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Applejack is chosen as The Nightmare's new host.

It really isn't that big of a deal. Until it is.

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A fun story to see how AJ would manage if Nightmare Moon chose her as her new host. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh I'm favoriting this...

Great fun, but needs an epilogue now. lol

So Applejack is so dull that she is incorruptible? Seems legit.

LEeeeeeet's BATTLE!

Not very well, as it turns out. :rainbowwild:

No, you're my favourite!

Hah! Maybe...



*Looks at feature box*
Are you psychic? :rainbowderp:

Yay! Background pony is best nightmare! :ajsmug:

Really, this was good and enjoyable story you've written.

So hilarious :rainbowlaugh: Colorblind Rainbow Dash was an especially good touch.


"Applejack is so Best Pony that the Nightmare can't corrupt her!"*

Fixed that for you. Pleb.



Not gonna lie, that's a little detail I've been waiting forever to fit into a story. :rainbowwild:

You win! :ajsmug:

Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack were all equally speechless as they stared at the perfectly healthy stallion. He fidgeted under their gaze for several moments, before finally muttering "Well, I got better…"
Another mare leapt atop a carriage and pointed an accusatory hoof Applejack's way. "She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses!"
Twilight reared back. "What!? She did all that!?"
The mare on top of the carriage rubbed her hooves together. "Well… no, not exactly. But are we just gonna stand around arguing until she does!?"

I face palmed so loud I woke up my wife.

This is gold.

Every aspect of it is perfect.


Loved it, absolutely loved it! About ninety thousand words short though! :twilightsmile:

At exactly 10,000 words. :ajsmug: That's what sold it to me.

"Anyway," Applejack shook her head. "What's the plan of action then? No Elements, but surely we gotta do somethin' about it."
"First of all, don't call me Shir—"

I see what you did there…

NightmareJack? Well, at least she isn't Candlejack.


6188699 Well, at least CJ was considerate enough to post your comment for you.

What a silly pony Nightmare Applejack is.

"It's NightmareJack! Get it right!"

NightmareJack geeze...

Comment posted by Finn 4578 deleted Jul 10th, 2015

Another pony shouted, "She turned me into a newt!"

How has nobody pointed out this refrence yet?
Did you all miss it?



that was never confirmed by an impartial third party, but also you're coat's black

Whatever, you're mane's all weird and floaty.


Funny, and a little surreal.

Heh heh heee...
Somepony's a Python fan...

6188205 I'd say that it's because Applejack doesn't have any weakness that the Nightmare knows how to exploit. Luna had her insecurities and Rarity her desires, but Applejack? She's just too content with her place in the world that she can't be bothered with all that conquering stuff. :ajsmug:

On the other hoof, she is pretty competitive. If a Nightmare Rainbow came along and challenged her to see who could conquer Equestria first...

Could have been worse, At least she didn't become Candlejac-

Perhaps, you really should think about the sequel.

"Aww," Pinkie pouted. "I was supposed to be the comic relief."

Yeah, comic relief was undoubtly needed there. Right, Pinkie? :rainbowlaugh:

"Well, when a mommy pony and a rock love each other very much—Ow!

I kinda wanna see where that goes....

One: The wings and eyes. NIGHTMARE MOON NEVER HAD BAT WINGS! Her wings were like any other alicorns. Also the eyes do not make sense. Luna NMM had turquoise eyes applejack normally has green eyes, so NMJ would have a greener slited eyes not amber.

Two: They aren't taking this seriously enough. "Hey your turning into NMM, let's go to Hayburger." :facehoof: This is a comedy fail.

Finally NMM originates from Luna not outside force. Your fic seems to go the Parasite Route which is a stupid route that hurts Luna's character. I can accept parasite AFTER EOH, not before.

That was amazing. Zap, you did it again. (Also Raz.)

I half expected Twi to shield Aj when she lunged at her, ending with a very dazed princess wondering why Twi did that.

I love how you made the same joke like three times about someone saying something alarming and following up with something insignificant, then restating the latter when asked what they just said. That along with the other humor made it feel a lot like Airplane, and that's a good thing.

Definitely in my favorites list now. This is hilarious! Excellent job, zaponator!

I liked it. The characters didn't always act like themselves, but they didn't need to because this is a crazy, fun, wild ride of laughter kind of story. It doesn't need to give explanations or give us a resolution, because it's funny and a nice little random story that brought a smile to my face. Good job. I really enjoyed the references, and liked how much comedy you managed to add to each line, without seeming like you were trying to hard. The story did drag on a little bit, but each scene made sense, and was needed, for the most part.

