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Poor financial decisions like forgoing star-spawn insurance and blowing all her bits on the Alicorn Amulet have left Trixie unable to pay for her appointment with the medium in Hollow Shades. Having discovered the magic of friendship, she has a deal to alter lest she incur the wrath of Tartarus. If only somepony who understood her plight could help her in her time of need. Unbeknownst to her, that somepony has been watching her perform from across the tavern.

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Trixie and Fiddlesticks? Devil Went Down to Georgia reference? Pinkie Pie being herself? This... is one awesome story. Congrats. You've earned my favorite.


Despite Lyra's Studies faring about four times better, I consider The Magician and the Fiddler the better story.

Huh......a Fiddlesticks,/Trixie romance? An odd devil like pony with Cerberus bring in it though I'm bummed about the Grim Reaper not being in this. Hmmm.....you have my attention though it was a bit hard to read bro, might want to seprate your paragraphs or when others speak, was laughing my ass off when I leaned Pinkie Pie was so important, all in all a 6/10:twilightsmile:


Pinkie's scene was my favorite.

If its done why call it ch 1? you should really change the name.

I hope there is more chapters to come maybe slice of life for the the new cuple and how dose AJ take her cusonusin choice in mares?


The chapter is labeled for consistency with my multi-chapter stories.


If Applejack has any objections, she knows better than to voice them. I don't have plans for additional chapters, but I do have a sequel in the works.

That was...odd. It was good, but I have never been a fan of pinkie pie and would have preferred not have seen her in the story. I was expecting Trixie to become a ranch hand, not go to Tartarus.


That's been done far too many times, and I've always loved Pinkie, but I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

Pretty good story but it felt like Fiddlesticks and Trixie's relationship was rather sudden and kinda came out of no where, I think a lil more build up to it would have helped.


The edited version will expand on the characterization, action, and emotion, but the romance isn't the main conflict. Trixie and Fiddlesticks are lonely performers who see kindred spirits in each other, and I'll make that clearer, but I can't see sending them through figurative hell to be together when they're already going through literal hell.

Adventure and romance in one story, and done well no less! The conversation and introduction between Trixie and Fiddlesticks was natural and easy to read. The progression form casual acquaitance, to friend, to marefriends was paced nicely and believably. This was a treat to read.


The romance's pacing was my only worry that carried over through the edit, as I couldn't give them more time together without adding an extra scene that would have thrown off the adventure's pacing, so I'm glad you're happy with the result.

I loved it /):rainbowkiss:(\
I can't believe someone so talented liked my story :twilightsheepish:
Pinkie's role was the greatest thing ever.


You have a knack for the philosophical, and though it may not show in my work, I have a soft spot for it. If you enjoy that sort of thing, I'd encourage you to keep writing it, but whatever you do, don't let your story's modest reception deter you. This very story is my finest, least popular, and most likely to receive a sequel.

Comment posted by Sandvich Choo deleted Mar 1st, 2013

This was just beautiful. I had a smile on my face the entire time. Thank you for such a great story!:rainbowkiss:

I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Thank you, EqD, for posting this or I never would've come across this amazing story! Please, I beg of you, write more of this unexpected but ridiculously cute pairing!

could you make a audiobook or make this into more chapters? theres no way i can remember my spot or read this in 1 sitting.

The story was enjoyable to read. The second that the fiddle contest began, I had The Devil Went Down to Georgia ready to play. :rainbowdetermined2:

I loved it except for the blatant 4th wall-breaking Pinkie.:facehoof: It's pretty much the only thing that displeases me in fanfiction.:raritydespair:

First, YOU TOOK MY NAME!!!!! :twilightangry2:

Second, very enjoyable story! I liked it a lot. This site needs more Fiddlesticks!! :pinkiehappy:

"Celestia damn it, I should have acted sooner. I could have flied in and pulled her out of the way.

"Flied" isn't a valid word outside the context of baseball. The word you're looking for is "flown", as detailed here.

you could try to read to the breaks in the story, making it easy to find your stopping point. I read about half the story in one sitting and stopped where there was a series of *** to break the story. then when I came back I just looked for the asterisks

Why do so many people have a problem with Pinkie Pie? is it all this bullshit about breaking the fourth wall? who cares? Pinkie Pie is awesome! the world could use more Pinkie Pie!

