"

Uh oh, here we go.


did I do a bad thing there? :twilightoops:

424621 No, it's just gonna be the most awkward conversation in Applebloom's life.

426340 I imagined it as a sort of situation where macintosh thought it was gonna be more difficult than it really was. I mean, I imagined it that way after applebloom's later response.

Not the best story ever, but it makes for a feel good read anyways and that's all that matters.

Very sweet:yay::heart::ajsmug:

Now this is just cute. Nice job. :ajsmug:

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