Alright, you can gripe all you want about the first two, but come on, why the third one?

The point of fiction is to express one's ideas, or elicit emotion. Rejecting an entire premise is rejecting an entire slew of possible fics that might be able to use that premise. It's an idea that can be explored and used as a catalyst in order to explore other ideas. Like this one. Or like contraptionology, or a myriad other amazing stories.

Premises like that are tools. Maybe one is more useful in a situation or well-worn than another, but ultimately they're there to facilitate expressing oneself, and aren't in themselves good or bad.

Also, nightmare Rarity.

6189149 the parasite route is hated because if lessens Luna as a character. She can be literally held blameless for everything NMM has done. It makes her a weakling. Why do you think Darth Vader and Two Face have such followings. They show how a good guy can go bad.

Nightmare Rarity was just a bad comic. The idea of a Mane 6 and the character design of Nightmare Rarity are cool. But should be done much better.

This had an interesting premise and the comedy angle could have been good but the comedy in this just went the wrong way. You're not going to ignore the fact one of your best friends was turning into Nightmare Moon. You can merge funny and seriousness together to make a great story. That didn't happen here unfortunately. Not to mention insanely long. I could of had 5 chapters considering word count.


It was quite comedic, and I found the scattered references all throughout to be a nice touch. Perhaps it was a bit long for a one shot, or at least in one chapter, but overall it worked out well enough. I wouldn't label this comedic gold, but you seem to have done what you set out to do.

6189169 Not everyone has their same head canon, if he wants to use the parasite route, then so be it. If he wants to change other details, then so be it! How it's written is not up to you, it's up to the writer here. Don't like it? Stop complaining and try and do better yourself.

I would die to see competition between Nightmare Jack and Nightmare Dash/Spectrum. Absolute stubborness against total boasting. Maybe author could use this suggestion for seqeul as next part of ultimate Nightmare Forces machinations.
6189169 True about parasite route. I hated it from beginning because it strip Luna (BEST PRINCESS) from adulthood understooded as true understanding and knowing of good and evil.

Nicely done, I laughed quite a bit. However:

Even her hair ties were left behind in her haste.
She completely ignored her hair-ties, since she would be spending the day in the orchard anyway. She would just have to remember to put them in before meeting her friends at Sugarcube Corner that evening.

This was jarring. If you say one, you don't need the other. The first worked well with the flow of the narrative and the haste in which Nightmarejack was moving. The second doesn't fit that flow, but provides more of a focus on the hair-ties. I suggest deciding which you want, and removing the other, or reworking them together.

6189258 Yeah it's his right to write. I won't dispute that. But i like to give people the reason why I downvote something. And it was the first commenter who asked why I said what I said.

It's called constructive critizism. I gave my opinion and the writer can either take it or ignore it.

The latter paragraph there was suppose to have been deleted...
Fixed that now! Thanks for pointing it out! :twilightblush:

6189064 Unforunatly, there is enough clop in this fandom for this to have already been done before.....

If you're interested, just remove the safety filter and head on over to the Clopfics group... I'm sure you'll find something

Rainbow Dash's character was the star here, IMO. Super job.

Wow. Where do I even begin.

This story is a hideous travesty to modern science, and it completely blows my mind how it doesn't take into account the simplest knowledge of our understanding of reality. Applejack's transformation into an alicorn violates even the most foundational thaumatic principles that every creature alive should have learned as fucking children. Did you not read Predictions and Prophecies? You know, the book that literally all of us are assigned in primary school?

I'm not even going to try and argue the obvious answer to the elementary metaphysical conundrum you so childishly attempt to raise here. "Ooh what happens if the Night Mare invades you?" Wow, so dark/edgy. This is even more ludicrously overdone than that stupid-ass "teleportation kills you" fad that cropped up a while back.

What next? Is a terribad Daring Do OC gonna pop up out of nowhere to rescue Applejack from her misery? Are you gonna bore me to death with another spiraling diatribe about how cutie marks are clearly a form of social control enacted by the Princesses, or how the invasion of Canterlot was clearly an inside job, and changeling magic can't melt shield spells?

Man, fuck this shit. I'm not even gonna dignify it with a proper review. Good Luna, how anyone can upvote this is beyond even Discord himself. I'm sure the Holy Faust is spinning in Her grave.


6189291 I'm not really sure that saying that a story's entire premise sucks because of reasons which aren't even directly relevant to the fic proper can be called constructive criticism. That said, if it is why you disliked it, I suppose it's at least not harmful for an author to know that.

EDIT: to elaborate, it's not relevant because this isn't in any way about Luna's life, decisions, and characterization. It's about Applejack.

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