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In an unlikely pairing, Apple Bloom and Derpy Hooves probe Equestria's underpinnings to sort out their cutiemark woes; One defective and the other ambiguous, they struggle to find somepony to remedy the situation.

A minor adventure that breaks the bonds of Equestrian reality to delve into the functional requirements of a magical world and sees Pinkie Pie in the role of a detective for a bit.
Not a comedy, though it has it's moments, one hopes.

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Not a lot of details have been given but I'm hooked. Keep up the good work.

Hmmm......I think I know who MIGHT actually be in charge of the system. Let's hope they're thirsty for a nice tall chocolate milk of glass.........

Oh, boy. Let's hope that whoever it is isn't too much like the Name Wizard from Dinosaurs.

There's a density instead of destiny in there.
Also, Pinkie's dialogue was greatly amusing.

You always write Pinkie perfectly. She's not crazy, she just abides to her own laws.

I'm not sure I get the reference...
Unless that's why that kid was just called "Baby Sinclair," In which case, you must be as old as I am, or a penchant for obscure TV.

I'm glad my Pinkie's not too atrocious, her dialogue always makes me second guess myself.
As to the density, I saw that too, but it was Derpy talking, so I stood by it as if I'd done it on purpose. :derpytongue2:
Thanks for pointing it out, though. Errors like that drive me nuts.

That's exactly why. When it came time to name him, the Sinclairs took him to the Chief Elder. Before he could tell them what to call him, he started to choke to death on something thereby sticking the kid with the name "ARGH! ARGH! I'm dying, you idiot!"

At the end of the episode, the NEW Chief Elder muttered "Hmmmm. Baby has a nice ring to it!!"

(Hint. I hope they use this in-series as an explanation for why somepony :derpyderp1: doesn't have a fixed name.)

Why do I think that most of why Apple Bloom doesn't like her cutie mark wears a tiara?:pinkiesmile:

Discord speaks in Discord's biography. Did he call it a biography rather than an autobiography just to annoy Twilight? :twilightangry2:

I'd like to write it off as something I just hadn't thought about, but in fact I did. I didn't think Discord would go the autobiographical route, it doesn't seem like it would come out readable, but he'd certainly have to get his own voice in the thing, maybe just with a foreward or an interview. I guess it should be a biography of Discord with the author's name listed, or something. I don't know, I'm kind of vague on the rules of such things. If it comes to it, I'll have to claim the "What fun is there in making sense" clause. :moustache:


Well that's what ghostwriters are for. And in Discord's case, they're actual ghosts! :pinkiegasp:

Well whatd'ya expect from somepony whose cutie mark is a mushroom cloud? :applecry:

Discord, Lord of Chaos, from his recent biography, Disinvited Guest

I would love to purchase such a book:pinkiehappy:

Heh. An engineer getting caught up in the small details. Clever. Why this doesn't have more views, I don't know.

Thanks for saying, and I hope everyone who did read it enjoyed it.
I do find the lack of views somewhat disheartening, but then I do little in the way of promoting myself or...well...making friends here, which is ironic. A bit.:twilightoops:
Regardless, thanks to everyone who did read it!

I have no idea why this isn't more popular. You've got a fun story of self discovery, playing with fate, funny throwaway lines (natural selection with a mallet) and a quick but fulfilling resolution. Easy thumbs up.

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