I had an enjoyable read with this story, was unexpected and nicely done. Some nice refferences with Madam Pinkie Pie and the Devil went song. Nice to see the fandom's writers getting some new ideas for a romance/shipping story. Not my favourite of all time but still high on my list, plus one from me mate.

Awesome to see someone use Trixie's personality changes after Magic Duel in a good characterization.

Dang it... I can't say no to anything with 'fiddle' in it...


Knowing how much you enjoyed my story is all the thanks I need.


I'm glad at least one person requested a sequel, because I'm writing the first draft of one as we speak.


I like to imagine my readers doing exactly that when something rubs them the wrong way.


On principle, I only divide stories greater than 20,000 words, but if lunas_servant's suggestion won't do, take heart in knighty's planned update.


That song was the original premise. Everything else developed as context.


I tried to justify it in that Pinkie is present to tell her part when Trixie and Fiddlesticks are telling their story at Sugar Cube Corner in the implied scene between where the tense switches from past to present.


I guess I did, didn't I? My coxcomb's off to you, then, but for what it's worth, I was born on April Fools' Day. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed my story. I've only seen one or two others starring Fiddlesticks, which is ridiculous because she's awesome.


Well, that's embarrassing. I'm usually very careful about these things, but thank you for pointing it out.


After seeing how much fun Pinkie is to write, I'm ashamed to say I don't have any stories planned with her as a main character. Inkie and Blinkie, on the other hand...


Thank you. I'm nowhere near the best--reading Xenophilia the other day made me feel completely inadequate as a writer--but it's only a matter of time, and as this story has shown, a hell of a lot of editing.


I've never cared for seeing Trixie characterized as a vengeance-obsessed stalker. Though Magic Duel's conclusion seemed abrupt, I see no reason why she and Twilight can't be friends or at least friendly rivals.


We need more Fiddlesticks stories, I'm telling you. You're an accomplished writer. Get on that.

Dis whole story rubs me the wrong way. :ajbemused:


Huh. I can't imagine why. If I did something objectively wrong, I'd like to know what you'd do differently, but if it's just a conflict of personal preferences, to each his own.

2229555 Accomplished? Not at all. Just a man who had a lucky break. But... I would be persuaded to write something on the character.


You're talking to a fool, my good man. To me and my brothers and sisters, Lady Luck's influence is very real and quantifiable.


The latter, then.


to each their own but refer back to your last image

Her mentor had taught her to play better than most ponies with only three strings. That her fiddle was currently equipped with four promised to make things interesting.

Minor gripe in an otherwise good read, but uh... playing an instrument doesn't work that way. Like, at all. You aren't just magically better at playing a fiddle with four strings because you practiced with three. You're effectively playing an entirely different instrument. But, this is just me doing my usual thing of looking a... damn it I can't think of a good play on words for fanfiction out of "look a gift horse in the mouth." Look a good fic in the text? No, that just sounds silly. This deserves further study. But aaaaanyway, don't take my complaints too seriously. Complaining is roughly 50% of everything I do, since regardless of what I'm doing, I'm also complaining at the same time. And my ego demands that someone hears them whenever possible. So yeah, don't take me too seriously.

Good story, I can tell because I didn't stop until it was 3 am.
Interesting to find there's a pony out there willing to go to tartarus and back for Trixie.


"Look a good fic in the text," sounds good to me. I get what you're saying, though, and I probably got it even as I was writing that, but I never explicitly stated she never learned to play with four. Rather, I implied that the added complexity makes her melodies too good for mortal ears.


Haha! I love doing that. As for Fiddlesticks's illogical determination to rescue a mare she's just met, Trixie returns the favor in the sequel without hesitation, the difference being that her journey spans all of Hades, and yes, Hades is both a pony and a place in this rendition of Equestria.

Okay, it started off good, we get a little shipping, I guess Trixie and Fiddles are going to form a traveling show, and then suddenly a pillar of fire out of nowhere. And then Pinkie Pie. And then wat. :derpytongue2:


You say that like it's a bad thing.

"Fiddlesticks decided to give the audience something to really clop about"

Haven't read it yet, but will eventually. It has Fiddlesticks, and that means it can be added to the group.:moustache:

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